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Electric Vehicle Tires: All You Need to Know!

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Electric vehicle tires are much heavier than regular gasoline tires. Therefore, gasoline tires are not recommended as a replacement because you can sacrifice the different systems and impact your safety.

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Electric cars are a great innovation added to the nation's roads. It protects the environment, saves a ton on nonrenewable energies like gasoline, and provides cleaner alternatives with an incredible rise experience to all customers.

The best thing about electric vehicles is that you won't need to maintain much. You don't have to change the oil, inspect the different internal components, and others. In short, owning an electric vehicle is typically cheaper than owning a gasoline car.

However, it's known that the biggest challenge and costliest repair many customers suffer from when driving electric vehicles is tire replacement. Interestingly, you will expect to replace tires more frequently in electric cars than in gasoline vehicles.

Therefore, it is essential for you as a driver looking to drive an electric vehicle or who is currently driving an electric vehicle to understand all you have to understand about the electric vehicle's tires.

This article serves as electric vehicles 101 course. We will highlight everything you need to understand: how to pick the tires, what's special about them, and how to maintain them.

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What's so special about the electric vehicle's tires?

When we look at electric vehicles, we might think that they all look the same and they're not too different than gasoline cars when it comes to tires. Unfortunately, however, that's not the case.

There are more specific characteristics you will see in electric vehicles than in gasoline cars, and understanding the main characteristics is very helpful. In addition, it will save you a lot of time dealing with complications in your electric vehicle tires.

Let's take a closer look at some of the main characteristics of these electric vehicle's tires:

1.    Weight

Electric vehicle tires are much heavier than their gasoline counterparts. There are some extreme examples of tires that are significantly heavier than gasoline ones when looking at the GMC Hummer EV pickup vehicle.

With that in mind, one might wonder why manufacturers would use heavier tires that might add more stress to the car or consume more energy. The short answer is that the challenge in electric vehicles is the powertrain.

Typically, the powertrain is much heavier than the gasoline powertrain. For example, the Nissan leaf electric vehicle is about 1000 pounds heavier than the counterpart Nissan vehicle that has the same size but uses gasoline.

The other thing to keep in mind is that although the relative vehicles do not need a super heavy engine, they are still adding up, and if you think about the whole vehicle, you'll see that it is overall heavy and not as light as you would expect.

1.    Durability

Durability is not an option when it comes to electric vehicle tires. However, these tires must be durable because they are extremely heavy and will need to serve the car if possible.

2.    Road noise

Another incredible feature of electric vehicles is the capability to reduce road noise. Although typically, with you are driving a gasoline car, you will notice the road noise and the engine is running, this noise might get louder and louder, which might be comfortable for many people.

Automotive experts and electric vehicle manufacturers worked hard to produce tires that eliminate and reduce Rd noise as much as possible.

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How do electric vehicle tires impact the range?

Electric vehicles require heavier tires; So what? One might wonder why does it matter if the vehicle has heavy tires? The range is the biggest challenge for electric vehicles when dealing with heavy tires.

The electric tire range refers to the distance you can drive your electric car without needing to charge it again. When the tires are extremely heavy, they can add more stress to the car, and that's why if the vehicle can provide you with a very long range, the tires can't play a significant role in how long this range will be.

More specifically, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency did some studies investigating how tire weight impacts electric vehicle range. They found that examples like the Model S played that has 19 inches tires provide you with a range up to 396 miles. However, if you go with 21-inch tires, the range might drop and reach about 348 miles.

When the tires are smaller, the vehicle doesn't have to interact with the road much, so the range will be preserved to serve you and provide you with a long distance without needing to charge the car again.

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Can I use regular tires in an electric vehicle?

The short answer is yes, you can, but what will be the consequences? In theory, experts showed that you can still use a regular tire on your electric vehicle. Still, the tire replacement will not be as good and suitable for this car because it's designed to expect specific features from those electric vehicles' special tires.

For example, if you go with their normal tire, you'll notice that the vehicle will not provide you with the best handling and will wear out much faster than before. Also, some studies show that if you go with gasoline tires on your electric vehicle, you might impact your safety and the way you stop your vehicle when driving on city roads are in the highways.

Is it worth investing in electric vehicle tires versus regular tires?

Regular gasoline would be much cheaper than electric vehicle tires, and some might think it makes the most sense to use cheaper tires if we're planning to replace them frequently. However, that's not what automotive experts recommend.

Experts mentioned that if you think about the negative consequences that could happen to your car long term, you'll think twice before using regular gasoline tires on the electric vehicle tires pier the vehicle will get damaged prematurely. As a result, you will reduce the lifespan of your car significantly.

Therefore, no matter how much it will cost to invest in special electric vehicle tires, you should move forward with the right tires and protect the remaining components and systems around your electric vehicle.

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Where should I buy electric tires from?

You can buy tires from any location that sells regular gasoline tires. Electric vehicles are no longer new; they have become part of our regular. Any small shop that sells tires should have options for electric vehicle tires.

You can also find some tires online, but you got to be careful about the location where you purchase the tires from.

Like purchasing and shopping for gasoline tires, you want to ensure that you're buying the right size and that low-quality tires do not scam you.

Therefore, most automotive experts recommend never shopping for electric vehicle tires online because of all you can run through.

However, if you're interested in purchasing a used electric vehicle tire, you can find other options. As you are shopping for used tires, you have to be careful and ensure that the tire has good quality and enough life to provide you with what you're looking for so you don't put your money on the wrong component.

Things to consider when shopping for an electric vehicle tire

As we mentioned earlier, electric vehicles might be more expensive and require frequent replacement. Therefore, you want to ensure that you are buying the right tire and avoiding any potential mistakes that could cost you a lot of money.

Let's look at what automotive experts recommend when it comes to things to consider when shopping for an electric vehicle tire:

1.    Compatibility

The first and most important thing to remember when shopping for an electric vehicle tire is compatibility. Every vehicle is designed differently and is not as simple and easy as gasoline cars. Therefore, we can pick and choose from different brands.

The good thing is that electric vehicle manufacturers are very clear and have detailed information. In other words, you can type your vehicle name and brand to get detailed information about the tires required and what you must include when purchasing this tire.

Things get a bit more challenging if you're planning to buy a used tire because sometimes it can be a mess, and the locations that post these used tires might not be as organized as buying a brand new one from a legitimate known company.

2.    Seasons

Like gasoline cars, tires and electric cars also have different examples that fit each season. So, for example, if you're driving in an area with a lot of snow and you're worried about your electric car, you can choose a specific tire designed for winter.

Similarly, if you drive continuously in extremely hot areas and would like to maintain your tire for a long time, you can choose the tires designed specifically for this season.

If you don't think your seasons are changing significantly, you might want to go with the all-season sires designed to withstand any conditions your vehicle will face.

3.    Rolling resistance

An important feature of the electric vehicle's tires is the rolling resistance. This feature is extremely important because it tells you about how much durability this tire has and whether it's going to serve you for the desired amount of time or not.

4.    Tire noise

Finally, specific tires are made from specific materials and in a particular design. Therefore, you might want to consider this feature when shopping for new tires and if you feel that you're impacted significantly by the road tire noise.

For example, some a bit more expensive tires might have better ways of handling the road noise, so you don't feel anything or hear anything as you're driving your car. However, you got to factor in the cost of these tires and decided based on your own goals and budget before making a final purchase decision.

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How long do electric vehicle tires last?

As we discussed earlier, the electric car will have heavier loads and require much heavier and more durable tires. However, you'll need to change them more frequently than gasoline cars, and based on automotive experts' statistics, your electric vehicle tire might last somewhere between 30,000 miles and 40,000 miles.

Remember that many factors determine how long the electric tire will last. If you purchase the wrong tire or decide to save on tire costs by sacrificing some features, this tire might not provide you with a desired and expected lifespan.

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Final thoughts

Over the coming years, we will see more and more people driving electric vehicles. Therefore, starting to understand all you can understand about these vehicles is very important to save you on maintenance and prevent negative consequences.

This article serves as an electric vehicle tires 101 course. It highlighted all you need to understand about these vehicles' tires and whether you can replace them with regular gasoline tires or not.

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