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Are you looking to finally get rid of that junk car that's been sitting on your property in Roseville? Are you not sure who's going to make you the best offer for it? Cash Cars Buyer is going to be your best bet. Even though there are lots of options out there, the competition doesn't come close to what we can offer you.

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The traditional way of getting rid of a junk car was to head to a local scrap yard or salvage dealer and see if they wanted to buy it. The problem with that is you have to schedule a time to meet with them and cut it into your workday, or your weekend. If they do want to buy your car then that means you have to get it to them as well. Towing the car there will cut into your profits considerably.


You could always put up an auction on a site like eBay, or just place an ad on Craigslist to see if anyone wants to buy your junk car that way. The problem with something like that is you never know how long it's going to take. The Craigslist ad could sit up for weeks maybe even months before somebody replies to it. And the people who do reply will almost always try to offer you less than what you were asking.


You can Google junk car buyers in your area, maybe that's even how you found us. But you probably also noticed that there are millions of results that show up. Page after page of nearly identical websites that can seem a little shady. Who has the time to look through all of that?


Cash Cars Buyer offers the best service in the industry. Not only can we make you a great cash offer, we never interfere with your schedule. Are serious is quick and easy so you can get back to doing the things you want to do around Roseville.

Living Your Life in Roseville, Minnesota


What do you like to do with your free time in Roseville? Spare time is a precious commodity for most of us. It seems like everyone is working all the time. And really, work does monopolize a lot of your day. 


You dedicate at least 40 hours of your week to a business like Hawkins or maybe Horton around Roseville. When you're not doing the 9 to 5, your spare time should be used to do whatever you want. You shouldn't have to be reading through all these Google results when you could be enjoying the fish tacos at Granite City Food and Brewery, or maybe grabbing a bison burger at Snuffy's Malt Shop.


On the weekend, why would you want to drive it to a scrap yard when you could let your dog run loose at the Woodview off-leash dog area? Or maybe you could just take the family to Seaquest Roseville. Point is, there's a lot you could be doing that sounds a lot more fun than trying to find a place to sell your junk car.


Cash Cars Buyer makes this whole process much easier for you. Not only do we make everything quick and efficient so you can enjoy your life and not worry about wasting your time, we also offer you the best deal you're going to find. Our instant cash offer puts cash in your hand in just 24 hours. So how do we decide on the offer we're going to make? Have a look and see for yourself.


Our Great Cash Offer


Other junk cars buyers are probably only going to offer you a few hundred dollars for your vehicle. We can offer you much more than that but there are some things that we have to look at first. Let's walk you through how it is we make our offer for your junk car.


  • Any business that buys or even sells cars is going to ask you the same question about the vehicle you're interested in. You have to tell them about the make, model, and year of the vehicle. When you use our online tool, that's the first thing we're going to ask you about as well. It's a great way to get a basic idea of a car's value.


  • Another important factor for determining that basic value for even a junk car is scrap value. If you head to this website you can find out what scrap is worth right now. Just like gold or even copper, scrap has a fluctuating value that you can track from day to day. When you know the value of scrap, you know the basic value of your vehicle even if it's just being sold as junk.


  • The trim level of your vehicle can have an effect on the offer we make. High trim levels are worth thousands of dollars more than low trim levels of the very same model. If you had a higher trim level vehicle, then you may be able to get a better offer for it.


  • The condition of your vehicle will definitely impact the offer we make. If your car is in great condition, then you can expect a better offer. If the engine is seized up or if the transmission is blown then you can expect that you might get a lower offer overall.


  •  Sometimes a rare vehicle is worth more than a common vehicle. Did you know that there was a rare 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO that sold at auction in 2018 for nearly $3 million? Even if you don't have that classic Ferrari, if your car is where it might be worth a few extra dollars.


  • Sometimes popular vehicles are worth more than unpopular ones. If so many people drive the car that the parts are in higher demand, then you might get a premium offer for it.


That's what we look at when we're making you an offer for your car. The other thing that's usually important for any car sale is the car's title.


Missing Car Title? We Can Help!


A car's title is a government-issued legal document that proves ownership. When your car title is missing you may have a problem trying to sell it. Unfortunately, things happen. Maybe your title was destroyed in a fire, maybe it just got misplaced. Whatever the case if yours is missing you only have a few options for how to proceed.


Most people will opt to head down to the Roseville DMV. They can help you fill out paperwork there to request a replacement car title. Within a couple of weeks your new title will show up in the mail and everything will be as good as new again.


If you're just selling your car as a junker, you may wonder why you need to replace the car title in the first place. It seems like a hassle to wait that long. Fortunately, Cash Cars Buyer can help. In many cases we don't need the car title to go ahead with a sale. If you have your driver's license and the vehicle registration, we should still be able to make a deal. That's just one of the many upsides to choosing Cash Cars Buyer.


The Cash Cars Buyer Difference


There are a lot of benefits to selling your junk car to Cash Cars Buyer. Let's take a look at why we are better than the competition.


  1. One of the biggest benefits to choosing Cash Cars Buyer is our instant cash offer. When we say instant, we mean that once we've made a deal we can get cash in your hand in just 24 hours. You don't have to wait for a check to clear or an online payment to process when you choose us.


  1. Our online tool is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. That means you don't have to interrupt your busy workday or even cut into your leisure time to get in touch with us. We work with your schedule; you can use it whenever it's convenient for you.


  1. We are local to the Roseville, Minnesota area. That can be important down the road. When you sell your junk car to us, you don't need to worry about how it's going to get off of your property. We can come right to your house and tow it away free of charge if you want.


  1. We have over 10 years of experience in this business. We’ve used that time to develop the best customer service that you're going to find in the business, and we have a lot of satisfied customers who can speak to that fact.


  1. Honesty and integrity are the cornerstone of how we operate our business. That's why we gave you that link to find out the value of scrap metal. We want you to know that when we make you an offer it's a fair offer.


  1. Not many people consider the environmental benefits of selling their junk car to Cash Cars Buyer, but there definitely is one. Did you know that a lot of the substances in your car such as motor oil and transmission fluid are dangerous pollutants? You can't just throw those things in the garbage or flush them down your toilet either. They need to be safely disposed of. We can do that for you when we buy your junk car, and we can recycle well over 50% of the remaining material as well.


Clearly, Cash Cars Buyer stands out from the competition. Head to the main page and click on the get instant offer button to start the process of selling your junk car today. 


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