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Best Places to Find Cheap Engines Near Me: The Ultimate Guidance!

Best Places to Find Cheap Engines Near Me: The Ultimate Guidance!

The best places to find cheap engines near me include eBay, Facebook Marketplace, LKQ Online, gotengines.com, SW Engines, Automotix, AutoGator, Weller Auto Parts, usedengines.Org, Powertrain Direct.  

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

The last thing you want to hear as a driver from your mechanic is, you're dealing with a complete engine failure.

Your vehicle's engine can fail for many different reasons, including car accidents, cracks, internal damages, etc. 

Installing a new engine can be a whole project and is usually very expensive, and, in some scenarios, it can be beyond your capabilities to afford it. Things get more complicated if you own a classic vehicle where it's very hard to find an engine replacement. 

Luckily, there are options for engine swapping or finding cheap engines instead to get your vehicle going for the lowest price. 

While installing the new engine or swapping it can be complicated, finding a good decent engine is an easy task once you know “the best places to find cheap engines.”

Our team reviewed all available places to find cheap engines and provide you with a detailed list of the top locations you can visit and find what you're looking for. 

How do I find a used engine? Initial steps 

Before you move any step further, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions to determine where exactly you're heading and what's the best place to find cheap engines near you.

  • Set your engine goals in mind 
  • Engine type

 Are you looking for a diesel or a gasoline engine? According to automotive experts, “So what is the type of car engine that’s under the hood of your car? Here are the main variants: Gasoline (Non-Diesel) Powered, Diesel Powered, and Electric.”

  • Budget

What's your budget cap? Are you planning for the best engine even if it's very costly, or you're just looking for an engine replacement at the lowest price? 

  • Engine condition

Would you like to go with a used engine to save money, or you prefer to purchase a new engine, so you ensure that you won't deal with major engine problems soon? 

  • Your vehicles type 

What's your vehicle's make, model, and year? Are you looking for a used engine for Dodge, Chevy, Subaru, Mazda, Ford, Land Rover, or Saturn? 

  • Prepare all necessary information 

Once you have engine goals in mind, the next step is to prepare some hand information to help you during the search process for the best places to find cheap engines.

To do so, you need to prepare your vehicle's VIN, the engine's code number, and the production dates for your vehicle. All this information is needed in most available places to find cheap engines. You might be asked questions about these items during your search process, and without them, you'll be paused. Thus, keep them handy upfront. 

How do I find a used engine? The best places to find cheap engines! 

Once you have all the initial steps done, it's time now to jump into the online market and look for the best places to find cheap engines:

Luckily, say goodbye to the old days of looking through the phone book to find auto parts companies. Right now, everyone is moving to more innovative approaches through the online platforms that get you connected with thousands of potential sellers for use engines of your choice.

It's now the new era of the time-saving market that allows you within seconds to identify the engine of your choice and even negotiate the price in some scenarios.

According to automotive experts, “Any mechanic or gearhead will tell you that when it comes to engine swaps and finding cheap engines, there are a lot of moving parts that need to line up just right for the project to be a success. Luckily, finding the right cheap engine for your project is much easier than actually installing them.”

Let's take a closer look at the ten best places to find cheap engines online: 

  • eBay

Who doesn't know eBay? You've probably tried eBay at one point in your life to purchase something, right?

If you type on Google eBay engines, you will immediately get linked to a huge platform filled with tons of engines from different types. You can filter the search in eBay to select your desired engine type. For example, you can search for cheap engines, diesel engines, used engines, etc.

The nice thing about eBay is that it allows you to refine your search further and look for delivery methods, available warranty, vehicles make, vehicle models, and vehicle years.

With eBay, you will always find what you're looking for! 

Once you land on the engine of your choice, you can either buy it with the listed price or bid for a better price. 

eBay’s information and engine listings are usually intuitive, and you should have all questions answered immediately. Sellers' information and engine conditions should be included in the listing, and therefore, you don't even need to ask any questions in all scenarios. 

  • Facebook marketplace 

One of the toughest parts about searching for places to find cheap engines is that you can't usually communicate with the sellers.

Luckily, the Facebook marketplace provides you with one of the most convenient methods of getting connected with tons of sellers and communicating with them directly. 

Facebook stated it clearly on their website and mentioned, “Marketplace is a place for people to discover, by, and sell items listed on Facebook within their local community.” 

Thus, the best advantage of using Facebook marketplace among the others is finding something close to your area.

When finding I used a cheap engine on the Facebook marketplace, you don't have to worry about expensive shipping or delivery methods because you will usually filter the results by the closest to your area. Thus, you must wait for a couple of days before receiving your cheap engine, and you can drive next door and get your desired engine! 

  • LKQ Online

If you're looking for refurbishing or rebuilding your engine, LKQ online is your best resource.

LKQ is one of the largest North American online providers for original and recycled auto parts.

It not only focuses on selling used engines; it has all sorts of auto parts that one might be looking for.

The nice thing about LKQ is that it breaks down the engine compartments for you to buy each internal component separately, and you don't necessarily need to wipe the entire engine at the same time. 

  • Gotengines.com

If you are looking for a designated website that is only focused on engines or transmissions, Gotengine.com should be the best option for you! 

The nice thing about this website is that it has a huge inventory of different engines, even those from foreign automakers.

You can filter this inventory by vehicle type and get your desired engine with the most aggressive prices. 

There are many great features about this website, including free shipping, a five-year parts warranty, live customer service, and additional customer advice that you can request at any time.

You can even give them a call and speak with one of their customer representatives, who can walk you through the process verbally and help you select the cheapest engine you're looking for.

According to their website, got to engine.com indicated that they have the best and most knowledgeable customer service by saying: “don't make empty promises” as they will find the engine you're looking for in no time! 

  • SW Engines

SW engines is another one of the best places to find cheap engines! It provides you with the ability to filter the website and look for the right engine for you.

The nice thing about this website is that they have the top customer satisfaction with about 99.4%!

There is also another option available on the SW engines where you can read through customers' reviews about certain models and check for whether the engine you've chosen is a good one or not.

You can also get three-year parts and labor warranty as well. 

  • Automotix

Automotix is an amazing option for those who are looking for any engine. It is considered one of the best places to find cheap engines.

Within the website, you can filter thereby engine options, including the new and used engines. You can also filter by local purchasing options, indicating that you don't have to worry about shipping costs because the filter allows you to look at results closer to your house. 

  • AutoGator

With AutoGator, you can also find any used, cheap, or even recycled engine's tear vehicle. The website provides services for all of The United States. Thus, you don't have to worry about whether your favorite engine can be shipped to your house or not. 

  • Weller auto parts 

Weller Auto Parts is slightly different than the previously mentioned websites. It is more like a salvage yard, but it's online. It has a huge inventory of used, refurbished, cheap, and any engine.

You can even find engine parts for any engine rebuild purpose. Did you know that Weller auto parts have a store on eBay? Yes! 

The company has more than 1500 industry partners, which means that even if you don't find your favorite engine on their website, you can refer to any of their partners to get the engine of your choice. 

  • Usedengines.org 

Usedengines.org is also one of the best places to find cheap engines. The nice thing about this website is that it is known for the competitive prices among all other competitors. 

Within this website, you have an option to compare the engine's popularity. If you are not confident about whether you got the right engine for your vehicle or not, you can navigate through their top sales and see the most frequently sold engines. The more the engine sold, the more it indicates it's a good one. 

  • Powertrain direct 

Powertrain Direct is another website that provides you with cheap engines and is also concerned one of the top places to find cheap engines.

They have a huge inventory of complete engines and engine parts for anyone looking to rebuild his engine or remanufactured his old engine.

They also provide you with warranty coverage and very low-priced Motors. The nice thing about this website is that it's recommended for those looking for cheap engines or cheap engine parts without exceeding their budget. 

How much would a junkyard engine cost?

Junkyard engine costs differ significantly depending on your vehicle's type, including the make, model, and year.

For example, some crate engines might cost you at least $2000. On the other hand, some local junk yards have cheaper engines for only $200.

Keep in mind that the engine's quality also affects the engine's price, and therefore, finding an engine with a low price should not be the top priority on your list.

There are situations where installing a new engine is much cheaper than dealing with an old engine that might get damaged very soon.

Therefore, you need to keep a balance between what's a good deal versus not. You might even need to shop multiple websites before making your final decision. 

The best places to find cheap engines: the bottom line 

It can be shocking to hear that your vehicle's engine completely fails. We understand the situation!

Luckily, the online market is now filled with used and cheap car engines that you can use as a replacement for your old engine. If you're a current mechanic, you can also find engine parts for your projects and some of the online market websites.

This article highlighted the top 10 best places to find cheap engines online. We indicated each place's main features to help you determine the best one that works for your goal.

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