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Engine Price for Honda Civic: What You Need To Know!

Engine Price for Honda Civic

The Civic made a debut in the U.S. in 1973 at the exact right time when the oil crisis hit and strict safety and emissions regulations were to be implemented. Not only could it run on regular or unleaded gas, but it also has the Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion engine that returns over 40 miles per gallon without the need for any complex  and costly emissions equipment. In case its engine fails, let us zoom in and see the engine price for Honda Civic.

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A bit of a background, the Civic became a hit overnight for the budget-minded with its low maintenance requirements that can be depended on for many years to come. It’s also a blank canvas for the gearheads as it is also an easy-to-modify car. It’s everything a practical car owner wants.


The fast and powerful hot-hatch Civic Type R outlived and replaced cars like Honda CRX, and Integra/Acura RSX. During its entire stretch in history, it has been fitted with a huge number of engines. Let us discuss them a bit with the corresponding engine price for Honda Civic.


5th Generation (1991) Engine Price for Honda Civic


The 5th generation Honda Civic engines include a list of uninteresting motors such as D13B, D15B, D15Z, D16A, D16Z, and B18B. Only two engines of this batch are worth mentioning, which are the B16A1 and B16A2 which have the VTEC system and could reach 8,000 rpm. The B16A1 engine price for Honda Civic is around $319 and above.


The B16A1 engine fits the 1992-1995 Honda Civic SIR, 1988-1991 Honda Civic CRX and 1996-2000 Honda Civic SIR models.

6th Generation (1995) Engine Price for Honda Civic


The sixth-generation Honda Civic sports updated styling but less radical than previous redesigns. Options were made available when it comes to suspension and engine options, and that includes the first Natural Gas Powered Civic, the GX 


The CX, DX, and LX trims all have D16Y7 non-VTEC engines; while the EX has a D16Y8 VTEC, and the HX has D16Y5 VTEC-E. The USDM Si and Canadian SiR, on the other hand, came with a DOHC (B16A2 VTEC). The first Civic Si coupe EM1 was debuted in 1999 until 2000. 


The 1.6L non VTEC engine JDM D16Y4 D16Y7 replacement costs $999.00 or more pre-owned. A rebuilt 99-00 Honda Civic EX Vtec SOHC D16Y8 engine costs around $1,800.00. 


Among standard engines for relaxed urban driving are the D13B, D14A, D15Z, and D16Y. But if you are going for a bit of excitement you can look into their 1.6-liter 160 horsepower Honda Civic Si with engine B16A2. The JDM Honda B16A VTEC Engine Transmission Civic SiR B16A2 engine price for Honda Civic is around $ 2500.00.


2000 to 2005 Engine Price for Honda Civic


The seventh-generation Civics were manufactured with upgraded engines, such as the D15Y, D15Z, D16W, and D17A. The D17A engine price for Honda Civic is around $599 or more. The most high powered was Civic Type R with the K20A engine, which reached 200 HP. For the JDM Civic Type R, the hp was increased to 215. The Type R K20A engine price for Honda Civic is around $3,195 or more.

8th Generation Engine Price for Honda Civic (2005)


Then the 8th gen Civic came in 2005 when buyers were offered the following engines: R20A, R18A, R16A, L13A, K20Z2, and K24Z. There were also diesel engines like the N22A and hybrid LDA. The Civic Si with 197 HP K20Z3 engine was also sold in the US. The JDM Honda R18A civic engine 1.8l ivtec 06 – 11 SOHC is being sold preowned at around $649.99.

9th Generation Engine Price for Honda Civic (2011)


It was in December of 2010 when Honda unveiled a sketch of the ninth generation Civic which was tagged as “energetic, sleek and aerodynamic.” The production version went on sale in April the following year.


A significant niche is when Honda added the Eco Assist technology to most models, and they became the first gasoline-only fueled Honda to employ such technology in North America. The information system helps the driver adopt a more fuel-efficient driving style, and has proven to improve fuel economy by 10% for the brand’s hybrid vehicle in Japan.


Modified engines from the 8th generation Civic were used by the 9th generation. The modified engines include the R16A, R18Z, R20Z, K24Z, L13A, and N22B. In addition to the common engines, there were also more powerful versions. 


For the 9th gen Civic Si, 2.4-liter K24Z7 was offered, which could yield 208 HP. The Civic Type R was even much faster. A turbocharged 2.0-liter K20C1 engine was used and could produce power that reaches 310 HP.


The engine price for Honda Civic of this generation amounts to $1,398.00 for the Honda Civic SI K24z7 Engine 2.4L Vtec K24 that can fit the 2012-2014 models.


10th Generation Engine Price for Honda Civic


2015 marks the launch of the 10th generation Civic where many new engines were used. They were the R16B, R18Z, K20C2, and L15B7 engines. Honda Civic Si got the 205 HP turbocharged L15B7 engine, while the top model Civic Type R, used the 310 HP turbocharged K20C1 engine.


The 1.8L 4 Cylinder Engine R18Z1 can be bought as low as $499.00 used. The 2012-2015 Honda Civic Si Engine Motor Assembly 2.4L can be bought at around  $1,394.07 or more. The Type R K20C1 engine can be bought pre-owned at around $6,499.99 or more.

Other FAQ:

How long does a civic engine last?


Honda Civics saved Honda with its market sales, as it manages to take anyone a long way down the road, like 300,000 miles and beyond, to be more exact. It is achieved most likely by the fact that parts of the Honda engine are manufactured at a higher quality. In 2015, the Consumer Reports Subscribers recorded Honda Civics as one of the longest-lasting automobiles of all times.


Honda Civic remains one of the best-selling cars to date, as per stats, car owners are found out to be able to keep their Honda Civic for as long as ten years or even more. But that doesn’t happen automatically as it still depends on the attitude of the car owner towards handling the car. 


The car owner should consistently rely on preventative maintenance, and the car will be able to last longer than expected. The car’s fluids also have to be changed frequently. A very low oil could lead to engine failure.


The spark plugs also must be checked, as well as the gaskets, engine, and potential oil leaks. The valves also need to be checked to make sure that they are running perfectly fine. All these will secure that your engine will reach its full life expectancy.


How much does a Honda Civic Hood cost?


Usually, a Honda Civic Hood costs from $260 and $900. The kits vary from $380 to $1,100. Replacing the hood panel would help maintain the resale value of your car even better than replacing it and will also protect and increase the lifetime of your engine.


Sanding and other dent-repair techniques will eventually wear out the surface toughness of the panel. It is also through replacing the hood that you can ensure that you will be able to remove harmful pollutants that can cause corrosion.


If the rust only affects only a part of the hood, then it may still be saved. But if the majority of the hood is already corroded, then it should be replaced as soon as possible so the internal parts may not be exposed and damaged as well.


How much is a motor for a 2004 Honda Civic?


In 2004, the 2.0 i-VTEC of the Civic was released, with a 2.0-liter DOHC 16-Valve Inline 4 i-VTEC engine. This is a top-of-the-line variant that includes leather seats, unique style alloy wheels, and is also available in 5-speed automatic transmission. The engine price for Honda Civic with this specification is around $2,399.00.


Another engine that fits the 2004 Honda Civic includes the 1.7L SOHC VTec Engine which is around $700.00 or more, JDM Honda Civic Acura EL 1.7L Sohc Vtec D17A Engine Auto Transmission which is around $1,499.00, among others.


It might seem over the top to fawn over an economy car, such as the Honda Civic but it came out strong when it came to the US a half-century ago and has no sign of losing its well-respected place in the car industry.  A sturdy and comfortable car that does not need a lot of maintenance continues to be a top choice for many practical car owners.


The Honda Civic continues to dominate as a reliable and dependable car that also offers good fuel economy. As a cherry on top, it has affordable engine replacement options with used but still very reliable used engines coming from Japan, where the government mandates cars to be taken off the road after a number of years even though it’s still in good working condition.

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