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Do Cars with Black Interior Get Hotter? Is Black Leather Interior Hotter?

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If you’re wondering, “do cars with black interiors get hotter?” The short answer is yes, vehicles with black interiors get hotter because they absorb light and energy. Keep in mind that the relationship between interior color and temperature is only important if you live in areas with extremely high temperatures. Otherwise, it should not be a big deal.

Color is one of the most important elements of every vehicle. Drivers and vehicle owners reflect their tastes by selecting the best color that they like. However, color also plays an important role in other aspects.

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For instance, many researchers focused on studying the impact of color on the number of times certain vehicles were stolen. Others were more interested in the vehicle’s color impact on the total number of annual sales.

Interestingly, other researchers have a huge interest in studying the impact of color on the vehicles’ temperature. Still, many owners wonder, “do cars with black interiors get hotter?” This article walks you through the science behind vehicles’ dark interior and their temperature.

Is there a relationship between heat and color?

Understanding the relationship between heat and color when answering, “do cars with black interiors get hotter?” But, again, it all goes back to the science and the principles of thermodynamics.

You don't necessarily have to be a researcher or dive deeper into the field of thermodynamics, but it's good to understand the basics behind the relationship from a higher level. In general, scientists proved that lighter colors usually reflect light, which means they don't get hotter. But, on the other hand, darker colors are more light absorbance, which means that they collect a lot of energy and turn it into heat.

The more energy the color absorbs, the higher its temperature, and that's why many people prefer to wear light colors on the beach or in areas like deserts. Also, that's why many people who live in the North Pole we are darker black jackets.

Do cars with black interiors get hotter?

Most of us think about the vehicle’s car from the exterior. That's why for example, when you look at the black SUV, you feel hotter than another white Audi vehicle simply because the black SUV absorbs more heat while the white outer vehicle reflects the heat and feels colder.

The same principle also applies to the vehicle's interior. That's why vehicles with darker interiors feel much hotter than vehicles with lighter interiors. Keep in mind that other factors play a role in determining the overall temperature of your vehicle's interior. For example, if you decided to go with a vehicle with leather upholstery, you'll feel it's much hotter than another vehicle with cloth upholstery.

Even though leather interior causes the vehicle to absorb more energy, people still selected over cloth interior. This is because it reflects a more luxurious environment and provides sturdy, durable surfaces that can withstand any stains and be cleaned easily compared to cloth interiors.

Keep in mind that not all other interiors are the same because some interiors are made of natural leather, which means they last longer, and they don't wear out as fast as other types of cheaper upholstery.

Finally, some people might feel worried about the plastic portions of the interior, thinking that they absorb more heat. The good news is that any plastic or wood component in the vehicle does not have as much conductance as leather or other material. Thus, even if these materials are black, they won't cause a significant increase in the temperature as much as the other components of the vehicle, including the seats.

Why does it matter if the black interior gets hotter?

That is a great question! Understanding how your vehicle behaves in terms of temperature is crucial, especially if you're driving in environments with extreme temperatures like deserts.

The vehicle's temperature is vital if you're driving in these environments; otherwise, it should not be a big problem. Imagine sitting in your vehicle and trying to turn on the AC in a location like Arizona, where the temperature is extremely hot. Things get very frustrating, and many owners feel it's uncomfortable to keep sitting in the vehicle.

Also, many other components in your vehicle, like the AC system, might get challenged to produce continuous cooling to drop the temperatures down. At the same time, the interior absorbs heat and does the office job.

It is important to understand the impact of color on temperature only if the temperature is a big deal in your area. However, if it's not, you shouldn't be too worried about choosing between black, white, red, or any other type of interior. This is because the color becomes a factor in determining other important aspects of your vehicle, like the value.

For example, you'll find many people interested in buying a vehicle with a black interior. Still, you won't find as many people interested in buying a vehicle with a yellow interior. Thus, if the temperature is not a big deal for you, focus on other elements and see the car's future value. Of course, black typically reflects the luxurious impact of most vehicles even though it might cause some temperature increase.

What about other Vehicle interior colors?

When it comes to an understanding, “do cars with black interiors get hotter?” The principal and the comparison were focused on black and white interiors. However, it is important to note that there are other interior colors, including the very common yellow, red, orange, etc.

Therefore, if you're trying to choose between vehicles that are not black or white, the choice can be extremely challenging when it comes to heat absorbent spirit; for example, there is no big difference between yellow or red vehicle interiors in terms of temperature. So unless you are 100% diving into the details about the absorbance of each material, you won't know, and you won't notice a huge difference.

Therefore, if your choice is outside the black and white, the temperature shouldn't be a big deal for you, and you shouldn't be very worried in terms of driving your vehicle in hotter environments.

What if I want to go with a black interior?

If you are still interested in purchasing a vehicle with a black interior for any other reason, you can still do so. Many researchers suggested using some features to bring the interior temperature down to help the AC system and prevent challenging your vehicle's engine.

For example, here is the 2021 topic of the best car ventilators that you can choose. Interestingly, some of these ventilators are solar-powered, which means that you don't have to worry about charging them or consuming so much energy.

1-    TN Tonny Dual Head Clip Electric Fan

2-    Amacool Battery Operated Fan

3-    Hueliv Electric Car Cooling Fan

4-    Xool Electric Car Fan For Rear Seat

5-    Roadpro RP-1179 Car Fan

6-    Comlife Car Air Vent Clip Fan

7-    Eluto Dual Head Electric Car Fans

8-    Kmmotors Kooling Car Fan

9-    Forty4 USB Car Fan with Clips

10- Taotuo 12V Electric Car Fan

Should I buy a car with a black interior?

Choosing a black interior among any other colors has its pros and cons. Let's take a closer look below:

1-    Pros of purchasing a vehicle with a black interior

If you decided to go with a vehicle with a black interior, the first aspect is this leaky look. Usually, the black color provides more clearance to their vehicle’s curves and lines, making the car look more attractive and more luxurious.

According to experts, choosing a black interior in any vehicle gives it another layer of expensive look than it is. For instance, if your vehicle is a very small and simple boxy car, adding the black interior makes it look pricey and increases its resale value.

According to experts at phikoste.com, most vehicles sold on their website are from the black color, and these cars have a much higher premium than any other vehicle with a different color.

2-    Cons of purchasing a vehicle with a black interior

Despite the amazing aspects of purchasing a vehicle with a black interior, it still has drawbacks. As indicated in this article, the black interior increases the amount of absorbed energy, raising the interior temperature. This can be a huge challenge if you live in areas with extreme temperatures.

Furthermore, black interiors make cleaning a little more challenging. According to many customer feedbacks, it takes more time to clean the vehicle's interior when it's black because dirt and dust accumulates faster and it's obvious compared to another vehicle with white or lighter interior color.

Maintenance is another big challenge when it comes to dealing with a vehicle with a dark interior. Also, most vehicles with black interiors require a certain type of material to be cleaned up with. For example, vehicles with black leather material required specific types of chemicals, and if it's not selected correctly, you can deal with significant damages to the weather. So thoughts, cleaning up these cars require a second level of challenge.

Finally, even if you got the right material to clean the vehicle with a black interior, you still need to use the right type of cloth to wipe it off with them. This is because some offensive material might leave swirl marks or probably hairline scratches if not used properly.

Which cars have the most luxurious interior?

As we indicated earlier, the color black adds another layer of luxury to your vehicle, and it's interesting to learn about some of the most luxurious vehicles in the market and figure out that they have black interiors.

Here are examples of luxurious vehicles that might have options of black interiors:

  • Maserati Quattroporte
  • Lexus LS
  • Volvo S90
  • BMW 7-Series
  • Audi S8
  • Genesis G90
  • Audi A8
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Keep in mind that the same vehicles also come in other colors, and you'll notice that additional colors are introduced over the years aside from the black color.


Your vehicle's interior color is one of the most important features that reflect your taste. However, it also can impact other aspects of the car, like its temperature. There are plenty of car owners who are wondering, “do cars with black interiors get hotter?”

Based on the principle of thermodynamics, obviously, black interiors get hotter because of absorbing light and energy, which can be released in the form of temperature. Thus, choosing between white and black interiors determines how hot your vehicle is, which can be an important aspect if you live in areas with extreme temperatures. However, if the temperature is not a big deal outside, choosing the interior color that you like is more important than the amount of temperature it releases.

As we indicated earlier, if you are still interested in a vehicle with a black interior while worried about temperature, you can use one of the common car ventilators that can chill out to the interior and a healthy AC system to prevent over challenging it.

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