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How Can I Get the Most Money For My Junk Car In 2021?

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If you're wondering, “how can I get the most money for my junk car in 2021?” Here's what you need to do:

1.    Understand your vehicle's value

2.    Prepare all your paperwork

3.    Get multiple offers

4.    Finalize the deal and get paid

The entire world got impacted by COVID-19, and the years of 2020, 2021, and coming 2022 experienced a significant impact, especially in the Automotive World. You've probably heard about the significant increase in used cars prices, which might be promising to people looking for junking their vehicles in 2021.

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If your car got to the point where repair costs are extremely high, or it spends more time at the repair shop than your garage, it might be the right time now to junk your vehicle. However, before you dive into the new field of junk cars without any experience, it makes the most sense for you to familiarize yourself with the current junk car prices in 2021 so you can get the most money for your junk car.

This article highlights the current junk car prices in 2021, which might give you some hints about the expected junk car prices in 2022. The article also provides you with step-by-step guidance on how to junk your car in 2021 to get the most money without any hassle! Of course, if you're ready to junk your car today, you can always reach out to Cash Cars Buyer by giving us a call at 866-924-4608!

Current junk car prices in 2021: How much money do you get if you dunk a car? 

Before we dive into the details to help you answer the question, “how can I get the most money for my junk car in 2021?” You must get an overview of the current junk car prices in 2021.

According to recent statistics, junk car prices in 2021 range from as low as $50 to as high as $20,000! Yes! Some junk cars sell for extremely high values that you don't expect, but the average range is $100 to $500.

One might ask, this is insane value for junk cars in 2021, but it is true, and we bought many vehicles this year and last year for higher prices. We are willing to pay even more money for the right vehicles coming 2022.


Keep in mind that manufacturers are going into the equation to calculate your junk car value, which means that you cannot always expect to get the $20,000 for your junk vehicle. You need to go through the following factors to determine whether your vehicle can get you high prices or not. In general, when calculating junk cars values, we consider the following:

1.    Your region

One of the first and most important elements we can set out when calculating your junk car value is where you live. Your region plays an important role in determining the exact amount of cash you receive. In some states, junk car prices are much higher than in others. That's why we recommend that you go through some online resources to determine current junk car prices in your region.

Your region is important because it determines the current price of scrap metal and the demand for certain vehicles types. For example, some customers might be looking for used engines or transmissions as part replacements in certain regions from certain models more than others.

2.    Your vehicles type

Your vehicle's make, model, and year are extremely important when it comes to determining how much money you can make for your junk car in 2021. This is because your vehicle's brand determines the demand in your area and determines how much metal your vehicle has.

If you don't already know, most junk car buyers are interested in the amount of metal in your vehicle. As a result, the more metal your vehicle has, the higher its price. Keep in mind that older vehicles have more metal than newer ones because modern manufacturers will use more aluminum than heavy steel in vehicles. Therefore, if you own an older car, don't feel bad that you won't make enough money out of it. It could be the other way around.

That's why people trying to junk at large SUV are expected to get more money than others trying to sell a small sedan car. But your vehicle's type is not the only factor, which means that you cannot immediately expect to get the highest prices just because your vehicle is an SUV. Thus, keep reading through this list to determine and get a better idea about how high your expected junk car value in 2021 will be.

3.    Your vehicle's condition

There's no doubt that vehicles in better conditions are expected to get more money than others in bad conditions. So, for example, if your car has some mechanical problems, expect a higher quote than someone else was trying to sell a car that was completely damaged in a flood or a car accident.

When your car is in good condition, there are some expected valuable salvageable components. For example, salvage yards might be the battery, the doors, defenders, the catalytic converter, etc. These components can be sold separately add salvage yards might pay you for those. However, it is important to note that some junkyards or scrap metal yards do not pay for these salvageable components, which means that you need to take them out first and sell them separately if you want to make more money get paid for those.

4.    The current price of scrap metal in 2021

Finally, the scrap metal price is significantly important in determining how much you can get for your vehicle. Unfortunately, as of 2021, scrap metal prices are relatively higher than before, which means it is a great chance for you to junk your car now rather than waiting!

If you are already and would like to get an idea about how much you can get for your vehicle instantly without waiting for more than a couple of minutes, you can always reach out to our customer service by giving us a call at 866-924-4608! You won't lose anything, and the process won't take more than a couple of minutes!

How can I get the most money for my junk car in 2021?

Once you understand what goes into the equation to calculate your junk car value, the next step is to follow the right steps to get the most out of your junk car without wasting a penny. Our team put together a list of action items you need to follow to get the most money for your junk car in 2021; the same process helps you get the most money in your junk car beginning 2022!

1.    Understand your vehicle's value

The first and most important thing you need to understand is how much your vehicle can make before reaching out to any junkyard or a junk car buyer. You can reach out to online tools like Kelley Blue Book or edmunds.com to give you an idea about how much your vehicle can make by providing you with a minimum and maximum price.

Keep in mind that all these tools consider your vehicle in good condition and do not include any expected repair costs. Therefore, the next thing you need to do is subtract the expected repairs from the KBB value, which gives you a hint about how much your junk car is expected to get.

If you think that your vehicle is in terrible condition and has many problems, you might want to go the other route to calculate how much your car can make. This route involves understanding the weight of your vehicle and calculating the amount of metal. It must determine the junk car value by metal price only.

There are many online platforms and available car parts recyclers who provide weekly updates to current metal prices. By assuming that your vehicle has about 55% metal of its weight, you can calculate a rough estimate about how much junkyard is willing to pay you, considering that you are not looking to sell any of these salvageable components.

2.    Prepare all your paperwork

Depending on where you live, you might need certain paperwork to sell your junk car. The last thing you want to do is cancel a deal or delay selling your vehicle just because you don't have paperwork put together. Putting the paperwork together should not take you a lot of time. Still, it can become extremely stressful if you put the paperwork together while negotiating the price with the potential car buyer.

In general, you will need to have at least the vehicle's title and some other paperwork that depends on your state. Therefore, we advise that you go through your vehicle's DMV website and download the list of the required paperwork to put it together before heading to the potential junk car buyer.

3.    Get multiple offers

Now we have a good idea about how much money your junk card can make; the next step is to get at least three different quotes from different junk car buyers. Keep in mind that there is no standard price that you can expect from all these junk buyers, which means that it's your responsibility to spend as much time as you can researching for the best offer.

Keep in mind that there are some potential hidden fees from certain junk car buyers. Therefore, it is recommended that you ask them about any hidden fees and whether they provide a free towing service because it can be a hassle once your vehicle is picked up.

4.    Finalize the deal and get paid

Once you're happy with a certain offer, you can schedule a pickup time and location with the potential junk car buyer. You must agree on a payment method, and most automotive experts recommend relying on cash payments as the safest way to sell or buy a car in the used or junk car market.

Cash payments don't have the hassle associated with checks bouncing back from your bank account or probably lengthy waiting times for phone call payments.

Once your vehicle is sold, don't forget to reach out to your local DMV office and cancel the registration. Also, consider reaching the insurance company and canceling the insurance policy because no one would like to continue paying for a vehicle they don't own. Once you informed the insurance company, they will appreciate it and probably provide you with some future discounts that you can take advantage of for your next vehicle.


Selling your junk car in 2021 might be the best option for many car sellers because of the increased automobile prices. However, it is important for you if you don't have enough experience in the twin car market to familiarize yourself with how to get the most money out of your junk car in 2021.

This article listed a step-by-step procedure on how to get the most money out of your car in 2021, and we are expecting that the same procedure will work perfectly in 2022 as well. Once you follow this procedure, we expect that you'll get the maximum amount of money your vehicle can make in your region.

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