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Are Car Wash Extras Worth It? All You Need to Know

Are Car Wash Extras Worth It? All You Need to Know

If you're wondering, “are car wash extras worth it?” The short answer is it depends. If your vehicle has a lot of dirt underneath some components and you cannot go away with a simple car wash, you're recommended to go for a carwash extra. However, if you're going for a simple regular cleanup, you can go with the basic car wash.


Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

You can either rely on an automatic a manual car wash to clean up your vehicle. In general, an automatic car wash is the way to go option for many vehicle owners across the nation. According to experts, about 75% of vehicle owners take their vehicles for a car wash every year. So, with that, almost 2 billion cars walk into automatic car wash every year in the North America.

When going for an automatic car wash, you receive many advantages like the fast experience, water preservation, money savings, and others. However, when you walk to the car wash, you'll notice that there are several options to select from, and the question always remains, “are car wash extras worth it?” In other words, should you select the basic car wash or go for the advanced car wash?

This article helps you understand whether it's worth investing in an extra car wash or rely on the basic one; in addition, it highlights some other information you need to know about the idea of vehicle car wash and the frequency that you should follow so you don't waste money.

What are car wash extras?

Before we dive into the details about “are car wash extras worth it?” Let's step back and make sure that we are on the same page regarding the definition of carwash extras. As we indicated earlier, not every car washes the same, and when you walk into the car wash location, you'll have several options to choose from.

Obviously, these options will come with different prices, and each option has its cleanup capabilities. For example, some cleanups might spray the vehicle quickly and perform a rough scrubbing. In contrast, others go deeply into the wheels and add several layers of soap to ensure that the vehicle is cleaned properly.

Are car wash extras worth it?

When you walk into the car wash, you might feel OK with going with a basic only, but you probably had a question come to your mind about “are car wash extras worth it?”

The short answer is it depends. Since the extra car wash goes into the details and provides additional cleanup to the wheels and probably some of the hidden internal components, you might need it at some point in time.

For example, if your vehicle has a lot of dust on the brakes or probably around the suspension system, it might be worth it because you'll need a stronger type of soap and different compositions of chemicals to get rid of the dirt. But, on the other hand, if you're walking through the car wash for regular cleanup, it is not worth the investment.

When going for an extra car wash, certain car wash locations might provide a different type of soap that targets the wheels. This soap is not like the regular because it works more effectively on the wheels than the regular soap you'll use for the paint or the glass.

Is washing your car a waste of money?

There is a very common debate between several groups about whether our car wash is worth it. Some people think that car wash is just a waste of money, while others prefer to wash their vehicles in automatic locations and detailed handwashing stations.

Experts suggest you don't necessarily need to go to a thorough car wash or the type of car wash where actual humans go and clean up your vehicle because it can be extremely expensive. But, obviously, if your vehicle is luxurious and there is a chance that it might get scratched from the automatic car wash, it might be worth investing in a manual car wash.

However, washing your vehicle is getting more convenient nowadays, and this does not mean that you must wash the car every day unless you work in a commercial vehicle or in a certain area that requires you to do so. Thus, experts think that car wash is never wasted money if you do it properly with the right frequency.

Should you get the most expensive car wash?

Not necessarily. As we indicated before, some car wash experts are more expensive than the basic ones, and you're not recommended to go for these unless your vehicle needs them.

Keep in mind that some car wash locations provide you with even wax spray, and these are much more expensive than what you're imagining. Therefore, while the spray wax is much faster and probably cheaper than the manual wax, it will not add extra protection and is considered another layer of cosmetics.

Therefore, unless your vehicle needs all these extra options, you don't necessarily have to do it.

Do car washes damage your car?

Car washes provide many benefits to clean up your vehicle fast without wasting a lot of material. However, it's not rare to deal with minor issues impacting the suspension system or the vehicle's exterior when walking through a car wash.


Therefore, you must make your decision based on your vehicle's value and the car wash location. In other words, if you know that your vehicle is luxurious and any scratches can impact the vehicle's price significantly, you are recommended to have a manual car wash.

Also, certain car wash locations are known for their reputation, and probably it might be worth investing some time and effort researching what customers think about these stations before getting your vehicle washed there.

How often should cars be washed?

According to experts, you shouldn't wash your vehicle every day because the recommendation is to have the car wash done once every three weeks. Obviously, if you live in an area where many dust vent potential elements could impact your vehicle's appearance, you might need to go for two weeks between the car wash frequencies.

Deciding whether you want to go with a manual versus an automatic car wash is all your decision because it doesn't matter what type of car wash you're going to go for as long as your vehicle is washed once every three weeks.

Is it worth hand washing my car?

Many customers reach out to us wondering whether it's worth the hand washing and the thorough car wash or not. The short answer is that it all depends because experts think that it might not be worth the detailed hand washing for any inexpensive vehicle. After all, the basic automatic options are good enough.

Car washes are meant to maintain a clean car,” says Budhai. “It’s kind of unrealistic to expect that it’s going to scrub it all off and make it perfect.”

Detailed car washing might be necessary on certain occasions. For example, if your car has certain messages that cannot be cleaned up using the automatic car wash, you want to invest in a thorough car wash to get it out.

Regarding hand car wash, this is the process that must be done with a lot of caution. This is because many drivers think that it is much safer if they cleaned up their vehicles at home for the car. However, that's not always the case. If you decided to go with the wrong material, you could cause significant damage to the vehicle that can be beyond repair.

In other words, you don't want to rely on what you see on the Internet unless the source is trusted. Using certain materials might peel the paint and caused some damages to the rubber components that might impact the way your door closed and caused some leaks inside the car. Things get more complicated if you're trying products on expensive upholstery inside the vehicle.

However, this doesn't mean that you can still try to clean up your car at home. It was also recommended that you test the material before and rely on trusted sources before starting the cleanup. Then, you can start on a small portion of your vehicle's upholstery and see if you see any negative impacts. If you notice any change in color or any other undesirable outcome, you should immediately stop the cleanup process and consult a mechanic to see whether you can save the component or not.

How to select the right car wash location?

As we indicated earlier, researching a good car wash helps you save a lot of money and headaches. Therefore, if you move to a new area, you must walk inside the car wash and look at the exterior. Most likely, good car washes will have maintained locations and cleaned equipment, indicating a very good facility.

With the evolution of the online market nowadays, you can also look at customer's feedback on the Internet. For example, the car wash will typically have some social media accounts or probably a website. Take a look and see if there are sections for customer feedback. You'll get a lot of good information from what people experienced.

Finally, you might even post some questions on websites like Quora. You'll be surprised by how helpful people are, and you can even specify your vehicle's type and brand to get an idea about whether you should go for a certain car wash or select a manual car wash instead.

Do I need an undercarriage wash?

If you're not already familiar with the undercarriage car wash, it is the type of car wash here a mechanical the tool gets beneath the vehicle and cleans portions that you don't reach with the normal mechanical car wash.

Obviously, you don't necessarily need these types of car washes unless your vehicle needs them. In other words, if the bottom of the vehicle experienced some tough dirt and other foreign contaminant buildups, you might need it. However, that should not be the case all the time.

The undercarriage car wash uses very strong high-pressure wash options, which means that you can get rid of any severe corrosion or grime beneath the vehicle that could impact the other components if it grew.


Washing your vehicle is one of the critical practices that could impact its aesthetic and my get to point where it impacts the vehicle's performance. If you want to wash your car, you can go with a manual or an automatic option.

Within the automatic car wash, you can select car wash extra, which means you pay extra money to get additional cleanup targeting components like the wheels. The question always remains, “are car wash extras worth it?”

By reading through this article, you will immediately notice that car wash extra is beneficial if your vehicle needs it. Otherwise, you should be good to go with the basic car wash once every three weeks.

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