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How Can I Determine The Right Price For My Used Car? Unlock The Secrets!

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If you're searching for “how can I determine the right price for my used car?” You can try online tools like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds.com, NADA, or get an appraisal from a professional mechanic.

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Whether you are planning to buy or sell your vehicle, understanding the vehicle value is one of the most critical pieces of information you must have accurately. It helps you never underestimate your vehicle so you take advantage of opportunities from potential buyers.

There are plenty of ways to estimate your vehicle value and get as accurate an estimation as possible. Some of these ways might be available online, while others could be through discussions with your mechanic.

This article is just to help you answer the question, how can I determine the right price for my used car? We highly encourage you to take a look at the entire list and the step-by-step process below to get all the details you need.

How can I determine the right price for my used car?

Many ways available could help you determine how much your vehicle is worth. Some of these ways could be straightforward, while others require a few steps. First, however, you'll need to understand all available approaches to help you determine the best that works for you based on your vehicle type and condition.

Below is a step-by-step process to help you understand the current vehicle value, along with some additional considerations to keep in mind before using this value for any next steps.

1.    Use available guides

With the technology evolution, you'll see that many available online guys could help you determine your vehicle's value. However, all these guides are legitimate or up to date. So, you'll have to be careful about which approach you go with and which tool you use.

Typically, most automotive experts recommend using one of the following tools for determining your vehicle value:

Kelley Blue Book

Most automotive experts recommend using the Kelley Blue Book as the most accurate tool to help you understand your current vehicle value. However, this tool might work for your vehicle in certain situations but might be better when your vehicle is damaged or has severe issues.

According to experts, the Kelley Blue Book is the oldest guide available online to help you determine your vehicle value. In other words, it has databases of information that go to very oldies, which makes it very legitimate.

NADA Guides

The other option you can try is the national automobile dealers association guide which has details about the current vehicle value by franchised dealers who are toto try is the national automobile dealers association guide that has details about the current vehicle value by franchised dealers who might be willing to purchase your vehicle.

Remember that the NADA value might be different than the KBB value, especially since the first value represents what the dealerships are to pay you, and that's not typically the currently used car market value.


Finally, check the edmunds.com website, which is the most recent guide edmunds.com website which is the most recent guide that is available for people to estimate their vehicle value. Although this website is pretty recent, it has decent accuracy, makes it easy to use, and still provides you with good offers for your vehicle.

Regardless of your chosen tool, you must have certain information available before using the tool. In other words, many of these tools will ask for basic details about your vehicle value; if you don't have those, the process could be a bit lengthy. Typically, these tools will ask for the following:

  • Make, model, year, and trim
  • Mileage
  • Color
  • Engine size and type
  • Additional upgrades and features

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2.    Determine the type of value you're looking for

When using these online tools, you must understand what values they're providing you. Some of these values might be different from what you're looking for or what you will use this value for. That's why you have to understand what category to choose and what each number means when you look at the output of each online tool.

When selling your car

For example, if you're planning to sell your vehicle and using these online tools, you'll get outputs like:

  • Private seller value this value represents how much to expect from a private buyer who is willing to buy your car
  • Trade-in value: this is the value that you would expect from a dealership, and you'll see that this number is slightly lower than the private seller value

By looking into this information, you'll notice that it can help you decide whether to go with private buyers or sell your vehicle with dealerships. But, of course, this is not a final decision and depends on your goals.

When buying a car

On the other hand, if you're looking to buy a car, you'll get different types of output, including:

  • Certified preowned value: this provides you an idea about how much a vehicle is worth if you're planning to purchase a certified pre-owned car
  • Dealer retail value: this provides you with how much the dealership will ask you to pay for a vehicle you're interested in buying
  • Private party value: this represents the value that you should expect for someone who's trying to sell his vehicle privately

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3.    Do the math to account for the car's condition

Once you have a good idea about the vehicle value and depending on where you're going to use this value car, the next step is to be careful about the output. In other words, some tools might not account for any potential repairs your vehicle need.

For example, if you got the KBB value saying that your vehicle is worth $7000. You know that your vehicle needs some parts replacements for $2000. In that case, the final true value of your vehicle is $5000, not $7000.

Many people might underestimate this important stuff, and that's where they need clarification about why people are not willing to pay the price they're asking for or why dealerships will not accept this vehicle for the price.

actual cash value of my car

4.    Check available examples

Some people might find it overwhelming to use these tools, especially those looking to do the math to subtract repair costs. In that case, you want to look at similar examples for vehicles like yours.

For instance, you can open classified websites like Craigslist or eBay motor and see how much people ask for vehicles with the same brand and mileage. You can also read through the details and see if they have even a similar condition.

The available online examples can help you get a rough estimate of your vehicle value. However, if you want to be competitive and get your vehicle sold fast, you might want to look at a price slightly lower than the minimum. However, you have to be careful about not losing money and still making a decent amount of money from this car.

So that you know, your final asking price will not be the final accepted price by the potential buyer. Most buyers are going to negotiate the price, and they might have their reasons for why you should drop your price. Therefore, it's critical to set the price on your listing to account for this and leave room for negotiation, so you are satisfied with people walking away from your deal.

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5.    Understand your needs

Finally, it's important for you as a driver to understand why you're looking for this value. For example, if you need to get a sense of a general value to ask for your price, but you're still looking to sell it fast, you might go with the minimum value.

On the other hand, if you're looking to make a decent amount of money out of your vehicle, then you have to be as close as possible to the maximum available number but at the same time, be careful because sometimes this might delay the process and make it take longer to find the right buyer.

The other thing to remember is that selling a vehicle is a complex process. Although there are some recommendations about what exactly needs to be done, it still takes time and energy. Therefore, deciding on the ask asking and which tool to use depends heavily on the energy you're willing to put into searching for the right price.

scrap value of a car

Final thoughts

Understanding your vehicle value is one of the most critical steps to include and figure out before reaching out to potential buyers. This process is also important when you're looking to purchase and new or used vehicle.

The article right to do with a step-by-step process to help you answer the question, how can I determine the right price for my used car? We encourage you to relate the information to your needs and goals before choosing the right tool.

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