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What if the car buyer wants to haggle over the price

You need to learn how to get money for your car when looking to sell your vehicle to another owner or sell your junk car for parts! Drivers must know the steps of how to get cash for your car, the mistakes to avoid when selling a junk car, and the companies to use for getting paid to advertise your vehicle. 

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Get cash for your car!

There are certain steps you must follow when learning how to get cash for your car. By following a certain checklist, you can ensure you get money for your old and junk car without having to advertise it for a long period of time online, bring it to a dealership, or get low-balled by a personal acquaintance!

  • Get the Paperwork in Order

Before you even think about how to get money for your car, you need the paperwork that makes the car unique. Without this paperwork, no car buyer will want to purchase your vehicle, due to the lack of track records and insurance.


Even if your car is destined to be junk for the rest of eternity, most junk car buyers will still need some sort of proof to show that you are indeed the owner of the car. Without the car’s title, you may not be able to sell your car to most locations. 

  • If you have a title to your car, you will need to give this to the buyer when selling your vehicle. If you do not have a title, you’ll need to go through the correct state regulations to prove you own the vehicle.
  • Luckily, for CashCarsBuyer, you do NOT need the title to sell your vehicle. You need to show us a valid current picture ID, car registration, and any other documents that can prove you are the vehicle’s rightful owner. 

Without this documentation for your junk car, you will not be able to learn how to get money for your old car. The junk buyer will not be ‘sold’ that it is your belonging, and will, therefore, not purchase your vehicle. 

  • Collect your personal belongings still in the car

Once the paperwork is together – meaning you have a title, current ID, car registration, and other essential documents – you need to clean and go through your vehicle. Make sure that all of your valuables and personal belongings have been removed from under the seats, the trunk, the center console, and the passenger side dashboard area. 

  • Before you can get cash for your car, you need to remove excess items, so the car buyer does not have to do the labor of removing these things themselves. Once your car is gone, your stuff will be, too – so make sure you do a thorough check before trying to get money for your car. 
  • Examine the vehicle for valuable parts

Each car has valuable parts – even the cars that are junk, not running, or very old. When learning how to get money for your junk car, you need to see if you have any aftermarket, custom, or expensive parts still housed in the vehicle. 

  • If you have decided to go for the scrap route and sell your vehicle just for parts instead of another owner, this step is not as important as selling to a junk car buyer or new owner.
  • Remove the valuable parts and try to sell them on your own when figuring out how to get money for your car. You’ll get a lot more for parts than if you just leave them in the car, since most junk sites weigh your car – meaning the valuable parts will be appraised according to weight, not in monetary value. 
  • Remove your license plates

Your license plate is what ties you to your car. If you sell a car with the plates still on the vehicle, anything that happens to that vehicle in the future can be tied back to you. If the future owner gets a speeding ticket, gets caught on a red light camera, or fails to pay parking tickets, the license plate will track all of these illegal instances back to you – which can be very detrimental.

  • In fact, many states in America require the owner to remove the plates before selling the vehicle. Before selling your car to salvage or junkyard, make sure to remove the plates and follow the local laws before learning how to get money for your car. 
  • Use the gasoline in the tank

Before you say the final goodbye to your car, use the last bit of gasoline in your tank – after all, you don’t want anything to go to waste. In addition, salvage yards typically need to remove the fluids when they buy a car, meaning they drain the transmission fluid, brake fluid, windshield fluid, and gasoline from the vehicle. 

  • Old gas left in the vehicle is not only a waste of this liquid but can also be a safety hazard for the salvage yard workers. 
  • Make sure you drain or siphon the gas tank, using a special tool or visiting a local auto body store so they can do this procedure before you before learning how to get cash for your car.
  • Cancel Your Insurance Plan

A scrap vehicle does not need to be insured – it won’t have a new owner, it won’t be on the road, and you won’t have to worry about getting into an accident anymore. If the vehicle was recently on your insurance plan, make sure you cancel the coverage before learning how to get cash for your car.

  • Make sure you check with your insurance company in plenty of time before canceling your policy. Some insurance companies are more lenient than others, meaning you should get in touch with them ASAP about your change of plans when learning how to get money for your car.
  • Search for the best deal

If you want to get the most money for your old car, you need to do some research about the best place to sell your car, whether that be online, another person, a dealership, or a used junk car company. 

  • Keep in mind that you will have to pay for the advertising if you sell your car to another person. In this case, you need to research ‘get paid for your car advertising’ so you don’t spend any extra fees on this procedure.
  • Remove the non-metal parts

If you decide to sell your car to a scrap dealership or a junk car buyer like CashCarsBuyer, you need to remove all non-metal parts from your vehicle. 

  • Remove the interior plastics, like the dashboard, and other items, like seats and seatbelts. Although this can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, it is a key step in the process of learning who to get cash for your car. 

Get money for your old car – mistakes to avoid!

  • Sign a release of liability

Every state DMV is different, but there is a portion of the title that you send to your DMV in most cases. Send this release of liability to your DMV when selling your car to a junkyard to increase your protection in case the car is resold without your knowledge. 

  • Make sure the buyer is trustworthy

You don’t want to be dealing with any seedy characters when trying to get money for your old car. In this case, choose someone trustworthy – how do you know you can trust them? Well, make sure they stay with their original quote. A buyer who is constantly changing their quote is untrustworthy and will try to scam you. 

  • Don’t sign over the title without cash in hand

When trying to get money for your car, you need to get cash in hand before signing over your title. Luckily, with CashCarsBuyer, we deliver cash in hand on the spot, so you don’t have to be waiting for a check in the mail or online payment. Do NOT accept excuses for someone who can’t pay you on the spot for your junk vehicle. 

  • You should NOT pay for towing

Every junk car company should take a page from the book of CashCarsBuyer – towing is FREE for anyone in the area, reducing any hassle for you and your family! Most junk car buyers provide free towing, but some try to scam you and ask you to pay for the tow from your house to the autobody shop.

  • Donating your car

If you want to donate your car to get some tax breaks at the end of the year, the payback is oftentimes not worth the loss of money. You shouldn't count on getting a tax deduction unless you have a personal lawyer who can help you with this cause.

  • In addition, before you donate your car, you should ensure the firm you are donating your car to can provide records for your tax reduction. Make sure that when learning how to get cash for your junk car you can receive the tax break in April! 
  • Remove your items

Check in all nooks and crannies of your car before giving it to a scrap yard or junk car buyer – this means examining the seat pockets, glove compartment, trunk, rugs, center console, and in between seats for any valuables that may have dropped between seams.

  • Don't take the first bid

Unless you are in a rush to sell your car and move states, do not take the first bid. Usually, people will try to strong-arm you into reducing your selling price if they know you are desperate and trying to sell your vehicle in a hurry. In this case, try and be patient when learning how to get money for your car. 

  • Uninstall custom accessories

Junk car buyers usually do not want any custom parts that you especially added to your vehicle. In this case, remove these parts and sell them on your own to earn some extra cash before selling your scrap car for parts. 

Get Money For Your Car DMV

One of the most important steps to keep in mind when learning how to get money for your car DMV is to sign a liability release! Every state DMV is different, but you will often find that on your title, there is a small section that you send to your state DMV. By sending this strip of paper, you can protect yourself and protect yourself if the car is resold without your knowledge to another owner. 

Get money for your junk car!

One of the most important things to keep in mind when learning how to get money for your junk car is to get cash in hand – immediately! If you hand over your little and cancel your insurance without receiving any monetary compensation for your vehicle, chances are you're being scammed.

  • Regardless if you are selling your vehicle to a junk car buyer, individual, or a scrap heap, you need to get cash in hand when handing over your car to someone else. If someone makes excuses as to why they can’t pay you on the spot, then do NOT sell your car to them! 

Get Paid For Your Car Advertising!

Certain companies willyour vehicle’s exterior actually pay YOU for your car advertising. Learn here how to get paid for your car advertising when trying to get money for your car. 

  • StickerRide

This company connects with other brands to deliver advertising that brings in a large audience. Founded in 2013, it is now used by over 40,000 drivers. To drive for StickerRide, you just need to register your car, choose an auto campaign, and install the sticker ads on your vehicle. Once the ads are applied to the exterior of your vehicle, you can start driving and earning cash in hand. 

  • The positives of using StickerRide lets you choose your campaigns and has optional tasks that allow you to get more money for your car.
  • Using this company’s negatives are that you must be on the App at all times and you may not be eligible for all ad campaigns.
  • Wrapify

Wrapify pays you based on your driving habits which are tracked by the app. The miles you drive within a camping zone will determine how much you earn for your car.

  • The positives of this company involve easy payments and no long-term commitments.
  • The negatives of using Wrapify are that you must pass a background check, suffer from early termination fees, and must have a new car when trying to get paid for your car advertising.
  • Carvertise

This Delaware-based program puts car wrap advertising on your car and pays you via a direct deposit, paying $100 per month for the entire campaign. 

  • The positives of using Carvertise are the opportunities to earn more money by parking and the freedom to accept or decline campaigns when trying to get paid for your car advertising.
  • The cons of Carvertise is you must drive at least 30 miles per day and have a new vehicle. 
  • Free Car Media

Free Car Media works by professionally installing an ad on your entire car.

  • This company’s pros involve ad placement options, the ability to say ‘no to programs, and making between $50 and $400 per month to get paid for your car advertising.
  • The negatives of this program are you must apply your own rear window ad, and the car campaigns are lengthy.
  • ReferralCars

When trying to get paid for your car advertising, the last option is ReferralCars, which works by using commission and non-commissioned campaigns. 

  • The pros of this option are the small decals and earnings guarantee.
  • The negatives of ReferralCars are the decal shipping fee and the labor of placing your own decal. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, learning how to get money for your car is a crucial step in the junk car selling process! By figuring out how to get money from your local DMV, the steps of properly and legally selling your scrap car, and the mistakes to avoid when selling a car to an individual or a junk car buyer, you can ensure you get cash in hand fast – use CashCarsBuyer for fast and trustworthy service! 

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