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How Long Does It Take To Charge A Tesla?

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Tesla

Are you looking to purchase a Tesla but you are having some reservations about it? Having to charge your car can take some time to get used to. Battery operated cars are becoming more normal as time goes on and technology continues to advance. Currently, Tesla leads the way with some innovative car designs. 

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Think about how often you see gas stations when you are driving around town. It is very common to find one after you have driven only a couple of miles. Now think about how often you see charging stations for electric cars? These charging stations are not very commonly located throughout cities. You have to leave your house with a fully charged car and then hope you don’t run out of battery on your ride. These are all important things to think about when you are deciding if you want to buy a battery-powered car.  


Charging Different Tesla Models


If you are interested in Tesla models, you might be wondering what it is like to charge your car. In a charging station, you can charge your car to a maximum of 120 kW per car. This means it will take you about 20 minutes to charge your car to 50% battery life and one hour and a half to charge your battery 100%. 


Each battery-powered car is different. The charging system for your Tesla will depend on the version of your car and the placement of the battery. Each model of Tesla is different and has different charging systems. The tesla version comes in either a lithium-ion battery, the 85kWh unit, or the standard 60kWh battery. Remember the type of battery you have will affect the entire charging system and determine what type of charger you will use. This will also impact the total charging time for your Tesla.


Let’s further explain what these different battery types mean. With the standard 60 kWh battery, you will get a range of 232 miles. The 85 kWh is more powerful and will provide you with 300 miles. This type of battery is more powerful but it is also more expensive. It will cost you an extra $10,000. 


If you don’t have a lot of time to charge your car, you should use the 240-volt socket. This will allow you to charge your car for shorter periods and give you 31 miles for an hour of charging. This means that if you need a total of 300 miles, you will need to charge your car for a total of 9.5 hours. 


Another way to speed up your charging process is to put two twin chargers in your car and connect them to a wall charger. This wall charger is specific for the 240-volt wall connector. Wondering how much this will increase your charging time? It will only take you 4 hours and 45 minutes to charge for 300 miles. 


Most public charging stations you will be able to charge at a rate of 22 miles per hour. That is the standard charging time but it does depend on what type of battery you have. If you have a model that is used for supercharging, you will be able to charge for one hour and get 300 miles. This happens because there are 480 volts delivered at the Tesla supercharging stations. 


How Does The Charging Process Work?


The charged electrons will move for the non-charged electrons to the charged electrons. The car will become fully charged when all of the ions are pushed over to the fully charged side. This is the same concept for when your car loses its charge. All of the ions will shift to the non-charge side. As you can see, these ions are constantly moving back and forth so over time this puts a strain on your battery. This process will cause your battery life to decrease as time goes on. 


What Is The Battery Life Of A Tesla


The battery life of a Tesla is dependent on the type of battery you have in your vehicle. The Long Range 2019 Model S has a range of 370 miles. This is the longest electric range for any car currently on the road today. It is important to pay attention to the battery life and how many miles you can drive on the battery life. This information could impact your purchasing decision. You also need to be aware of these things so you don’t run out of battery on the highway.


The Model S has a 100 kWh battery. This model can be charged with many different EV chargers. Wouldn’t it be nice to own a model that could be charged with multiple chargers? Think about this scenario. You are on a road trip driving in a different state and your battery is getting very low. You need to charge your Tesla urgently. If you have this model, you will be able to utilize a variety of chargers. This can be a stressful situation but you aren’t as limited because you can use different types of chargers. 


Electric vehicles can be charged with a 120-volt level 1 charger or a 240-volt level 2 charger. The level 1 charging stations are convenient. These stations can be plugged directly into a standard 120V outlet in your home. These may be the least efficient way to charge you Tesla, but they are convenient and get the job done.


Another home charging option is the Level 2 charging station. This one uses 240 volts to charge your Tesla. You can plug these systems into a 50 amp circuit. You might have to hire an electrician to install this to ensure it works properly. The level 2 systems can charge your Tesla’s approximately 6 times faster than the level 1. 


Do you know where to charge your Tesla? It can be difficult to determine this if you are a new driver. At-home charging stations are the most common. These are also the most convenient because you have a personal charging spot for your car. You don’t have to worry about waiting to charge your car or competing for a spot. There are also charging stations located in some cities but they aren’t as common yet. The most reliable place to charge your Tesla is at home. 


How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Tesla?


The cost of charging your Tesla can fall within a large range. Many factors will affect this because different locations have different costs of electricity. Some states might charge $6 while other states could charge up to $21. 


One of the best ways to lower your charging costs is to install solar panels at home. This will initially be very expensive because it is such a large investment, but you will break even after about seven years of driving your Tesla. These solar panels will last for the next 20 years so over time it will definitely save you money. 


If you are looking to maximize the charge your Tesla holds so you can save money on charging, then you need to drive differently. Certain things will make Tesla’s run out of battery quicker. You need to focus on not pressing the accelerator too hard and not rotating the wheels frequently. If you change those driving habits, you will be able to save your battery life.


Another aspect that will affect the battery life is how many miles you have put on your Tesla. Li-ion batteries will experience a 5% degradation after 50,000 to 80,000 miles. The battery does have a long lifespan but only if you drive it well and take great care of it. You should always avoid charging your battery too frequently. This will hurt your battery life as time goes on. 


There is really only one occasion when you should charge your battery to 100% and that is when you are going on a long trip. If you are not driving long distances, you should only charge your battery to 90%. Obviously how often you charge your car is dependent on how much you drive it. Tesla has created an app that will let you monitor your charging limit so your battery can last longer. 


Charging Your Tesla At Home- How Long Does It Take?


If you have a Tesla, you will spend a lot of time charging your car at home. The time it takes to fully charge your car depends on the charging system. Another factor that will affect this is how fully charged your battery already is at the time you start charging it. With all those factors considered, it will take anywhere from one hour to twelve hours to fully charge your Tesla. The charging cable and multiple adapters will be given to you when you purchase your car. 


These adapters will all serve different purposes. One of these adapters will be used for the Tesla specific charging stations. The other one is for a 240-volt wall outlet. The last adapter is for a standard wall outlet. You might be wondering if you can charge your Tesla overnight? The answer is yes you can use the charging system for overnight charging due to the 3 miles per hour range. 


The slowest charging system is called the NEMA 5-15 and it will plug into standard outlets. This system is very similar to a dryer for clothes. You can connect this to a 240-volt wall outlet and it will charge your Tesla. If you need to charge your Model S in a few hours, you can use this NEMA 5-15 system. 


How Can I Tell If My Tesla Is Done Charging?


Every Tesla will show you how much your battery is charged. The car has a diagnostics system that will share charging details with you. There are a few things this system will tell you as your Tesla is charging. It will show you how much battery you need to get home, how much charge your car currently has, and how much longer your charging process will take. All of this information is helpful to know before driving your Tesla around town.


You don’t want to take your Tesla out for an errand and have the battery die on you. It would be awful to get stranded somewhere. Additionally, Tesla has created an app to give drivers additional charging information. This app is called JuiceNet. This app will allow drivers to monitor their charge by setting different charging schedules and get charging notifications to their phone. This is a great way to know how much more time your Tesla needs to get charges without having to be right next to your car. 


Many individuals have switched to electric cars because they save money in the long run. They don’t have to worry about paying for fuel costs, which can get very expensive. Buying an electric car is an initial expensive investment, but overall individuals find they save a lot of money without having to purchase fuel for their car. 




Deciding what type of car to purchase can take time. There are many different factors you have to think about before actually purchasing a car. If you are looking at buying a Tesla, it is important to note the entire process of charging your car. 


There are four different types of chargers that you need to keep in mind when deciding which one to purchase. Some will charge your Tesla slower than others. It just depends on the type of wall connectors you have available at your house. The cost of charging your Tesla will be determined by your electricity prices. 


Even if you own a Tesla, car issues do occur. Nobody likes to pay money to have their car repaired. Wouldn’t it be great to save money on car repairs and have less frequent maintenance issues? If everyone had the choice, they would choose to save money on repairing their car. We all know how expensive it can be to repair a car.  


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