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Should I Buy an Electric Car? Is It Worth It to Buy an Electric Car?

Should I Buy an Electric Car

If you're wondering, should I buy an electric car? And is it worth it to buy an electric car? First, you need to evaluate whether you can afford the electric car price, are OK with the single charge range, have a designated charging location, and looking for the top vehicle performance or not. 

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Electric cars became more popular over the past couple of years. As a result, many countries are now utilizing billions of dollars towards switching to more environmentally-friendly electric vehicles. 

For instance, United States experiences a steady increase in the number of electric vehicles. However, this number is still not the majority was only about 2% of sold vehicles are electric in 2019. 

Before making your decision and buying electricity, there are things to consider and keep in mind. This article provides you with the main pros and cons of buying an electric car. 

Should I buy an electric car? Questions to ask yourself before buying an electric car 

Electric vehicles are an innovation attracting thousands of customers every year. However, before making a final decision and purchasing an electric car, there are some questions to ask yourself, including: 

  • Can I afford to buy an electric car? 

Since electric cars are no innovation, they will cost you much more to own but not to lease. Some people might think electric cars are more expensive, and they can afford gasoline vehicles more than electric vehicles. However, that's not the case.

If you did a quick calculation of total costs for owning an electric car versus a gasoline one, you'd see that electric cars are cheaper. For instance, according to experts, it's known that gasoline vehicles might require about $3300 per year while electric vehicles only require about $2700 a year. But, of course, these differences most likely since electric cars do not need gasoline so, all gas costs are eliminated

However, you need to keep in mind that some hybrid vehicles are not completely electric, and those require some gasoline costs but definitely not like gas vehicles. 

  • Am I familiar with the road trip problem of electric cars?

One of the biggest challenges about owning an electric car is finding a charging station. According to experts, in 2017 only, customers needed at least 6 miles to reach a charging station. 

Keep in mind that a single full charge might allow you to drive the vehicle up to 250 miles in certain vehicles bought; it can be as low as 200 miles. This issue can cause what's known as range anxiety to many new owners of electric vehicles.

Several automotive experts like X indicated that road trips could be a challenge for many electric vehicles, and he indicated, “If you like road trips, you almost have to have two cars — one for around town and one for longer trips,”

  • Did I considered electric car charging stations? 

While you don't have to worry about visiting the gas station every time you want to drive your electric cars, you still need to consider where you will charge it. For example, if you live in an apartment where you can't install an electrical charger, you might need to think twice about buying an electric car.

According to the International Energy Agency, as of 2019, electric charge stations increased by about 60%, and most of these stations are very affordable or even free. However, how close are these stations to your living location?

It's important to remember that charging the electric car should not be a big deal if you have space but, it takes a long time to charge if you only rely on 120 Volt outlets. Some customers might install a 240 outlet for faster charging. But, if you don't have space and you can't install this type of outlet, it might be a deal-breaker for your beloved electric car. 

  • What exactly will I use this electric car for? 

The other thing to think about is that most current electric cars are only smaller sedans, which means that if you're a fan of large cargo space, electric cars might not be your best option, at least at this time. However, experts indicated some expectations about new waves of electric vehicles that have much more cargo space and are suitable for family rights. 

They are current luxury SUV vehicles now, but they are more expensive and might not be practical for many drivers. 

Keep in mind that even if it's not the right time now for owning an electric car, it might be the right time soon went wider vehicles are released. 

  • Am I looking for the best performance? 

If performance is one of the most important factors in your last, an electric car is a great option for you.

  • Electric vehicles are known for providing the best performance, and some of the top features about these vehicles are listed below:
  • When buying an electric car, you will deal with the fastest response, especially at lower acceleration levels. However, customers indicated that they enjoyed the performance of their electric vehicles, especially at around 0 to 30 mph ranges. 
  • Electric vehicles have a lower center of gravity because of the heavy battery that is mounted under an electric vehicle.
  • You don't have to worry about switching gears shocks coming from transmission issues 
  • Loud noise is never a problem with electric vehicles. The only thing you might need to consider is a slightly loud noise coming from tires and wind, which is a common cause for most vehicles. 

Why should you not buy an electric car?

Although the previously mentioned questions can help you decide whether you should buy an electric car or not, it is important to consider some of the drawbacks of owning an electric car, as indicated by many automotive experts.

Let's take it also look below at some of the common reasons that prevent people from buying an electric car:

  • Issues with range anxiety considering that most electric vehicles do not get you beyond 200 miles in a single charge, which can be a challenge to any road trip lover.


  • Problems with very slow charging times that might not be efficient for using electric vehicles in your daily trips, especially if the charge is not full.


  • Slightly higher initial costs and tax costs. Electric vehicles might not be the best options for people who can't afford it because it's more expensive than their peers of gasoline vehicles. However, if you thought about the final total price, you will see that the vehicles are more affordable than gasoline cars in the long run. 


  • Problems with batteries. Since batteries are the most important component in an electric vehicle, it is important to keep in mind that these batteries are susceptible to wearing out pretty quickly, which might cost you thousands of dollars on repair costs. 


  • There is some discussion about electric vehicles considered fire hazards, especially with the public electrical vehicle crashes. However, researchers and automotive experts are still investigating whether this is true or not.


  • Many sport vehicle lovers do not see electric vehicles as the best option, which is not surprising because automakers view efficiency as a higher priority than sports performance.


  • Multiple vehicles are not available in many dealerships, and it might be challenging to find your electric car of choice in your local area. In addition, it might require you to change your mind about selecting a certain electric car time just because it's not available in your location. However, the good news is that some trends show a national spread of more electric vehicles over the coming years. 


  • Electric cars require certain mechanical skill sets to get repaired, and these skill sets are not available in every location. The challenges of finding the best service Center for fixing your electric car are something to consider before buying an electric vehicle. 


  • When buying an electric vehicle, it is important to keep in mind that or deal with higher electric bills because you need to charge the vehicle every time you want to use it. Although higher electric bills are a common issue about electric vehicles, it's not as high as bills you need 4 fueling your gasoline vehicle. 

What are the problems with electric cars?

Electric cars will not be magic vehicles and problems free though there are plenty of common problems you will deal with similar to those in any gosling vehicle.

For example, you still need to deal with tire issues no matter how efficient your vehicle’s fuel system. Also, dealing with the braking system can be a big issue when driving any electric car. This is because electric vehicles rely heavily on heavy braking, impacting the braking system prematurely.

Fluid levels are another issue not only in gas vehicles but also in electric cars. 

Finally, since electric cars rely heavily on the battery, battery problems are a huge headache to many electric car owners. However, when the battery goes out, you have simple solutions like jump starts or any other alternative to get the vehicle moving. The electric charge is the main way for your vehicle to get running. 

What year will electric cars take over?

Several automakers released some news about when they will completely switch to making electric vehicles. For example, General Motors indicated that by the year 2035, they would switch completely to creating only electric vehicles.

Similarly, Ford indicated that as of 2030, they would switch to electric vehicles as well.

Keep in mind that the market trend differs by country. For example, Europe is experiencing the most switch towards electric vehicles as compared to the United States. However, this doesn't mean that the United States is switching to electric vehicles as the trend is Steve towards more electric cars than gasoline vehicles. 

What year will diesel cars be banned?

According to experts, diesel cars and most vans will be banned from any sales as of 2030. However, there are still some investigations and discussions about the right time to expect banning these vehicles. 

What percentage of cars will be electric by 2030?

It all depends on the manufacturer and the country. As we indicated in the previous section, Ford is expected to switch completely to electric cars as of 2030. However, General Motors will not do so until 2035. 

We are expecting that the trend will be different on a country-by-country basis. Europe tends to have more electric vehicles than the United states, for example, but, over the next years, the United States might gradually switch to electric cars and catch up.


Electric cars are an innovation that attracts thousands of customers every year. As a result, many of our customers reach out to us about whether it's recommended to buy An electric vehicle or not. Of course, answering this question depends heavily on your own circumstances and other questions to keep in mind before deciding.

This article highlighted the top questions to ask yourself before buying an electric car hear it. Some of these questions include whether you can afford this car or not, understand the range anxiety, have charging locations close by, and others.

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