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Is It OK To Buy Cheap Tires? The Dos and Don’ts for Finding Tire Value

Is It OK To Buy Cheap Tires

If you're looking to purchase new tires, you might ask yourself, is it OK to buy cheap tires? The short answer is it depends. Sometimes you might find good tire deals for very good quality, and it's not necessarily the case that expensive tires are always better.

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Your vehicle's tires are the first components interacting with the road, so you must ensure they're in good condition. If you're driving with a bad tire, you can easily get involved in major car accidents that impact your safety.

If you're in the process of shopping for a new tire, you must understand the real value of the time rather than focusing on the cost. One of the most common questions we typically receive from our readers is, “is it OK to buy cheap tires?”

This article provides you with all the Dos and don'ts about purchasing your tires and whether you should go with the most expensive or cheapest vehicle tire.

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Is it OK to buy cheap tires? The Dos and don'ts for finding tire value

Cost is not always the first thing they must focus on when shopping for new tires. Going with the most expensive tire might not be the best option and deciding on the cheapest tire could have drawbacks.

Let's take a closer look at the Dos and don'ts for finding the tire value and going with the most appropriate tire that serves your needs:

1.    Do not always go with the most expensive tires

There's a common misconception among inexperienced drivers that expensive tires are always and automatically much better than cheaper tires. However, that's not the case, according to automotive experts.

Many factors could impact the tire value, and depending on these factors, you might see the same tires with lower quality as expensive as very good tires with much higher quality. You can't see these different values depending on where you live, the number of mileages, the location, and the brand. Thus, you can immediately assume that the more expensive the tire, the better it is.

2.    Do not go with the cheapest tires all the time either

One might immediately think drivers should go with the cheapest tires to get the best deals! However, that's not true as well because it could be the fact that the tire quality is not as good and the way it was manufactured was much cheaper than other tires, which means there's a very high chance that you are purchasing the wrong tire that could impact your safety.

There are tons of studies implemented to focus on affordable tires to compare their quality to other types of tires, and according to these studies, none of these affordable tires provided the best durability and strength that we see in our regular tires.

The most important thing to understand is that the manufacturer and the company might claim a certain number of mileages. Still, as you use the tire, you'll notice that it will not provide you with the same mileage, and you must replace it more often than the company claims. Thus, you got to be realistic about the tire value.

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3.    Do not get scammed with the claimed mileage

As we mentioned earlier, manufacturers might claim certain tire mileage that you might not achieve. So therefore, you must understand the difference between what you will achieve when installing these tires and what the manufacturer claims.

Typically, most cheaper tires are expected to last somewhere between 50,000 miles and 60,000 miles. However, this doesn't mean that you're not going to deal with certain problems in the tires, making them blow up or getting damaged without any previous warning signs, especially if you drive in unpaved areas or on trains where your tires are expected to be damaged in no time.

Therefore, you must evaluate the situation carefully and confirm that you're OK with dealing with tire replacement very often. However, you should go with a slightly more expensive higher that is guaranteed to provide you with higher quality. But, again, you must understand that price is not the only thing you should focus on. You need to read through the different details and probably go through the customer's feedback to understand whether you are getting the best higher quality.

The other thing to consider is that there are plenty of YouTube videos out there that could provide you with accurate testing and detailed feedback about how good the tires are so you can purchase them.

4.    Do follow the recommendations in your vehicle's manual

Our best recommendation here is to always go with the recommendations in your vehicle's owner's manual. Every vehicle is designed to expect specific tire characteristics to operate properly without any stress or issues to the surrounding components.

For example, if you go with heavier tires that your engine is not designed to withstand, you easily overstress the engine and cause it to break down prematurely.

That's why sticking with the vehicle's owner's manual is one of the safest approaches when replacing tires and shopping for new ones. However, there are some instances where you must go with some other alternatives temporarily or probably because of any external factor.

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5.    Do understand the tire size and characteristics

If you got into a situation where you must buy another tire type other than what's mentioned new vehicle's owner's manual, you must be careful about all the characteristics of this tire care in the paragraph; for example, one of the very common comments that we received from many of our readers is that they ended up with purchasing the wrong tire size which is a very common mistake.

Therefore, you must review your vehicle's owner's manual and note down the tire size, quality, and all the details you need when shopping for the new one.

Also, if you need to do this switch, you must understand that you need to replace the four tires in most scenarios, especially if you are going to go with smaller or bigger tire size.

Your vehicle is designed in a way that expects an even balance, and if one of the tires is not the same size, it can easily impact other components like the suspension system and cause further damage that could cost you thousands of dollars.

6.    Do perform detailed research

If you're planning to switch your tire types and don't want to go with the list recommended by your vehicle's owner's manual, then you must do research and be patient about which tires you're going to go with.

There are thousands of tire sellers out there; many of them are just scammers who provide you with certain characteristics you will not find after purchasing the tire. That's why it can be extremely challenging to purchase attire online because you can get the wrong tire with the wrong size for your quality.

Therefore, you must be patient when shopping for the new tire and involve a professional or at least investigate customers' reviews about these players before investing.

As we mentioned earlier, your tires will impact your safety, and deciding to save on tires might not be the best option considering all the negative consequences you could face if you get the wrong tire.

Thus, asking the question, “is it OK to buy cheap tires” might be dangerous if you're all looking for is just saving on costs rather than focusing on quality.

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Why are cheap tires cheap?

Cost should not be the first and most important characteristic to focus on if you want to determine the tire quality. But, yes, many cheap tires do not provide you with the minimum quality you're looking for when looking for a new replacement.

However, there are plenty of tires that come at a very low price from very commonly known reputable brands. Typically, these tires are designed with less effort and probably older technology that does not require many resources.

Therefore, you must check with the brand and understand exactly why the listed tire is listed at this very low price because it could be just a great deal you should take advantage of and purchase.

Is it worth spending extra money on tires?

If you came across a specific tire brand that is expensive because it provides different quality, it's worth the investment.

These higher-quality tires might provide additional strength and balance that protects your vehicle and extends the lifetime of the different components, including the suspension system.

With these great tires, you get the advantages of better handling, and you can even drive on terrains that might not be suitable for regular tires.

Keep in mind that there are some expensive tires just because they provide additional characteristics. For example, the snow tires are designed in a certain way to allow you to drive your vehicle safely without worrying about slipping or dealing with any challenges during the winter season.

These are, of course, a great investment, and if you are driving in an area where the snow season is very challenging, it's worth your investment. The same applies to specific summer tires or tires designed for driving into deserts.

If you are planning to go for a trip or some adventure that involves driving insert and trains, investing in these tires is extremely beneficial and will allow you to handle the road safely without any complications.

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How much money should I spend on tires?

According to automotive experts, tires should cost somewhere between $50 and $200 per tire. However, sometimes you might find that the price averages between $80 and $150.

Keep in mind that some larger luxury vehicles require tire replacement, costing them $350.00 per tire. Therefore, this price range differs significantly depending on your entire type. Your mechanic and the dealership should have more information about what to expect for the typical price for your vehicle tire.

Final thoughts

There is a very common debate about whether you should go with the most expensive or cheapest tire type. This article provides you with the most important Dos and don’ts when shopping for your next tire, so it helps you answer the question, is it OK to buy cheap tires?

The article highlighted the potential consequences you might get involved in if you're going with the cheapest tires without focusing on quality. However, it also clarifies that you don't necessarily must go with the most expensive tires because many factors could come into play when listing these tires' prices.

If your vehicle has major complications, sometimes investing in new tires might not be worth it, even if you go with the cheapest tires. Therefore, it could be better for you to sell this vehicle and then using it’s value to purchase a better car that doesn't have any tire problems. Looking for someone to buy your car? Check out Cash Cars Buyer!

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