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Extended Warranty for High Mileage Used Cars: A Basic Guidance for Beginners! 

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An extended warranty for high mileage used cars is a great option and provides you with many benefits. However, before deciding to carry one, you need to be familiar with some of the common drawbacks of this type of warranty. 

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Did you know that vehicles tend to last longer than before? According to experts, your vehicle is expected to last up to 11.8 years as of the 2019 study. When you compare this number to a previous study released in 1995, you'll see that there are about four years gain in the overall vehicles ages.

While your vehicle will last for 11.8 years, it doesn't mean that this car will be problems free. Dealing with car problems can be a big issue, especially if you don't have a warranty or proper insurance coverage.

There is this new trend in purchasing extended warranties for high mileage used vehicles. This trend is a great idea, but it might not be worth following it without understanding the details.

This article provides you with all details you need to understand when shopping for an extended warranty for high mileage used cars. The article intends to help inexperienced drivers know the main benefits and drawbacks of getting an extended warranty for high mileage used cars. 

Can you get a warranty on a car with over 100K miles? 

Before we dive into the details about extended warranty for high mileage used cars, let's step back and understand whether it's possible to get an extended warranty for cars over 100K miles or not. 

The manufacturer warranty usually expires before your vehicle hits the 100K miles. Luckily, there are plenty of extended car warranties that go beyond the 100K miles. These extended warranties are more flexible than the original manufacturer warranty.

For example, you can customize the extended warranty based on what works for you and remove what doesn't work for you. This provides you with a good advantage about paying for what you really need versus wasting our money on things you don't need.

Although extended car warranties are great options for keeping your vehicle covered in case something happens after the 100K miles, there are plenty of drawbacks that you need to keep an eye for, especially those related to what's covered exactly under the extended warranty. 

What should you include in your extended warranty for high mileage used cars? 

Since the extended warranties for high mileage used cars are highly customized, it is important for you as a driver to understand what you need to include as a minimum in your extended warranty. 

Let's take a closer look at what's included, and the standard extended warranties for high mileage used cars plans:

  • Powertrain coverage 

The powertrain coverage is the most common type used in any extended warranty for high mileage used cars. This coverage is considered the cheapest option because it considers the most important component in any vehicle, and it lasts the longest.

Here are some of the commonly covered items in any powertrain coverage:

When going for a powertrain coverage, it is important to it exactly what's really covered. For example, some powertrain extended warranties do not cover every single component of your engine. Thus, it is your job to review the contract in detail and make sure it's covering the important components you’re looking for. 

  • Bumper to bumper

If your vehicle experiences many breakdowns and you would like to get a better-extended warranty option, you might need to go with a bumper-to-bumper plan. Along with the major car repairs mentioned in their powertrain coverage, you can also get covered for the following:

  • Power steering
  • Air conditioning
  • Suspension system
  • Lightning
  • Electronic system 
  • Braking system 

There is some more flexible bumper to bumper warranties that do not only cover the mentioned items but also it has more bonuses to include:

  • Repair shops, reimbursements on rental cars
  • Towing service reimbursement
  • And others

Of course, bumper to bumper sounds a better option for many drivers. However, it comes with its own cost. Therefore, before making a final decision about, which extended warranty for high mileage used cars you would like to go with, you need to evaluate it properly and make sure it's within your expected budget. 

What is not covered under an extended warranty for high mileage cars? 

While it's very important to understand what's covered under the extended warranty, it's also crucial to familiarize yourself with what's not covered under the extended warranty.

Here are some of the things that you need to take care of out of your own pocket: 

  • Oil change
  • Tire rotation
  • Spark plugs and filters changes
  • Battery replacement
  • Any issue has to do with tear and wear

Therefore, if you are looking for an extended warranty to help you with your regular maintenance, this might not be the best option for you. Unless your vehicle experiences major mechanical repairs, extended warranties might be worthless. 

Are extended warranties for used cars worth it? 

Determining whether extended warranties are worth it or not depends on your own circumstances. An extended warranty can be a great option for people who are dealing with one of the followings:

  • Don't have a long manufacturer warranty that doesn't last more than five years
  • Have very old vehicles that are more susceptible to major repairs and damages
  • Purchase I use a vehicle from a private seller
  • Uses the vehicle for longer trips 
  • The vehicle is known for common repairs problems that most mechanics are aware of

On the other hand, if your vehicle is more susceptible to wear and tear type of maintenance issues, extended warranties are not the best option for you because they don't cover those. 

How much does an extended warranty cost on a used car? 

According to experts, extended warranty cost ranges from $350.00 to $700.00 each year. However, this range differs significantly from person to person and depending on the type of warranty decided to go with. 

Extended warranties costs can be affected by several factors, including the age and mileage of your vehicle, your vehicle's type, and the deductible amount.

For example, if you own a very high mileage car, you'd expect to pay more than someone who owns a newer vehicle with less mileage. 

There are certain vehicle types that require high extended warranty costs. For example, BMW is known for more expensive warranties than vehicles from Chevrolet. Thus, it's recommended that you do your own research and find out what your car type requires expensive extended warranties for high mileage used cars. 

Finally, the decided deductible amount determines whether you're going to end up with a higher extended warranty or not. The lower the deductible, the more expensive the warranty. Think about the extended warranty as your vehicle's insurance plan, where whenever you pay higher four deductibles, your insurance premium will be cheaper. 

It's very important to keep a balance between your decided deductible amount because many times, it can be very high where you can't afford it, which means that your extended warranty is not the cheapest option for you. 

What is a fair price for an extended car warranty? 

Experts indicated that an extended warranty for high mileage used cars with a good package and plenty of aftersales services should cost about $1800 per year. Although this number might sound a little high, the coverage amount is considered worth it, and if you divide it into monthly payments, it shouldn't be that bad. 

Again, determining the extended warranty price is a function of many factors highlighted in the previous section. 

How much do car dealers make on extended warranties? 

Many drivers prefer to shop for extended warranties through dealerships. However, they don't know that dealerships can make a good money profit out of these extended warranties.

According to experts, the dealership expects to make A $1000 profit out of a $2000 extended warranty plan. This is a lot! That's why we recommend that you shop for extended warranties outside of the dealership and have some options in the back of your head before meeting with its dealership sales and then.

When you have something and the back of your head, you can determine immediately whether you're getting a good deal or not, and you will understand how much profits the dealership can make out of a certain plan. 

What is the full extended warranty for high mileage used car providers? 

If you decided to go with an extended warranty for your used car that is above 100K miles, it's important to familiarize yourself with the top-rated providers highlighted below:

  • Endurance 

Endurance is one of the very famous providers for extended warranties, especially for 100K miles cars. The nice thing about endurance is that they are direct providers and were in business 15 years ago. They have about six plans to choose from, and they can cover your vehicle up to 200,000 miles. 

  • Carchex 

Carchex is another common provider for good extended warranties for high mileage vehicles. They've been in business for 22 years, and by now and they have more than 20 available plans to choose from. The best thing about this provider is that they have 99% customer satisfaction, which means that you're dealing with a reliable company with less headache.

Car checks cover vehicles up to 250,000 miles, which is a good threshold for many owners of high mileage used vehicles. Carchex is featured in larger automobile names like Kelley Blue Book, Edmonds, the motoring club, and carfax. 

  • Carshield 

Carshield Is another common provider for extended warranties, especially for high mileage vehicles. It covers your vehicle up to 200,000 miles and has about six different plans to choose from. Some of the top features they cover include a money-back guarantee, rental car reimbursement, and towing service. 

  • PMC protect

PMC protect provides the longest coverage for up to 300,000 miles. They have three different plans, and they provide you with additional bonus features, including a money-back guarantee and roadside assistance. 

  • American auto shield 

American auto shield provides you with coverage up to 250,000 miles and has eight plans to choose from. Some of their bonus features include trip interruption insurance, rental car reimbursement, and roadside assistance.

What are the common problems of cars or 100K miles? 

If your car is approaching 100K miles, here are some of the top problems that you might deal with:

  • Powertrain damages
  • Transmission failures
  • Fuel system problems
  • Spark plug failures
  • Wear and tear issues 
  • Grinding brakes 

Shop for multiple offers 

Since there is no specific fixed price for extended warranties for high mileage used cars, you need to shop for multiple offers. Some experts recommend getting at least three quotes from different companies.

By having these different codes, you can evaluate the options and determine which one works best for you. It's important to ensure that at least one or two of your selected quotes are not through a dealership because dealerships still make some profits out of these extended warranties plans. Therefore, you won't know how much exactly the plan cost unless you go through the providers yourself. 


An extended warranty for high mileage used cars is a great option for those who don't have a long-term manufacturer warranty or own very old vehicles expecting major repairs.

However, extended warranties might not be an option for people dealing with tear and wear issues continuously.

It's very important to evaluate whether it's worth carrying an extended warranty for high mileage cars because sometimes this warranty might not be worth it, and it could just be a waste of money.

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