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The Dangers of Driving Around in a Junk Car- We Have Great Reasons Why You Shouldn’t! 

The Dangers of Driving Around in a Junk Car- We Have Great Reasons Why You Shouldn’t! 

Each day we all hear about how important it is to drive safely. We listen to the news reports, and we view commercials. As a driver, it’s our responsibility to respect and adhere to the speed limit, remain mindful of the road conditions and prepare for any kind of detour that may have to be taken. Being responsible behind the wheel is what all motorists have to do. But being responsible may not completely protect you as you drive. Your vehicle should be a safe one. You want a good working vehicle in any and all conditions. Your safe vehicle goes far beyond a driver`s skill and can also make all the difference should you encounter any extreme situation. Let’s examine some dangers in driving a junk car! 

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Potential Rust Issues 

Older cars have a tendency to develop rust – even if they were once rust-protected back in the day when they were new. If you live in a climate where all four seasons make an appearance, then it is your job to keep your vehicle as rust-free as possible. For example, when winter has its grip on your region, then you have to take the time to ensure that your car is free of salt, snow and ice. Oftentimes, the salt on the roads can affect the metal parts that are within a vehicle’s undercarriage. That same salt on the road that is meant to melt ice can also corrode those same components that are located in the vehicle’s undercarriage. Rust is also an enemy if you’ve had repairs to your car after damage. In addition to a rusty car just looking plain ugly, the same rust that has zero appeal can also begin to attack many of the structural components of a vehicle. Certain parts that may be at risk of rust damage include floor pans, 

the chassis and more. Should this happen, the vehicle will begin to lose the rigidity it once had. This can lead to safety issues, should you become involved in a car accident or a collision. The bottom line is this: rust can eat away at metal, causing your car to have reduced strength. 


Compromised Braking Power 

Who needs car that has malfunctioning or questionable brakes? You’re correct – no one! Typically, older vehicles have braking systems that are far more inferior compared to modern cars. Some older vehicles even have the drum brake systems that are on the rear axle with no ABS. This means that stopping distance in these older cars is going to be much longer compared to the stopping distance in a newer car. Even if your older vehicle has well-maintained brakes, it is a lot less safe to drive around in it compared to the braking system in a newer car. The stopping power is not as high as it should be and you may find it difficult to keep up with traffic with today’s drivers.  And when you think about it, stopping distance is crucial while driving in the winter and in the snow. 


Passive Safety That is Poor 

One of the biggest innovations in the automobile industry is passive safety. Within modern cars you will find components such as knee bags, curtain bags, airbags and more. While these components make for a safer vehicle, vehicle manufacturers these days are also invested into purchasing ground-breaking materials that also ensure safety in a car. Newer materials are stronger, offer more durable body construction and more. Regardless of the price of a car, each one will have safer elements in them compared to older cars.  You may want to keep this in mind, as you drive your older car, avoid a collision and think about how your car may not have the airbags that could potentially save your life. In as little as the past decade, the automobile industry has made great strides in manufacturing vehicles that are safer than ever. Car producers continue to incorporate the latest materials to make cars even safer for the years to come.  

Little To No Comfort 

You may not be thinking about comfort being important to car safety, but it is. A junk car or older car that has no working heat, A/C, windows, doors or defogger can leave you feeling stressed, uncomfortable and irritated. Think about it. How can you drive a car that has a defogger that doesn’t work? There’s also a chance that you operating that old junk car with its cracked and busted seats — can hinder you from seeing the road before you. Basic comfort is not only a necessity but can also help to keep you safer on the roads. You want a clear view of the road ahead of you, especially in dicey conditions. 


Poor Fuel Efficiency 

Many of the vehicles we see on today’s roads have V8 engines coupled with 400 horsepower or more. Additionally, lots of modern vehicles are designed with the most advanced technologies that help to conserve fuel. Older cars have older components in them that do not allow for the conversation of fuel, thus costing you more at the pump. You couple this with older parts that are working in unison, you are looking at paying more money for fill-ups and filling up more frequently. Sure, you love your junk car, but are you throwing money away at your local gas station paying for gas? 


Emissions Tests 

Did you know that your prized junk car may be polluting the air more than what’s acceptable? Your junk car may not pass emissions, which makes it unsafe and illegal for you to drive. Oftentimes, a new knock sensor – which costs lots to replace- may be needed. You also want to be sure that you adhere to your state’s emissions’ rules and regulations. Should your car fail its emissions test, you will not be able to register or even insure your vehicle.  A failed emissions test can make you realize that a newer vehicle may be in your best interest. 


Carbon Monoxide Dangers 

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very dangerous issue with homes and cars. With regard to an older junk car that you continue driving, chances are the vehicle has an exhaust system that is rusted. The junk car may also have floors that are rusted as well. This results in exhaust fumes – which include carbon monoxide – entering into the vehicle’s interior. This can harm anyone that is in the car. There is also a risk of getting carbon monoxide poisoning if you start your older vehicle’s engine in a closed garage or some other kind of enclosed space.  So, if you have to drive that junk car, just check for leaks. 

Your Junk Car Leaving You Stranded 

There’s a good chance that your junk car has some parts that are on their way to being gone or completely failing. Another danger in driving a junk car is the risk of getting stranded somewhere. Sure, we all have smart phones, but how soon can help arrive to come and assist you? Even with smart phones and you driving that junk car—sooner or later you will find yourself stranded by some road, calling for a tow truck. 


You also have to consider that being stranded places you more in harm’s way. The chances of you getting into an accident are greater. Just turn on a television or a radio, and listen for the huge number of stories about folks driving and then crashing into disabled or parked cars that are sitting on the side of the road. Even if the vehicles are properly marked—there is no guarantee that a driver will avoid it while driving. You want to be safe. You surely don’t want to get hit standing next to, or sitting in your junk car waiting for help. You also don’t want to have your waiting for help to turn fatal, due to a driver who hits your vehicle. 


Potential Of Fire 

Many older vehicles have lots of older fuel lines as well as old wiring. Oftentimes, older car owners may experience rubber encasements that are crumbling, fractured and even brittle. The rubber hoses which are connected to the fuel lines will begin to develop leaks over time.  Because of these circumstances, the risk of fire is great. Even if you changed your fuel lines, the chances of a car fire are still great. Have you ever heard of, or seen vehicles that catch fire just sitting in a parking lot or another structure or area? There’s a great chance that the fire was caused by older fuel installation and electrical components.  Many times, vehicles catch on fire on the road as a result of older wiring. This of course, poses a danger to motorists in the area. 


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Junk Cars For Sale Near Me 

Many times, folks will resort to finding online marketplaces to sell a junk car. From Craigslist, to Instagram and even Facebook Marketplace – there are a plethora of places you can sell your car online. For some, the online sale was a smooth one. For many, the process of selling online involves more work than one bargained for. In order to sell your car successfully online you have to:

  • Take quality pictures and then upload them. 
  • Craft a descriptive and detailed ad that tells potential buyers why your car is a good buy. 
  • Weed out the scam artists and fickle buyers from the serious ones. 
  • Wait for a serious buyer to contact you. 
  • Pay the fees for listing your car, even if you fail to sell it. 
  • Take care or the title transfer and other documents that are required in your state, for the sale of a car. 

As you can see, selling a car online and by yourself can be time-consuming, difficult and an overall headache. These marketplaces may have junk cars that are for sale near you but the author of each ad put in some work to showcase their automobile. Are you up for the work or would you enjoy a faster and more efficient way of selling your junk car? Yes, we thought so. This is why selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer makes sense!  Selling your junk car to us is free, easy, convenient and fast. So, what are you waiting for? Sell that dangerous, dented and dismal car today and get the cash you need now! Click here to begin the process! 


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