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Honda Reliability – What’s The Most Reliable Honda?

Honda Reliability

Honda is a name synonymous with reliability, durability and distinction. As the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959, Honda is also known as a creator of automobiles, motorcycles, and various tools and power equipment. Additionally, Honda was the first Japanese car manufacturer to release a dedicated luxury brand- Acura- which came on the scene in 1986. 

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Today, Honda continues to build machines with longevity and resilience. 

Who Invented the Honda?

Soichiro Honda is the founder of Honda. As an astute industrialist and engineer, Honda established the Honda Motor Company LTD. & continued to oversee expansion of his creation.  Honda passed away in August of 1991. 

Honda Today 

Today, Honda continues to create automobiles that are quality machines, while utilizing the latest technology. In fact, Honda itself states: “We continue to draw inspiration from the visionary ideas of our namesake, Soichiro Honda. He saw incredible power in the freedom of mobility and used his imagination to change the world. It is this mindset that guides us to help move people forward and protect the future we all share.” 

Are Hondas Reliable?

It’s a known fact that Honda is the world’s biggest manufacturer of internal combustion engines. The company manufactures more than 14 million internal combustion engines annually. Honda is also the eighth biggest automobile manufacturer in the world. 

To question the reliability of a Honda, would be to ask drivers. It appears that the Honda is a reliable car. In fact, according to insurify.com, Hondas are so reliable that the Civic and the Accord round out the list of the most stolen automobile. “Even though the Accord has maintained its second-place ranking since last year, thefts of America’s favorite car have decreased significantly since last year. It may be surprising to see that 1997 Accords remain the most stolen model year, despite being well over twenty years old. But to some unsavory types, the appeal of these cars is their age. 1997 Accords were built with a fatal flaw: as the ignition in these cars ages, it becomes so imprecise that anything fitting in the keyhole—including the handle of a spoon—is enough to start the engine,” states insurify.com. Additionally, the Civic is a highly sought-after vehicle among thieves. “Another Honda make is in the top 3 most stolen vehicles this year, the Civic. Although the Civic wins the notorious title for the most stolen vehicle of the year, one statistic is encouraging: in a similar trend to theft rates of the Honda Accord, Honda Civic thefts have decreased 14.7 percent since last year,” adds insurify.com


Why Are Hondas Stolen So Often? 

With two Honda vehicles rounding out a list of the most stolen vehicles in the country, what makes them such hot cars? ABCNews.go.com offers an answer: “Because car parts are often interchangeable over multiple model years, thieves can get up to three times the value of the vehicle if they sell it for parts, Clancy said.” Additionally, Honda takes into account the thefts of its automobiles. Therefore, the company continues to equip its cars with “latest security devices”, according to ABC.com

What's the Most Reliable Honda?

When you think “reliable Honda” what comes to mind? According to reports there are two Honda models that are the most reliable automobiles manufactured. The two most reliable Honda vehicles are: 

Honda Accord
The Honda Accord continues to be named one of the most reliable on a consistent basis. Known for their durability as well as longevity, the Accord is also known for a sound engine as well. The Accord continues to be one of the best-selling family sized cars in the country- and has been for over the past decade. The Accord also has one of the highest used car resale values of any automobile, ever. 

Honda Civic 

Looking for a sturdy and comfortable car that won’t keep you in the mechanic’s shop often? Choose the Honda Civic. As a smaller and economical choice, the Honda Civic continues to be one of the highest rated economy cars for reliability as well as dependability and reliability. Additionally, Honda Civic owners also rave about the fuel economy the car offers. And it is also known that repairs and fixes are quite minimal.  

Is Honda More Reliable Than Toyota?

While the answer to this question lies in the owners of Honda or Toyota vehicles, Toyota is a dependable car. With the Accord and the Civic being great reliable cars, that offer sturdiness and style, the Toyota car runs a second to the Honda in terms of dependability 

But There Are Some Honda Vehicles That Cause Problems with Owners 

Just like with any car manufacturer, there comes praise as well as points of improvement. Although Honda is a name that is associated with reliability, there are some Honda owners that may beg to differ. Take a read of some testaments to issues with Hondas below: 

Honda Owner Number One- Accord 2.4L

“The car keeps going after its been put in park. The [Honda Accord’s] gears are not catching to allow increases in speed. The car has a recall on the transmission at the NHTSA website but the Honda representative said its not on my specific car. But it’s the exact problem.” 

Honda Owner Number Two- Accord LX V6

This vehicle had a Honda Recall and was satisfied by the prior owner. I purchased it used on 11/25/2017 as a used vehicle 2004 Honda Accord that had 92,034 miles and I paid $13,699.65 CASH and a Superior Warranty of 36 months and 100,000 Miles. When I drove the vehicle for 1,658 miles the transmission failed. The dealership honored their 90-day warranty, then October 2015, that transmission had issued and a speed sensor was replaced at 117,372 Miles. At 122,000 the transmission failed and the Superior warranty was used to replace that transmission. The second transmission is failing at 145,000 miles only 22,000 into the replacement and it failed at this point. The dealer is not willing to replace the transmission with a new transmission and is willing to work with me on getting into another used vehicle … However, I wanted to see if there is a case prior to working with the dealer.”


Honda Owner Number Three- Civic EX 1.7L

My wife bought a pristine 2002 Honda Civic EX about 4 years ago with 70,000 miles. We were in separate states and tried to help her purchase a long-lasting vehicle. I've owned six Hondas and they were all reasonably good cars, my favorite cars. When she sent pics of the 02 Civic, I told her drive it, check it out best you can and take it to a mechanic and if all is good buy it. I would have said buy it in person, after I saw the car. 70,000 miles later, radiator, three-wheel bearings, 2 sets of brake pads, tires, front strut, timing belt, battery, thermostat, along with 4,000-mile oil changes and regular maintenance. Now the transmission is failing. I went to a local well reputed transmission shop and he told me it sounded like the screen was stopped up. Bad news the transmission has to be pulled to and opened from my understanding to check it, and the most probable cause was material from internal damage was the issue. With the long list of problems addressed already I can't see paying $2250 for a rebuild when it books for $2700. My love of Hondas has definitely diminished. Anyone looking for a parts car? The actual problem the car was going into a false neutral worse when warm with a whining in all gears.” 

Honda Owner Number Four- Pilot EX 3.5L V6

“I can't begin to tell you how much time money and credit card debt I went into behind getting this ongoing issue supposedly resolved. All the while Honda knew about the issues and said nothing and continually have me pour money into getting it fixed. The Fixes on average only lasted anywhere between 1 to 3 months before something else happened reading the same codes. They did the oil consumption test saying they were building a case against Honda only to deny me any repair. What the f*ck was the point of telling me that and testing? It's like they just pass the sh*t off one to another service rep. Keep in mind this is a 09 Pilot. So, I had no idea about the class action lawsuit in 2013. I just hope and pray that I'm able to recoup the money I put into this crap. I will never buy Honda again. I'm so done with them.”

Do Honda Engines Last Long?

For many Honda owners, the engine seems to be a well-suited machine that requires no repairs. So, how long to Honda engines last? Check out what these Honda owners say!

Honda Owner Number One 

FOREVER! One of my ex-girlfriend’s DA Integra had 350k miles on it. They just did the typical maintenance and that was it. They eventually donated the car and she got one of those sexy blue db8's! My GSR has 185k on it and still runs like a champ. It all depends on how it was maintained over the years.” 

Honda Owner Number Two 

Depending on how you define “last”, it will go for as long as you want, granted you take excellent care of it throughout its life. I have had one car go well over 400k with the original engine, and have personally seen a 95 Honda civic with 957k on the clock at a car show.” 

But there are some Honda owners who have experienced issues with their engines. 

Honda Owner Number Three 

“On 11/27-18 we brought our Honda CR-V to the dealer to have them check a vague engine noise. A mechanic took a test drive with us to listen to the noise and then returned to the dealership to check out the possible cause. He reported to us that the engine was very low on oil. We told him we had not seen any warning lights or the oil consumption gauge…. He said we need to check the oil via dipstick regularly and add oil as needed. My wife was getting ready to take a trip to Pittsburgh in Feb. so I checked the oil level and could not find a level on the dipstick so I added enough oil to fill it. On 3/25/19 she asked our son -in-law to check the oil as I was recovering from a recent surgery. Son-in-law reported there was no level noticeable on the dipstick so he put oil in. He went on to research this issue online and learned about the ‘oil consumption issue' pertaining to Honda CR-V's. We never received the reported TSA settlement issued by Honda previously about this issue (despite having all maintenance work done by our local dealership since buying the car new there (Great Lakes Honda, Akron, and despite receiving recall notices for several other problems over the years. It now appears we are beyond the 8 year “extended warranty” period Honda issued. What recourse do we now have available to get this problem addressed?” 

Honda Owner Number Four 

“This Honda Fit idles rough. The dealership charged me $3700 to replace throttle assembly. Then approximately 30,000 miles later the same thing happened and the dealership this time charged me $2200. Then approximately 35,000 miles later the same thing happened again the engine idles rough and the dealership charged me $1750 to fix it. Now at approximately 30 miles later the same event is happening again. This time I went to a local mechanic who increased the RPM idle +300 RPMs.” 


Should I Buy a Honda with 100k Miles?

In many cases, buying a car with over 100K miles is not a bad idea. You may just need a set of wheels to get you from “point A” to “point B”. Buying a Honda with over 100K miles may prove to be a good idea, for a few years. You want to ensure that you do the following: 

  1. Test drive the vehicle and ask questions about anything you think may be an issue. 
  2. Get a vehicle history report on the car to see what issues the car has had, in the past. 
  3. Find out what your car insurance will be. Surely you won’t may much but you want to know what your car insurance will be on the car. 

As Hondas have a great resale value, it will pay you to do your homework and have as many protections in place before you make that purchase. 

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