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Do Oil Catch Cans Do Anything? All You Need to Know!

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Do oil catch cans do anything? Oil catch cans are great ideas to prevent contaminants and debris from building up inside your engine. However, they might not be recommended in most newer vehicles manufactured after 2018.

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Your vehicle contains hundreds of interacting components that work together to serve you and move you from one point to another. Some drivers prefer to install additional devices to further improve performance and prevent major complications.

One very common added component to many vehicles is the oil catch can. It has lots of benefits, and it improves the engine's performance and prevents tons of expected complications related to oil or contaminant buildup inside the engine.

This article will give you all you need to know about the oil catch cans. Also, it will help you answer the question, do oil catch cans do anything? This way, you can make an informed decision about whether you should install one in your vehicle or not.

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What is an oil catch can?

The oil catch can, referred to as the oil catch tank, is a very small device that you can place between your engine, the crankcase, and the PCV valve. This device serves as a second filter to prevent contaminants or debris from getting inside the engine and causing complications that require very high repair costs.

The device is very simple to install and will provide you with tons of benefits, including:

1.    Reduce carbon buildups

Carbon buildup is a very common engine problem that requires high repair costs. The engine is designed so that when the combustion process happens, it might cause carbon to keep building up through the different internal components.

Carbon buildup is a very common problem, mostly in direct injection systems where the buildup happens inside the smaller components within the engine. So one of the great benefits you can achieve from any oil catch can is to reduce and eliminate carbon buildup, which can be a very frustrating problem to many people.

2.    Improve the quality of air getting inside the engine

When you install an oil catch can, most of the air inside the engine will be clear of contaminants and will be as clean as possible.

3.    Enhance your vehicle's performance

Suppose your engine receives a clean air without any contaminants or debris. In that case, you achieve a better engine performance, and you will not run out of power or deal with complications related to injectors clogging which are very common in many engines.

4.    Extend the lifetime of your engine

Some automotive experts claim that installing an oil catch can improve and extend the lifetime of your engine. Think about it this way; if your engine continuously receives very clean air and there is very limited carbon building up inside the engine, you're most likely not dealing with major complications prematurely.

However, you got to keep in mind that some other things might impact the lifespan of your engine, which you get to be careful about caring for example, if you don't change the oil on time, it doesn't guarantee that you're going to have a longer-lasting engine because you have and oil catch can be installed.

5.    Perfect for race applications

Installing an oil catch can is a great idea, especially if you are involved and would like to participate in any car racing exercise. Then, you always have the best engine power, and you won't deal with any sudden drop in your engine power that could impact your performance in this race.

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Cylinder Misfire Causes

How much can an oil catch cost?

It all depends on the manufacturer and the can quality. Typically, the cheapest oil catch can cost you around $25. However, if you decide to go with a more complicated and sophisticated one, you can easily approach the $100, if not more.

What are the best oil catch cans in the market?

There are tons of examples of oil catch cans in the market. Although this is great, many inexperienced drivers might find it challenging to decide on the best one. Therefore, we would like to provide you with the recommended 10 best oil catch cans in the market as of 2022:

  • Ruien 0046 Universal Aluminum Oil Catch Can
  • Ruien Universal 350ml Oil Catch Can with Baffled Reservoir
  • Ruien Universal 350ml Oil Catch Can Tank
  • EVIL ENERGY Polish Baffled Universal Oil Catch Can
  • Mishimoto MMOCC-RB Oil Catch Can
  • Mishimoto Compact Baffled Oil Catch Can, 2-Port
  • Top10 Racing Oil Catch Can Air Breather Tank
  • ESPEEDER Universal Aluminum Engine Oil Catch Can
  • Universal Aluminum Dual Chamber Oil Catch Tank
  • Dewhel Universal 750ml Aluminum Engine Oil Catch Can


We highly encourage you to go through each one of their main pros and cons before making a final purchase decision because what works for you might not be the best thing for somebody else. Thus, consider everything, including the price, quality, vehicle type, etc., before moving forward with the purchase.

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Things to keep in mind before purchasing your next oil catch can

Although the mentioned list provides you with the ten best oil catch cans, you got to consider a couple of factors before making a purchase decision because not every camel work for you:

1.    Design material

The first and most important thing to remember is the material used to design and create this oil catch can. According to automotive experts, the best catch cans are the ones made of lightweight aluminum or any high-quality material that does not add additional stress to the engine.

You want to make sure that you select the account that does not add more weight or doesn't look super odd in your engine compartment. There are many complicated and bulky-looking cans that you should have avoided.

2.    Fit

Not every oil catch can work for your engine, so it's extremely important to understand whether this catch will fit your engine. However, tons of oil catch cans are designed universally, making them suitable for any vehicle.

Therefore, if you have a card with a specific design, you get to compare the characteristics of your vehicle to the oil catch can before you buy something that's not going to fit your vehicle.

3.    Can size

Even if the can is designed universally to make it suitable for your car, you must also look at its size and characteristics. They can come in various sizes, and you must select the one that depends on your need.

Automotive experts typically recommend larger oil cans because they will hold more oil and provide you with more capacity. However, they might be a bit more challenging to install, so you have to be comfortable installing them yourself or might want to invest in having a professional insight for you.

4.    Installation

Since you're going to install a component close to the engine compartment, installing it can be difficult,

Therefore, one of the things to keep in mind when purchasing the catch can be to understand how complicated it is to install because you want to add the labor cost that will involve installing it in cases of hard installation processes.

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Can oil catch cans cause problems?

Although we've heard a lot about the great benefits of the oil catch cans, there are a couple of things to keep in mind regarding the main drawbacks. For example, some customers mentioned that there are some instances where you might deal with pressure problems that could cause the oil catch can blow up and impact the seals around the engine.

As a result, the engine might experience a complete failure, so you have turned out the issue and probably replaced the engine in some instances.

Therefore, we highly encourage you to consult your mechanic and ask about the main pros and cons you can achieve from installing the oil can for your specific vehicle. If you find that the expected risk is very high, you'd better stay away from solving these components, and you should leave the vehicle as is rather than sacrificing a sensitive component like the engine.

Is an oil catch can a waste of money?

It can. If you decide to go with a very cheap and ineffective catch can, you can simply be wasting your money because it's not going to do anything for you and will not improve your engine performance.

Therefore, you need to evaluate your situation and understand whether you should go with this investment or not. For example, if you can't afford to purchase a higher quality can, you'll most likely be wasting your money. That's why you should not invest in such one unless you are ready to buy a higher quality one that will improve your engine for us.

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What does Ford say about catch cans?

According to a recent article, it seems like Ford is not recommending against all catch cans in any vehicle designed and created after 2018. This is because most of these vehicles are designed in a way that allows them for self-cleaning, which means whatever benefit you're going to get from the oil catch can is not needed as the engine is going to do it on its own.

This could be the same case for any other brand, and that's why before you want to invest in such components, you must confirm with your manufacturer that it is worth it in the first place. To pick off if you're buying a modern car, you should have great consultation with your dealership, and they should understand whether it's needed in your car or not.

Thus, have a conversation with your dealership and let them know that you're interested in installing an oil catch can see what they recommend.

Why don't car manufacturers install oil catch cans?

There could be many reasons. For example, as you might notice, Ford is not recommending these catch cans because the vehicles are designed in a way that cleans themselves.

However, for other vehicles, there is no clear evidence of why the manufacturers are not interested in installing such components. Therefore, communicating with your manufacturer and checking with them could be a great idea.

Final thoughts

Many people are still not convinced about installing an oil catch can and there is still a common debate about whether oil catch cans are good for all vehicles or not. This article provided you with all you need to know to help you understand and answer the question, do oil catch cans do anything?

As we mentioned in the article, by installing an oil catch can, you enjoy the benefits of extending the lifetime of your engine by continuously providing the engine with clean air and enhancing its performance while preventing carbon buildups. However, some modern vehicles might not need this component because they have a self-cleaning capability.

If you realize that your vehicle has major complications, it might not be worth investing and installing an oil catch can because the engine performance will depend on all factors you must fix first.

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