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How Do You Buy a Good Used Motor? A Step-by-Step Guidance

What are some tips for buying a used car with a good engine?

If you are looking to purchase a good used motor, follow these steps:

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  1. Decide on your seller
  2. Evaluate the assembled engines
  3. Check the oil quality
  4. Use a borescope inspection camera
  5. Inspect the spark plugs
  6. Check the turbocharger
  7. Perform a compression test
  8. Perform a leak down test
  9. Monitor the oil pressure
  10. Check the coolant
  11. Perform a basic engine inspection

There's nothing more challenging than hearing you need to install a new engine for your vehicle. While you can always purchase a brand-new engine, many drivers prefer using a used engine to save on repair costs.

Buying a good used motor is not easy, and if you don't have the right skills, you can easily get scammed, and many people out there can sell you something that could go wrong in no time.

This article provides step-by-step guidance on “how do you buy a good used motor?” Read on for more details!

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How do you buy a good used motor?

With the evolution of new technologies and the available online markets, things are much easier to purchase online without needing to go anywhere. However, when it comes to buying an expensive component like an engine, you have to be careful and do the right steps, so you don't get scammed by the many cameras out there.

Since the engine is an expensive component, we always like to have you hire A mechanic or someone who has the skills to purchase the engine. However, if you'd like to give it a try and you are in a situation where you have no other choice, then you need to follow these steps to help you by the good news engine and avoid any complications that you never want to deal with:

1.    Decide on your seller

The first and most important step is to decide on your seller. There are tons of sellers; some are just private sellers, while others are certified engine suppliers.

Of course, there are many pros and cons to going with each one of them. But, for example, if you decide to go with a certified engine supplier, you get much trust because they guarantee to provide you with the best engine, and you don't risk getting scared by someone you never know and doesn't have any previous reputations.

On the other hand, going with these certified sellers might be more expensive, and finding a great deal can be extremely challenging. Therefore, if you'd like to save on costs, you might want to consider a private seller, but you have to be careful about potential scamming, and you got to do the proper testing before spending a penny.

2.    Evaluate the assembled engines

When you purchase a used engine, you must be clear that some engines were torn apart completely and then put together. As a result, these engines are not very trusted, and there's a high chance that you might deal with major complications right after installing them.

Therefore, even if you find good deals by investigating and disassembling engines, you must be careful about what could go wrong, and the amount of money you're going to save at this point might not be close to what you're going to lose after installing this engine and dealing with the major complications.

value of car with blown engine

3.    Check the oil quality

One great way to check the engine's quality is to check the motor oil. Motor oil is a significant flow within your vehicle, and when it breaks down, it can easily damage the engine's components and hold the Pistons, camshaft, etc.

The oil also can provide you with some hints about the internal issues in the engine. That's why automotive experts highly encourage you to perform an oil quality test to understand how the internal components are performing.

The test is extremely simple and overtakes you is to take out the oil filter cap and look at the oil quality. If you notice a lot of carbon building up, it could indicate that the internal components are suffering, which means your engine is not very good.

4.    Use a bore scope inspection camera

How do you buy a good used motor if you're looking? Then you must take it to the next level and spend some time performing additional tests.

One of the great tests that you can perform is the bold scope inspection camera. This camera allows you to see what's inside the vehicle components, and it's one of the common tools used by professional mechanics.

The nice thing about the camera is that you don't need to tear the engine apart to see what's inside it, and you can easily check on the different internal components through the camera.

This camera is not super expensive, and it should be around 80 bucks to purchase, so if you plan to invest thousands of dollars to purchase this pension, getting this camera might be worth it.

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5.    Inspect the spark plugs

In addition to the different internal components, you might want to check on the spark plugs. The spark plug is responsible for providing your engine with the required spark at the right time to ignite the air-fuel mixture.

When this spark plug goes bad, it can easily cause internal problems in the engine.

You can rely on the condition of the spark plug to tell how good the engine is. However, if you have the right mechanical skill sets and are comfortable enough, you can also look at these spark plugs and see if there are any signs of weird colors or signs of damage; you might want to walk away and go with a different engine.

6.    Check the turbocharger

Typically, you shouldn't deal with turbocharger problems that often. However, they can happen, and when they happen, they lead to significant severe problems in any engine.

Therefore, if you're looking for how do you buy a good used motor, you want to check on their turbocharger. You can look for any signs of damage or broken blades and check on the air filter as well because it could give you a sign of internal issues.

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7.    Perform a compression test

After confirming that you ran through all the mentioned recommendations, the next step is to do a compression test.

You should perform this test before any leak test because this compression test is extremely important to talk about the health of your engine. The purpose of this test is to provide you with details about how much pressure and compression is available in your engine.

The pressure leak is not good, and the engine requires a certain level of compression to perform properly. You can use the designated tools to help you understand whether you have enough compression and engine or not.

8.    Perform leak down test

After confirming that the compression is in good condition, the next step is to move forward with the leak-down test. As the name suggests, this test is responsible for detecting any potential leakage in the system and confirming that there are no pressure leak issues around the different components, including the piston rings, cylinder walls, etc.

During this test, you should have a consistent supply of air, and you can do the test without needing a professional mechanic because it's simple enough. All it takes is to remove the spark plugs and have your engine rotated so you can't see the Pistons and the cylinders. Then, confirmed that all the other valves are closed before performing the tests and checking for any potential leaks.

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9.    Monitor the oil pressure

As we mentioned earlier, you want to ensure that the oil quality is at the top level because it indicates that the engine is in good condition. You also want to ensure that there is no issue with the oil pressure.

The oil requires a certain pressure level to operate properly and lubricate your engine's different internal components. If there's any problem related to the oil pressure, you should walk away, and this should not be your best-used motor to purchase.

10.  Check the coolant

After finishing the different tests related to the compression, league, and pressure, the next step is to look at the coolant.

The coolant is the main fluid responsible for dropping the engine center when it exceeds a maximum threshold. Therefore, you want to ensure that there is no coolant leak around the engine because sometimes it can be extremely challenging to fix any internal leak you cannot see.

Therefore, if you would like to move forward with purchasing this engine, anything with a lot of great characteristics, you want to ensure that there is no internal or external leak causing the coolant level to drop beyond the minimum level.

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11.  Perform a basic engine inspection

Finally, after performing all these detailed tests, you want to do the main housekeeping stuff and take a quick look at the engine and perform what's known as the basic engine inspections.

For example, you want to look at the different components and see no signs of breakage or cracks around the engine compartment because it can easily lead to major complications that could cost you the entire engine. Look at the throttle body confirmed that there is no oil sitting on top of the engine's external components, and there are no signs of rust or other types of damage.

Once you see any minor sign indicating internal problems, it's not worth this investment, and you shouldn't waste your time and energy purchasing it.

There are plenty of engines, and buying the right one takes time. Therefore, we highly encourage you to be patient and spend as much research time as possible before making this final purchase decision and wasting your money on something that's not worth it.

Should I buy a good use engine or sell my car?

This is a great question because even if you're going with a used engine, you're talking about a massive investment, which can be huge if your vehicle is not very valuable.

Therefore, deciding whether to sell your vehicle or buy a new engine depends heavily on your circumstances. For example, if your vehicle doesn't have any other major problems and it's the only thing you're dealing with, it's worth the investment.

On the other hand, if you have all sorts of other complications related to other major components like the transmission or probably the catalytic converter, then it doesn't make sense to spend more money on multiple major components simultaneously. So instead, you should evaluate how much you can get out of this vehicle by selling it to potential buyers and using its value to purchase a better one that doesn't have any major complications.

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Final thoughts

Buying an engine is a big deal, and even if you're buying it brand new or used, you have to be very prepared, so you don't get scammed and purchase the right engine for your vehicle.

This article helped answer the question, how do you buy a good used motor? In addition, it provides a step-by-step guide on what type of tests to perform if you're not planning to hire a mechanic, so you don't end up with a bad engine that will not serve you.

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