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Junk Car Leads: Pay Per Call & Expand Your Junk Car Business

Junk Car Leads

Junk Car Leads provide you with CASH CALLS to help you expand your junk car business in no time!

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Building a junk car business is an incredible idea; however, finding the potential buyer can be challenging, especially if you are starting. Did you know there are ways to get customers immediately after getting started?!

At our company, we provide you with phone calls from real customers who are looking to sell their junk vehicles around your area. All you'll be charged for is just for the costumer’s phone call, so if your platform didn't perform, you're not paying anything! What's better than that?!

The cool thing about our company is that we only work with one Junk car buyer in your geographic area, which means there's no competition, and we can send your way any potential junk car leads immediately! Can you handle more cash calls?!

Let's read on through this article to get more details!

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Junk car leads per call: how does it work?

If you're interested in getting more customers and would like to grow your junk car business, you should go ahead and get started with The Junk Car Leads Per Call Program.

To make things even easier on you, we created a very simple process you can go through in no time. Here's how junk car leads per call works:

1.    Join the program

The first step to getting started is to join our program. This could happen either through a phone call with our team or by filling one of our request forms online.

2.    Allow us to research your area

Once we get your information and once we understand where is your geographic location, we do our research to understand the most reasonable cost-per-call around your region.

Then, we communicate this cost-per-call with you and allow you to spend as much time as you want to review the cost and move to the next step to get started.

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3.    Create a junk car marketing campaign

If you decided to move forward and work with us, we create what's known as a “junk car marketing campaign.” This campaign includes details information about your service. For example, it will have information regarding your customized website, landing page, local listings, ad campaigns like those in Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc.

Our team spends the most time during this step to ensure that we provide you with all the necessary services and get you completely ready to receive the forwarded phone calls.

Typically, the step takes about a couple of days to get started. However, in some instances, we might need more time, especially if you decided to have us set up a more sophisticated website or if you need help with other stuff that you don't have already set up.

4.    Access your dashboard

After finalizing the setup, you should receive a link to your dashboard, where you can monitor the upcoming traffic and see all your activities through the program. One of the coolest features of this dashboard is that you can even access and review any call recordings you decide to have.

Our team listens to every call and mark it accordingly, so we only charge you for any calls that lead to a ring out. In other words, we do not charge you for any competitor calls, wrong numbers, or probably sales calls, which means you receive what you're looking for and are getting charged fairly.

5.    Get your phone ringing!

That's it! At this point, you should be ready to receive our phone calls! Are you ready to handle the cash calls?!

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How much do junk car leads cost?

It all depends on your area. As we mentioned, once you start with our team, we do thorough research for your geographical area to understand who your competitors are, the number of people expected to reach out for a junk car service, etc.

At the beginning of our process, we communicate with you clearly how much to expect for the junk car leads costs. At that point, you can decide to either proceed with the process and continue with our team or not.

The one thing to remember is that our team purely charges you for the phone calls. There are no hidden fees, and there's nothing you have to pay for besides the agreed pay-per-call cost for the Junk car leads.

We guarantee that we provide you with the best prices that are as reasonable as possible and will provide you with the best traffic you're looking for to grow your business and help you achieve your goals!

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How much time does it take to get started?

It's super fast! Our process is very convenient, and most of our time is spent just getting things set up for more end to get your dashboard ready.

Typically, our team should be able to set up your campaign and get you the green light within one or two days! This is considered one of the fastest ways to start things and receive calls for your business.

We could even make things faster than this. However, our team prefers to spend enough time to set you up properly and have you the best marketing campaign that will bring you the most customers and will not cause you to pay for things that will not convert or lead to real customers who will sell their vehicles to you.

The only thing to keep in mind is that if you would like our team to set up other stuff for you, like a website or a more sophisticated landing page, this could take some time, and that's why we always recommend you find the balance between how much our setup you need to have versus how fast you want to get started.

No matter how much time our team spends to get you the most volume of junk car leads around your area, you are only getting charged on a per-call basis! So, you don't have to be too worried!

If you feel ready to start with our team, this sounds like a great idea for you, you can always get started by calling our team at 866-924-4608! You'll be impressed by our experienced  teams and how patient they are to get you started and get you up to speed with everything needed to start and grow your business today!

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How many calls can I expect?

When you get started with our team to receive junk car leads per call, the number of calls you receive depends heavily on several factors, and there is no specific answer to this question.

Let's take a closer look at what factors could play a role and your total number of received calls:

1.    Your targeted area

Depending on where your business is set up, you might receive more calls than in other areas. For example, if you're living in an urban area with a great number of populations expected to sell their junk vehicles, you most likely receive a higher number of calls than someone else living in an area with less population.

2.    Your competition

The other thing to remember is that the competition is an important factor that will determine how many calls you receive for your junk car business. For example, if there are lots of junk car buyers around your area who also have a setup and spend a lot of time and effort getting themselves visible online and offline, this will be a challenge and might impact the total number of phone calls that you receive in a daily basis.

However, this doesn't mean that you're not going to make a decent amount of money because, as we mentioned earlier, we only work with one junk car buyer in every geographic area. Therefore, all our effort is targeted to support you and provide you with the maximum number of phone calls possible.

3.    Your hours of operation

The number of hours your business is operating is another factor that could impact the total number of calls you will receive. For example, if you only work during weekdays, you might miss the expected volume of phone calls during the weekends.

Since we understand the junk car business and within this business for decades now cannot sometimes, we notice that people are willing to spend time looking for somebody to live their junk car during the weekend more than during the weekdays.

However, this doesn't mean that after-hours during weekdays, you won't find any potential buyers, but this is a way to say that your working hours can impact the daily number of calls you receive.

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Is it a good idea to start a junk car business?

Of course! Working in the junk car business is an incredible idea, especially with the increased car prices. There are many ways you can make money out of the junk cars, including:

1.    Selling these cars

Although some people might think that their vehicles are completely drunk, some cars are in a decent shape where you can take advantage of them and sell them as is. You don't have to worry about partying them out or doing anything to them, and you can make a decent amount of money from them.

2.    Sell these cars as parts

The second thing you can try is to part out these cars and sell them for parts to replacements. You can post these parts on classified websites like Craigslist or eBay motors, and you'll be surprised by the number of people interested in purchasing these parks.

With the increased car prices nowadays, you'll see that people are more willing to keep their vehicles longer than before. As a result, deal most likely be looking for parts of placement whenever they do with an internal problem. That's why if selling parts wasn't going to make you money a couple of years ago, it is a whole different story nowadays.

Keep in mind that parting out the vehicles takes time and requires a specific number of skills. Also, it needs a designated place, and you have to understand how to dispose of any toxic fluids from the vehicle, which is a huge responsibility.

Therefore, if you decide to go this route, you might want to incorporate some other people who have the skills already, and you might need to familiarize yourself with the different regulations around your area to make sure that you don't get into any complications dealing with toxic fluids and disposing of them improperly.

3.    Sell these cars to junk yards

If you didn't find anything worth posting on these classified websites, you could then collaborate with A junkyard, where they guarantee to buy your vehicle no matter what.

Once you have a good relationship with a specific young junkyard, you'll have a sense of how much to pay for any John vehicle based on its condition.

You can also try it and work with multiple junk yards until you find the best one that provides you the maximum profit you're looking for. But, you need to consider the time, the efforts, labor costs, etc.

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Final thoughts

The world of an automobile has lots of ways to make money, and one of the very simple ways that you can get started is by creating a junk car business. However, the biggest challenge of this business is receiving the leads and finding customers.

In this article, we provided you with step-by-step guidance on why you should get started with junk car leads where you only pay per call. The process is very simple, and it doesn't take more than a couple of days to get started!

If you would like to get more information, you can always get us a call at 866-924-4608! Our highly experienced team is happy to provide you with additional information to help you get started with your junk business and help you cheat your goals by expanding this business the way you want!


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