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What Is Ceramic Coating for Cars? All You Need to Know 

Ceramic Coating

If you are searching for “what is ceramic coating for cars?” It is basically a nano-coating technique that applies a layer like a shell on your vehicle's exterior. Ceramic coating provides effective protection to your vehicle's exterior, along with an amazing finish shine that lasts for a long time. 

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Most people like to take good care of their vehicles. Many of them prefer to have the best appearance by washing their cars carefully and waxing them once every couple of months. However, no matter how much effort you put into taking care of your vehicle’s appearance, it will be a point where stains and dirt along with these swirl spots will appear on the vehicle’s exterior.

The good news is that one way of coating your vehicle using what's known as ceramic coating, where you don't have to worry about cleaning it frequently. In addition, by using the ceramic coating on your car, you improve the overall appearance and increase its overall value.

This article provides you with all you need to know about ceramic coating. Next, it helps you understand whether it's worth seeking a ceramic coating for your vehicle or not. Then, finally, it provides it with some rough estimates about how much it will cost you to get your car coated with ceramic. 

What is ceramic coating for cars? 

To better get an idea about what is ceramic coating, it's important to take a look at some of the available products that people use to protect their paint

  • Car wax 

Car wax is the most common type of paint coating that people use to protect their cars painting and to add a layer of shine to their vehicle’s exterior. Wax is a great product and comes in multiple types and shapes, ranging from paste to spray.

Despite the great features that wax can add to your vehicle’s exterior, it still has its own limitations. Although many wax producers claim that their wax can be applied to the vehicle multiple times, many automotive experts do not recommend it. This is because the wax is not durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and other contaminants that could make their way to the vehicle's paint and damage it. 

  • Car sealants 

Other people prefer to go with car sealants, a specific type of synthetic material that can cover the pain for more than one month. The nice thing about sealants is that you don't have to have a certain advanced mechanical skill set because it's very simple to be applied.

However, car sealants are not that durable to stand major weather conditions and other contaminants that damage the sealants and get to the vehicle's paint. Moreover, sealants do not provide the nice-looking shine that wax would provide.

  • Ceramic coating 

With ceramic coating, you get all advantages that wax or sealants can provide you. For example, ceramic coating can add a durable layer to the vehicle's exterior to protect the paint from any major environmental impacts. Furthermore, it doesn't need to be applied multiple times a year because it's durable enough to stay tough for extended timeframes.

Ceramic coating also gives you the shine-looking final finish that any wax product could give you. Thus, you achieve an effective method to protect the pain by choosing ceramic coating and providing it with a nice final look. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic coating? 

If you're searching for a product that could protect your vehicle's paint and are interested in investigating the ceramic coating, you need to understand the main advantages and some of the drawbacks of this type of coating.

Although we refer to them as drawbacks or disadvantages, we meant here things to keep in mind that ceramic coating does not do. 

Let's take a closer look at some of these adventures and adventures of ceramic coating: 

  • Ceramic coating advantages 

One of the most effective and important features of ceramic painting is durability. Drivers switched to ceramic painting and chose it among other car paint protection products because they don't have to worry about birds droppings, road grime, or water stains because they can simply slide off the vehicle. 

With ceramic coating, you're applying a hard shell to your vehicle's exterior that protects it from any foreign product and prevents these products from getting to the paint and damaging it. This is because ceramic coating serves as a hydrophobic layer that prevents any water from seeping into the car's paint. In other words, this hydrophobic layer allows liquids to repel and prevent any deposits from harming the paint. 

  • Ceramic coating disadvantages 

One of the biggest drawbacks of ceramic coating is cost. Although the kids themselves are not very expensive, it requires a certain level of mechanical skill sets to apply it properly and prevent damaging the car paint.

If an inexperienced mechanic or technician applied your ceramic coating to your vehicle and made a mistake, the coating sticks and adheres to the paint and could damage the entire part. In other words, any impacted area by the wrong ceramic coating application should be treated in a certain way to be fixed. 

Thus, ceramic coating is not something simple like a car wax to wipe off and reapply. Once it's applied, it cannot be removed easily, impacting the paint under it. 

Also, applying a ceramic coating means that your car won't have any scratches or damages. In other words, if your car gets hit by a shopping cart harshly, you will see those scratches under the ceramic coating because this coating is not designed to withstand this type of damages. Also, paint can chip off digital stones or any other major strong foreign component in touch with the vehicle.

How much does it cost to get your car ceramic coated? 

On average, the ceramic coating might cost you somewhere between $1500 and $5750. Yes! It is a very expensive job.

Surprisingly, the ceramic coating itself is not very expensive, and it might cost you only about $100. However, labor cost is the biggest component because, as we indicated before, applying the ceramic painting requires a certain level of mechanical skill sets that you won't find in any location.

Keep in mind that automotive experts never recommend do-it-yourself approaches when it comes to applying any ceramic coating. This is because the process is very sensitive, and any mistake could damage the entire area of your vehicle’s exterior, which costs you a lot of money if it's done wrong. 

Thus, don't be surprised when your mechanic asks for something close to $6000 to get ceramic coating applied to your vehicle.

Keep in mind that the cost of getting the car ceramic coated depends heavily on your vehicle's size, brand, and the status of the exterior. For example, if your vehicle's exterior has many scratches, the technician or the mechanic might need to preprocess these areas before applying the ceramic coating. 

Why is ceramic coating bad?

The ceramic coating itself is not bad, but it can severely damage the paint and cause undesirable outcomes if it's not applied properly. So, before deciding on getting your car ceramic coded, it's important to understand the overall price you have to pay and select the right technician or mechanic who has experience with the job to prevent dealing with horrible reflections and undesirable results. 

Should I get ceramic coating on my new car?

If you can afford the ceramic coating, it's definitely a great idea because not only will ceramic coating provide an additional shine and gloss look; it also adds a strong layer of protection.

Can I apply ceramic coating myself?

Nothing is saying that you can't apply the ceramic coating yourself. However, you must have the required skill sets to apply the coating properly to prevent damage to the exterior of your vehicle. For example, you need to be 100% sure that you can do the job without causing any damage is.

Even experienced technicians and mechanics can make mistakes when it comes to applying the ceramic coating. Therefore, it is not recommended that you experience your own vehicle. Instead, you'd better consult an expert who's done the job before to prevent paying thousands of dollars to get the mistakes fixed. 

Can I drive my car after ceramic coating?

There is no rule about when to drive your car after ceramic coating. You need to follow the only rule is not washing your car for at least seven days after applying the ceramic coating. The ceramic coating requires this time to completely adhere to your vehicle's exterior and cure completely, so it doesn't cause any undesirable results. 

How long does ceramic coating last on a car?

Unlike car wax or car sealants, ceramic coating lasts for quite a long time. In general, most ceramic coating glasses for somewhere between two and five years. This time frame is considered incredible when it comes to any product that targets protecting your vehicle's exterior paint. 

What happens if you don't maintain ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is not designed to last forever, and it requires a certain level of maintenance to continue getting its full advantages. However, if you ignored the ceramic coating and never took good care of it, it can simply chip off, and debris or contaminants can easily get to the vehicle's paint and damages. Therefore, before deciding on getting your car ceramic coated, you must commit to taking care of this coating because it's not cheap. The effort does not stop at paying for the total cost of applying the ceramic coating. Also, it requires continuous maintenance that you need to familiarize yourself with before wasting your money on nothing. 

How do you remove the bad ceramic coating?

Unfortunately, if the ceramic coating was not done properly or got to a level where you call it as bad ceramic coating, the only way to remove it is by polishing the layer itself. Some companies even mentioned that the only way to remove the ceramic coating is by machine publishing, which significantly damages your paint. 

First, think twice before getting your car ceramic coated. And think more before doing the job yourself. It must be done by a professional expert who's done the job before to prevent situations where you need to look for how do you remove the bad ceramic coating. 


Ceramic coating is an amazing nano-coating technique that provides your vehicle with a layer of protection for extended timeframes. It also provides an excellent shine finish along with increasing your vehicle's value.

Ceramic coating has a lot of great features that many people like. However, it's considered very expensive, especially when compared to traditional paint protection products like sealing and wax. Therefore, it's important to evaluate whether it's worth getting your car ceramic coded because the price is slightly high.

Notice that your car has a lot of mechanical problems. Therefore, it might not be worth getting it ceramic coated because no matter how much you protect the exterior if things are not in good condition in the interior, your vehicle might not be worth it. Thus, it might be the right time to sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer and use the money towards another better vehicle worth getting ceramic coated. 

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