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How To Advertise Car For Sale – What Is The Best Site To Sell A Car?

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Whether you have a junk, scrap, classic, older or even a great used car, there’s a market out there for it! So, if your objective is to learn how to advertise that car for sale, we have the information, data and options you need, want and deserve! 

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Advertising your car for sale can feel like an overwhelming task. But once you have a game plan, a system and the know-how, you can sell that car effectively and fast! 

What Is The Best Way To Advertise A Car For Sale?

When you are looking to advertise a car for sale, you have to have an eye-catching car ad that buyers will take notice of. Once they learn about your car, they will then call to inquire about the car, eventually leading to a sale. So, what to you do first? 

Create a Budget 

How much are you willing to spend on the advertisement for your car? Is it a few dollars? Have you set aside $300 perhaps? Before selling your car online or in publications, decide how much you want to spend on advertisements. 

Make A List of Where You Want To Sell Your Car 

Are you looking to sell your car on several sites? Then you need to make sure that you create a list of where you post your car ad. For example, perhaps you want to sell your car on Craigslist, Facebook and Instagram. You may even decide to sell your car on AutoTrader, CarGurus or eBay Motors. You may also decide to keep a notebook or a piece of paper of where you sell your car. You want to make sure that you delete all ads, once your car sells. 

Create an Honest and Detailed Description 

Your car ad should be an honest description of your car. For example, if the starter is bad, but you have a brand-new stereo in the car, add that in the description. If your seats are a bad, and being held together by tape, add that to the ad. The great thing about selling online, is that you never know who will find your car appealing. So, be honest and be straightforward about all the “good, bad and ugly” about your car. 

Next, list your asking price. Some auto advertising experts say begin high and if you find that your car doesn’t sell over time, then you can lower the price. But be sure to set an asking price. Sites such as eBay Motors allow for an auction style-setting, where perspective buyers can bid on your car. With that kind of ad, you may walk away with more money than you anticipated! 

Moving forward with your car advertisement, you may want to include a sentence or two, about why you are selling a car. For example, if your partner or spouse has passed away, you may want to mention that. Or if you are moving out of state or out of the county, you can share that as well. Many perspective buyers may ask why you are selling your car. And while you are under no obligation to tell anyone your personal business, you may just share a brief detail about why you are selling your vehicle. 


Show Of Fuel Efficiency and Any Modifications and Assets 

 If your vehicle is great on the fuel, then be sure to add that to your description. Also, if you have brand new car parts on the car, make sure that you highlight those as well. What modifications did you make to the car? Share that in your ad. The more details you add about your car, the better your description will be. 

Add any Warranty Information You Have 

Are you selling a car that is still under warranty? Is that warranty transferable, and you have all of the documentation that proves it? Then you need to include that in the ad. Most car warranties are transferrable. In your car description you want to make sure that you provide the details about the existing warranty and how much is left in the warranty. If you have a warranty that requires a transfer fee, be sure you mention in your ad, if you are willing to cover the transfer costs. Lots of car manufacturers will not honor the exact same warranty coverage for a second owner of a vehicle. So, you may want to call your car maker first, and find out if this is the case for your car. 


Include Anything That May Need To be Fixed 

Does your car’s air conditioning unit need to be replaced? Be sure that you state that in your car ad. Just because this is the case, doesn’t mean that you will still be stuck with your car. Is the starter on your car bad? Indicate that in the car ad. That bad starter doesn’t mean that you won’t sell your car. As we mentioned earlier, “honesty is the best policy” when it comes to selling a car. Don’t forget to include a vehicle history report on your car. Check it and make sure that it’s accurate. Present it to the potential buyer and place that buyer’s mind at ease. That buyer will be very appreciative of your honesty and straightforwardness! 

Set Your Negotiation Terms 

Are you willing to negotiate the price of your car? Are you firm on the price? Indicate that in your ad, so that you don’t waste your time or the time of the potential buyer. 

Tell Buyers the Form of Payments Acceptable For You 

If you are only accepting cash for the car you are selling, be sure you let buyers know. Or if you are willing to sell your car and accept a check, then indicate that. While we don’t recommend accepting personal checks, we do recommend that you and the buyer meet at a financial institution to ensure that the money bills are legit and not fake. You may also want to obtain that check at the financial institution of your choice after you agree to the sale. Many bank or credit union mangers are fully aware of car sales. And they offer safe and secure transactions for money and checks. 

What Is The Best Site To Sell A Car?

As you navigate through the “sea of car websites”, you are wondering what is the best site? Check out a few sites that we think are pretty good for your car sale. 


Craigslist is a “tried and true” website for selling a car. The cost to post an ad is $5.00. You are responsible for adding clear and sharp pictures, a detailed description, mileage and other pertinent information and a way for folks to contact you about your car. 


Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell a car. Just as you need to with Craigslist, be sure that you add photos and a description about the car you’re selling. Don’t forget to add your email or contact number so that folks can get a hold of you. And since it’s Facebook, perspective buyers will find their way into your Facebook Instant Messenger to as you a question or two, about your car. 


AutoTrader is another great place to sell a car. The site offers an array of packages you can choose from that will cost you some money. But your car will get great exposure and traffic. 

eBay Motors  

eBay is another great place for you to sell your vehicle. There is a fixed-price listing option that you can use and then there is an auction style listing you can use. Bidders can bid on your car with the latter and you may even find that you make more money than you hoped for with that car on the “auction block”! 


Cars.com is a highly ranked car selling website and is also known as a site that offers a quick and easy way to sell a car. Just enter some basic information, and when done, you will receive an instant price range for selling your vehicle via dealer retail and private party. For additional cash, you will receive a CARFAX, courtesy of Cars.Com! 

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