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The Most Common Collision Repair Cost Examples

Collision Repair Cost

Sometimes, a car accident is inevitable no matter how carefully you drive or be aware of your surroundings. But what are some common auto body accidents and how much can you expect to pay for them? Here’s a list of the most common collision repair cost examples.

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Dented Bumper


The cost for a dented bumper can be anywhere from $50 to $600 depending on the damage and if you require repairs or a total replacement. The total price also depends on the depth of the dent. 


Fortunately, there are some ways to repair a dented bumper yourself if the damage isn’t too severe. First, put your hand under the bumper’s cover and push the dent back out as far as you can. This trick might not work for some if the material is too thick or the dent is deep. In which case, heat the plastic bumper using a hairdryer on a high, hot setting. Use sweeping motions for around three minutes on the damaged area. 


After this, attempt to push the dent out manually using protective gloves so you don’t injure your hands. Next, use a heated gun around one foot away from the affected area on the bumper. This is one of the quickest and most effective ways to heat a dented area. Don’t leave the heated gun on the bumper for too long as this can cause damage, so once you see the area has become heated, switch off the gun immediately. 


Once the affected area is heated, use a wooden block from inside the bumper to pop out the dent. Use a wet cloth on the outside of the bumper to help it cool down and settle quickly. You’ll then need to hold your hands over the bumper for several minutes to shape it properly and avoid the dent from reappearing. 


Cracked Windscreen


The cost of a windscreen damage can be around $60 to cover the size of a coin. Generally speaking, a damage up to 40mm can usually be repaired, though, anything larger will require an entire replacement. For an entire windscreen replacement, this will typically cost $200 to $400. 

If the chip is up to 10mm — slightly smaller than a coin — it can usually be repaired. This will require cleaning and drying the damaged area as well as filling the chip in with a clear resin so you can see out of your windscreen clearly. Bear in mind that the damage won’t disappear entirely but the damaged area will become more visible and the surface will be smoother.


If you ignore a chip, it can grow and then become irreparable, which can then lead to secondary cracks formed from dirt, frost, moisture, heat, and vibrations from when you drive. Dirt, debris, and moisture can also get into the chip, impacting your visibility and making you more prone to having an accident.


Rear End Damage


The cost of rear end damage can be a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. Never take any chances when it comes to rear end damage because there could be a plethora of issues that may be detrimental to your car’s safety.


Your vehicle’s frame might be severely weakened in the event of a high-impact collision, especially if the frame was weak pre-collision. There may also be an electrical fault caused from rear end damage, and over time, loose wire connections can affect multiple areas on your vehicle, such as the sound system speakers. The brake and tail lights could stop working, making it difficult for you to see in poor visibility. Soon after a collision, your car’s battery might die, leaving you stranded on the road.


Another negative impact for rear end damage is misaligned wheels. When this happens, the car moves unevenly down the road making it difficult to navigate around winding roads. You may also notice that the steering wheel seems wobbly, making your car swerve without your control. Rear end damage can also involve unusual vibrations that make the driving experience unpleasant for you and passengers.


Finally, the lid might pop open unexpectedly, obstructing your field-of-vision through the rearview mirror. It’s also a common trait for your car to not stay locked, which can be dangerous when leaving it unattended in a foreign area. On the other hand, some car owners experience difficulties with opening their car doors, the lid, or trunk.


Suspension Damage


If the suspension on your car needs replacing, this will typically cost from $800 to $5,000, depending on the make and model of your vehicle, its age, and the suspension system that’s required.


There are numerous signs that indicate your suspension system is damaged. One of the most popular reasons is the car not driving smoothly. The suspension system is responsible for avoiding the impacts of bumpy roads and uneven surfaces. If you were to feel these bumps, the car would bounce when you travel over them. Try a simple test for your suspension system by parking up your car and putting all of your weight on the front end. If it bounces up and down uncontrollably, this is a strong indication that the suspension system needs inspecting.


You may also notice that your car has become difficult to steer after a collision. This is because your steering is linked to the suspension system and both work together for a smooth and safe ride. If your car pulls to one side as you drive along a straight road, this could be an indication that the suspension system was damaged in a collision. 


Finally, does your car sit slow or nose dive when it’s parked up? If so, this is a sign that the springs are broken and can’t support your car’s weight anymore. The broken spring will put stress on the shock absorber, making it responsible for your car sitting low.


Paint Chips and Scratches


It’s common to encounter paint chips and scratches after a collision, whether that’s from a small or big impact. These typically cost around $400, though, it depends on the depth and size of the chips and scratches, plus, the surface materials.


If your car requires pearl paints of luxury finishes or if the vehicle’s color is unique, you should expect to pay more. Repairing paint scratches isn’t a difficult or costly task and can typically cost under $50. However, paint chips, caused from stones or other materials can cost around $150, depending on the level of damage and finish that’s required.


Is It Safe to Drive Your Car After a Collision?


If you’re involved in a collision, safety should be your number one priority. There are a few areas on your vehicle you’ll need to inspect to decide if it’s safe to continue driving or if you need to contact your insurer immediately.


Check the Lights


First, check there aren’t any lighting issues before you set off. Inspect the tail light and headlamp to ensure they work properly before driving. Otherwise, you could put yourself and others in danger.




It’s likely that the side mirrors will be impacted from a collision. Check to see if they’re still in place — especially on the driver’s side. If both mirrors are missing or damaged, you shouldn’t drive your vehicle since it’s in a dangerous condition. If you decide to drive anyway, you may be pulled over as you can’t safely monitor traffic surrounding you.


Loose Fluids


After most collisions, there may be leaking fluids from a few areas on your car, which could be a big concern for your vehicle’s condition and your safety. If you notice fluid on the floor, this is likely from the coolant or antifreeze, which could result in your engine overheating. If you notice an oil leak, your engine could be severely damaged, while a brake fluid leak could cause your breaks to not work.


All of these leaks can damage your vehicle and put you and passengers at risk on the road, so avoid getting in your car. Instead, contact a tow truck so a professional can inspect the damage and make any necessary repairs.


Unaligned Wheels


Take a look at your vehicle’s wheels. Do they look faulty and stick outwards or inwards? If so, this could be an indication that there’s a faulty alignment, which can cause your vehicle to swerve to one side while you drive it.


Even just one faulty wheel is enough to impact your driving, so we suggest contacting a tow truck to check the wheels are properly aligned before driving the vehicle.


Hood Won’t Lock


Next, you should check the hood can lock properly after an accident. If the hood is damaged, a large amount of air will build up inside, causing the hood to pop open suddenly when you drive. This can massively impact your visibility, putting you and others at risk when you’re on the road.


Personal Injuries


Lastly, your health and safety is the most important thing, so never set off on an injury if you have become injured in a collision. Call emergency services if you don’t feel right. 


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