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What is Car Wax Exactly?  Get Answers Here

What is Car Wax Exactly  Get Answers Here

Your car is your baby, and if you want to take good care of it, inside and out, you’re definitely going to be asking yourself this question:  What is Car Wax?

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Car wax protects the paint on the exterior of the car.  

Car wax is generally applied after washing the car, providing a luster that can’t be denied.  The little nicks, notches, and indentations that naturally occur on the open road are filled with the wax, giving the car a brilliant, and even, shine.

Have you ever seen an old car parked out on the street, but it looks as good as new?  The secret isn’t keeping it in a garage for years – it’s routine maintenance that includes a regular waxing.

Is it a Good Idea to Use Car Wax?

The short answer is yes.  If you’re asking yourself “What is Car Wax?”, and you’re not sure it’s a great plan, rest assured that it is a good idea to use car wax.

The news is plain and simple.  You should be using wax to take care of your car.  

Think about everything your car’s exterior has to deal with on a daily basis… the sleet, the snow, the salt, and the rain!  Random animals jumping on and off the hood.  Your children’s grimy fingerprints as they run their dusty hands across the car door as they play… it all adds up!

The best way to prevent damage to your car’s paint is to wax it once in a while.  

One important point to make is that many professionals recommend waxing by hand.  Machines can be too rough and don’t allow the right attention to be paid to certain details related to giving the car an even coat of wax.

How does Car Wax Work?

Many people go to their local auto store and ask themselves, “how does car wax work?”  The answer is quite simple.

Car wax works by filling in small nicks, holes, dings, and other tiny imperfections and flaws on the exterior of a vehicle.  The coat of wax gives the paint a flat, yet brilliant, appearance.  It’s kind of like how people use makeup to cover pores, acne, or dark spots.

Car wax also works like sunblock these days! Many carry a UV rating.  Check the packaging of the car wax you’re considering purchasing to see if you can take advantage of this benefit.  Your car won’t burn in the sun, but the paint will fade over time if you don’t protect it.

Do you remember a famous movie in which a karate master assigns his student to wax the car?  It builds character and strength, too!

What is the Difference between Car Wax and Car Polish?

Unlike with car wax, car polishing shouldn’t be done on a regular basis.  

Car polishing uses abrasive materials to remove a thin layer of paint.  This helps even things out when the car’s exterior becomes dull due to age and exposure to the elements.

If you’re not sure which to use, start off with a good car wash.  Once the car is very clean, you will be able to see what you’re up against.

When the problems look like they are “under” the paint, then go with the polish.  If the car is new; it most likely doesn’t need to be polished.

Buyer beware!  Using polish and wax combination products are not generally effective at either waxing or polishing.  They are two separate processes that cannot be easily combined no matter what the packaging on the product says!

What is the Purpose of Applying Car Wax?

Realistically, the benefits of a car wax are both superficial and profound.

On the superficial side, people wax their car because they want their ride to sparkle as it glides down the expressway, to glimmer as it sits under the sun, and to shine bright under streetlights in a parking lot.  

People take a lot of pride in the appearance of their car, so a good wax job makes that joy even greater.

There is also a good reason to wax your car – to protect the exterior and to protect the car’s value.  If you don’t wax your car enough, the paint could fade, chip, or rust.  At best, it doesn’t look good.  At worst, the badly maintained paint job detracts from the resale value down the line.

Waxing your car, then, offers various benefits.  It looks great cruising down the open road.  It gives you an arm workout.  And, of course, one day when it’s time to say goodbye to your car, you might just get a few extra bucks for it.

Why do People Say Car Wax is Bad for the Car?

People say that car wax is bad for the car.  Some people worry about buildup.  Others worry about scratching the exterior of the car during the car wax process.

Some people are just lazy when it comes to waxing the car.  These might be the same people who wait too long to mow the lawn, visit the dentist, or get a haircut.  It is important to ensure that you are keeping up on these chores – even if it isn’t fun.

The truth is that if you wax the car correctly, you cannot damage it.  The problems occur when amateurs get to waxing without doing the proper studying on how to get the job done right.

How Much Does It Cost to Wax a Car?

How much does waxing a car cost, you ask?  Not as much as you think!

You can easily wax your car at home for the price of the microfiber mitt and the car wax – about fifteen dollars.  If you want to avoid the dirty work, you can take the car to a professional.  Expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $150.

How do I Apply Car Wax to my Car?

Many people say that waxing a car is all about patience.  You have to take your time.  You can’t afford to rush the wax job.  It would be much better to work consistently, slowly, and surely than to rush.  A rushed wax job never looks good!

You can’t wax without the must-have tools.  You are going to need your favorite bucket, a hose or water source, a mitt and a towel, for starters.  The towel and the mitt should be especially designed for waxing; look for microfiber.  You’re also going to need some top-of-the-line car wax, of course!

Once you have everything together, neatly bundled and ready to go, you should start by giving the automobile a good scrub.  You can’t wax a dirty car.  That’s rule number one.

One trick is to make sure you’re constantly washing and rinsing the materials you are using to wash the car.  Don’t rub dirt, pebbles, and sand into the car exterior if it can be avoided.

Not related to car wax, but a pro tip:  glass cleaner can destroy protective coatings.  Do not use glass cleaners on car windows or on the vehicle’s paint job!

When it comes to waxing, a lighter touch is recommended.  There’s no need to slather on the wax like bad hair gel.  Instead, work it in gently to achieve the best results.  Apply an even manner to ensure success.

Above all, read the manufacturer directions.  Car wax production is rather scientific, so you will see the best results if you follow the directions to the letters.  

If your friends start to offer baseless advice, say thank you and follow the directions on the wax.

Remember, the first time may feel awkward and clunky.  It will be come easier with practice.  Additionally, the wax will take better to a car if it’s been waxed in the past.

One final note:  don’t wax in the hot sun!  You might burn your skin while doing the job.  It’s better to find a shady and dry spot to get the work done.  You might even do it in your garage (with ventilation and light).  

What is the Most Popular Car Wax on the Market?

When it comes to waxing your car, you have two options: take it to a body professional or get to work in your driveway.  If you’re searching “what is car wax?” on the Internet, maybe you should call a professional.

The DIY route is not for everybody.  If the idea of standing under the hot sun, waxing your car, reaching and rubbing, makes you cringe, then hire a professional.  It also makes for a great chore for a teenager!

If you do want to work with a little elbow grease, then you can check out Internet reviews on car wax products.  If you’re not yet discouraged, read on!

Liquid wax products are popular because they are easy to apply and remove.  The sheen last for a long time, and the product is relatively low cost.  Some products come with cleaning materials (applicators, towels, etc.), so be on the lookout for these all-in-one options.

Some people don’t like liquid wax because it can be runny, though.

On the other hand, some car cleaners love a runny wax so much they buy ones that come in spray bottles.  This means that you can just give the car a quick spritz and then wipe off what doesn’t stick.  It is a lot faster than pastes and traditional waxes.

Other car wax products are pricier, like those that take advantage of active amino polymer technology.  Those little holes will be filled in like a charm!  When the paint job appears more even, the light shines brighter on the car.  Shinier exterior means more appeal and a higher resale value! 

How do People Choose Which Car Wax to Buy?

Beyond price and consistency, there are people out there who consider brand (they want luxury or something recognizable).  Then again, people also like buying American (USA) products.   All of these options are on the menu, luckily.

High price tags don’t always spell out a better wax job, so that’s important to keep in mind.  

How Often Should I Wax my Car?

Most professionals believe that cars should be waxed quarterly – that is to say about every three months.  Once you make waxing your car a regular habit, you will be able to tell when the car is due for a good wax job just by looking at it.  

Many people match up their car waxing schedule to the seasons.  Wax can be applied before the spring, summer, fall, or winter.  Each season brings new threats, so it makes sense to apply wax to avoid bird droppings, hot sunlight, gunky leaves, and slushy snow.

A car that doesn’t shine the way it used to is the surefire sign you should break out that car wax once again.

The Final Word on Car Wax

Drivers across the nation are pounding the words “What is Car Wax” into search engines, and they shall not be disappointed.

There is something important to be said about waxing the car, though.  It is a truth about all investments.  If you take care of your car, your car will take care of you.  A regular wax job should be as automatic for you as a car wash or a routine oil change.

In other words, if you plan on selling that car, trading that car in, or showing that car off in an auto show, then a wax job is an absolute must.  There’s simply no way around it.

If your car is headed to the junkyard, though, then maybe a wax job isn’t going to save it.  You can’t fix a bad transmission by repainting and waxing a car.  

Get in an arm workout and wax your car. You’ll feel accomplished, and the car will look like a million bucks.  The word on the street is that yes, it is worth it in the end to wax your car.

Waxing a car can be very rewarding, a great Saturday chore, and a way to increase the resale value of a vehicle.  To learn more about waxing, visit your local auto parts store and start asking questions!

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