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Honda CRV Gas Mileage: Is it a Yay? Or a Nay?

Honda CRV Gas Mileage

Throughout the years, gas prices have been rising and people have been searching for the right car that could fit their needs and possibly ease this burden on their fuel consumption. Newly developed vehicle technologies have been improving throughout the years and though there are vast options on which car is the most fuel efficient, there is one that truly rings a bell- the Honda CR-V. What makes this car stand out from the crowd? What can it offer to car buyers everywhere? Is Honda CRV gas mileage really that good? Continue reading and find out.

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Is Honda CR-V good on gas?


The new Honda CRV is promising when it comes to the fuel efficiency department. Although cars differ in gas mileage, the Honda CRV is known to steal the crown from them all. So if you have your sights on improving your gas mileage and are looking for a car that could do the job, the Honda CRV might just be the perfect one for you. Here are the important things you have to know about this vehicle:


There are countless numbers of cars in the market, so if you will do your own research, it may take much of your precious time. Let us lend you a hand. If you are the type who values fuel efficiency over car power, you may love Honda CR-V. There are also several reasons why this car may be for you. We will have to take a look at some of these points but the gas mileage is one of the most appealing traits of this car. The technology behind its frugal consumption of gasoline is the transmission. It uses the Constant (Continuous) Variable Transmission which helps reduce emission. The transmission sees to it that the car performs optimally throughout the ride. Also, you will not experience abrupt shifts in power or gear which is one of the causes why some cars are not that efficient in their fuel consumption. 


Most car buyers find the car's interior and they also love the generous space inside making the Honda CR-V perfect for families or large groups, for carpooling and such. The car also offers comfort and ease in handling giving off a vibe of full control to the driver. 


If you are in it for the long run, having your sights on the reliability of the unit is something you cannot just put off. The Honda CR-V is known to be durable and is trustworthy. When you think that things cannot go any better, Honda will prove you wrong as they keep the same powertrains and at the same time, they continue to level up their technology, interior and safety. Car enthusiasts hail the Honda CR-V with the title “the most fuel-efficient SUV” which is quite flattering as it is well deserved. 


What is the gas mileage in a Honda CR-V?


Simply speaking, gas mileage is the age of your car on the road. This means that the gas mileage indicates the miles the car you own has already run. Some drivers think that the gas mileage is not that important, insignificant, or does not and should not raise concerns for the car owner. Well, if their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, they may be thinking the other way around. Cars do have their limit and checking on the gas mileage will give you a clue where that limit is. You will be able to determine how long your car will still be of good use or when you have to toss it out or get some repairs done here and there. It is as simple as it is. Doing this little thing will save you from the inconvenience later on. 


As for the Honda CRV gas mileage, it is never one to disappoint. The unit is designed for the long commutes, for out of town vacations. It is quite impressive as you go on the road with it. As a  reliable Sport Utility Vehicle, the Honda CR-V goes with the right performance and power to meet the driver’s needs and keep the car going.   


Its gas mileage is 38 MPG (Miles Per Gallon). Compared to other SUVs out there, this unit is more fuel-efficient and you will surely be impressed. It also comes with performance features that shows off its dominion over the other crossover units out there. 


Another thing you would definitely love about The Honda CR-V is that it performs well even in different kinds of settings. Whether you are going on a long road without that many vehicles, or you are caught up in city traffic, Honda CR-V has got you covered. Traffic gives your auto a hard time because of the start-stop driving which may be exhausting to your fuel as well. BUt no need to worry because this car goes with this type of dilemma. Because of its economic usage of fuel, this car has no trouble moving from stops and gos with the traffic lights. So if you find yourself taking long detours in the city or having an undisturbed driving experience, you can trust the Honda CR-V to perform at its best.

Which is better? Honda CR-V or Toyota Rav4?


The Honda CRV and the Toyota Rav4 have seen each other in the leagues for years now. Car enthusiasts and car critics alike love the rivalry between the two. These two cars are crossovers. A significant difference is the style of the company in manufacturing these vehicles. Honda kept their powertrain technology while the Toyota Rav4 has been through some redesigning lately. Though this is the case, the Honda CR-V and Toyota Rav4 are much more similar than different which explains the heat of the comparison with these two. Both are comfortable and are reliable. Also both perform optimally on the road. But as always, there is no one perfect car for every one. There could only be one perfect car for you. And because this question springs from the friction between Honda and Toyota, examining the matter may be the best resolve in getting to the right decision which one is best for you. So this is some take and questions you have definitely asked (and if you haven’t asked yet, you may consider doing so) on the competition between these two amazing cars in the Sports Utility Vehicle Department. Are you in? Hop on!


  1. Is the Price right?

Both the Honda CR-V and the Toyota Rav4 show off their superiority over the other cars in their class with their starting price. This is a significant question to ask. “Is the car I am going to buy worth its price?” Asking and truly thinking is the price is right will get you to more investigation on the specs the vehicle has to offer. So before you head on to spending you hard earned bucks, make sure you are able to answer this first and foremost question. If in the case that your answer is no, you should make the practical decision to walk away or maybe consider buying a used one.


Lucky enough, these cars are in it for the quality. Toyota Rav4’s price ranges between $25,950 to $35,880. The humble CR-V’s base price ranges from $25,050 to $34,750. Considering the two performing at almost the same level, the Honda CR-V practically takes the lead with the cash section.


  1. Is the car I am going to buy reliable?

The last thing you would want for a car is it breaking down in the middle of the road or it requiring to be repaired month after month which means that you might be spending more money on the repairs than when you bought it. You would not want an unreliable car, one that lets you down. Both the Honda CR-V and the Toyota Rav4 gained wonderful marks on the predicted reliability. They topped their peers in this section. Both cars are offered with three years of basic warranty and five years of powertrain warranty which can keep the car buyers at ease. 


  1. How much space is available?

As has been frequently fancied by car owners is the space of the car. The Honda CR-V is well-known to be a favorite by families because of its generous cargo space and also comfortable seating. In this portion, the CR-V still gets ahead from the Toyota Rav4 as it does with the other competitors. Although the Toyota Rav4 is not inferior to the Honda CR-V, it is a great catcher for most car buyers, as  Honda CR-V boasts 39.2 cubic feet of cargo space. That may just be enough space for your next weekend getaway.


  1. How is the interior quality?

You know what they say, quality over quantity. That is true for almost anything unless you want both. The Honda CR-V and the Toyota Rav4 both have a stylish interior design. The CR-V presents a luxurious style, same goes with the Toyota Rav4 unit. Both use contemporary materials that bring out the refined side of the vehicle. They are both attractive but what sets the CR-V apart is that it gives off a much refined feel than the Rav4 because of the soft elements in its materials. Frankly speaking, what makes the CR-V more attractive is also the magnificent interior features that it offers. Toyota Rav4 comes with basic attributes like the Bluetooth, Wifi Hotspot and the like.The Honda CR-V offers more features on the interior than the Toyota Rav4 which makes it a winner for most critics and drivers.


  1. How is the performance?

Are you the type that values the whole experience rather than gas mileage or fuel efficiency? Of this sort, the Toyota Rav4 and Honda CR-V offers amazing control for the driver. The Toyota Rav4 is quite aggressive when it comes to the acceleration compared to the Honda CR-V, offering 203 horsepower. But the CR-V is not the shy type, following with 190 horsepower. Not bad. 


Between these two crossovers, Honda CR-V proves it is worth its popularity. Nevertheless, whether you choose the Toyota Rav4 or the Honda CR-V you would not lose. Both are true to their price, offer great features in their interior, look fashionable and are reliable. Much has been said about these two units in this article that may have given you a great jumpstart on the choosing matter. These are just a few of the questions that you would have to consider, but if you have any more concerns that did not fit with the aforementioned queries, remember thorough research can help you get the best out of the car you are to buy.

How do I make my Honda CR-V more fuel efficient?

Congratulations! Owning a Honda CR-V does save you the hassle and issue on the fuel efficiency. But the good stuff does not have to stop there. There are ways you can improve your Honda CRV gas mileage. If you are not calling for a professional to do the job, here are some things you can do to upgrade your car’s fuel economy.


The quick fix comes in the form of you changing and advancing the ignition timing of your vehicle. Do take a lot of care in this. You will have to test the vehicle to know how much ignition your vehicle needs . Timing is everything. Ensure that your ignition timing is correct. 


Another thing you can do is to secure a low-friction motor oil that is specifically for your engine. Do not forget to maintain the well-being of your car as it also affects the gas mileage if ever your unit is having some problems. Using the tuner route also helps improve fuel economy. With the tuner route, you may be changing your driving habits without you even knowing it. These small practices and changes assist in tailoring to the needs of your vehicle which includes improved control on your fuel consumption. 


In conclusion, the Honda CR-V might just be the right car for you. It is appealing, but besides that, it is also reliable. It goes without saying that the Honda CR-V is worth it.


Should you go the tuner route, you're going to discover that you'll be semi-consciously modifying your driving habits to take into account the improvements in efficiency that the modifications allow. This will help you net better gains than if you were to continue driving the same way you did pre-modification. 


LPG conversions are a good option if you drive plenty more kilometers than the average motorist does, like you would if you were driving a taxi. This way you can have a quick return in fuel savings to cover the cost of the LPG conversion. They’re also good if you get a system that integrates well with your vehicle's engine control system. There were a few available before that had good computer-controlled systems, but not well enough for me to go that route myself.

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