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Cash For Junk Cars, Chattanooga, TN – We Offer a “FEE FREE” Method Of Selling Your Junk Car! 

Cash For Junk Cars, Chattanooga, TN

Are you sick and tired of pouring money into your junk car only to have it keep breaking down on you when you need it most?  Does your mechanic smile ear to ear, knowing that when you pull up to his or her garage, they will make some serious money off of you?

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️


You should quit wasting your time and money at the body and repair shops, over and over again. 

 You have a junk car that is taking up space at your house, and creating an eyesore at the same time.


You have even tried to call local Chattanooga, TN dealerships, but none are interested in buying your junk car. You’ve even thought about selling your car online. But after posting pictures and writing a description about your car, you find that selling your car online can be costly as well as time-consuming. 


Then, there is the option of selling your car privately. But you then have to consider the fact that complete strangers will be coming to your home and knowing where you live. 


You have also done some investigate work into locating local junkyards. Some of those places can be shady to work with and located in some not-so-stellar parts of town. You may even find that some want to charge you to take that junk vehicle off your hands. 


All of these options can cost you time, money and a token of your sanity. So, avoid all of that hassle and spend a few minutes getting an instant offer on your car from Cash Cars Buyer! We will be happy to buy your clunker car at no cost to you! 


As a licensed, bonded and insured junk car buying company, you can count on us to be reliable, trustworthy, and honest from beginning to end, as we work to get you a great offer on your junk car, FAST! 


Sell Your Car Fast as Times Change in Chattanooga! 

Just like the rest of the globe, the landscape is an ever-changing one.  As a car owner in Chattanooga there are so many costs that come with keeping a car. There’s the maintenance, upkeep and car insurance. If you are one who works from home and have the ability to take public transportation – at least for a while, it may be in your best interest to sell that junk car. Additionally, your junk car could be the money maker you need right now. 

Chattanooga is a great city with great folks. Sometimes, there are issues that a car owner needs to be concerned with. For example, car thefts can leave lots of headaches for car owners. In fact, one woman allegedly stole a car in Chattanooga and was later arrested for the crime. 

According to the KFVS website: “A Tennessee woman was arrested in Paducah after traffic stop…” KFVS also adds: 


“According to Paducah Police, [a woman from] Chattanooga, Tenn., was spotted by a detective driving erratically near Joe Clifton Dr. and Clay St. When the detective ran a computer check on the license plate, he learned the vehicle was reported stolen from Tennessee. Officers stopped [the woman and] arrested her on a Hamilton County, Tenn. warrant, charging her with stealing the vehicle.

Who needs the stress of car getting stolen? 

If you have been thinking of selling an older car, or a junk car, then let Cash Cars Buyer help you with that sale. With at-home business thriving and less drivers taking to the roads these days, it may be in your best interest to sell your car and use the funds for something else. 

We Are Local Junk Car Buyers, Ready to Buy Your Junk Car NOW! 

We get it. You have tried to sell your car, and you have been met with what other companies “can’t” do for you. You owe it to yourself, to contact a junk car buying company that “can” do for you. Our Chattanooga, TN coverage area covers zip codes: 37351, 37343, 37403, 37404, 37409, 37408 and all of Chattanooga.   There’s a great pizza with your name on it at Community Pie on Market Street! You also have a great buyer for that junk car, Cash Cars Buyer! Get rid of your junk car FAST! 

We Buy Non Running Vehicles- How It Works 

Provide details about your car 

Once you have all of the information and details about your car, you can click here and share them with us. This will ensure that you have a best instant offer on your junk car possible. When you have that instant offer and you like it, you can move forward with getting paid for your junk car, FAST! 

Accept your offer 

When you have that instant offer, you can call us. One of our friendly agents will answer. Then, once you tell us you are interested in selling your junk car, we will ask you some questions about your vehicle. We will then make you a guaranteed cash offer on your car – one you are under no obligation to accept! Like that guaranteed offer? Great! We will get ready to come to your location and appraise your car first, pay you for it next! 

Get paid 

After your in-person appraisal, we will make sure that all is well. When we confirm so, you will get paid for that junk car fast! 

Sell my junk car and save the Earth! 

Selling a junk car not only puts cash in your pocket, but you are actually helping to save our Mother Earth. Did you know that over 80% of a junk car can be recycled? Cash Cars Buyer knows this and works with local recycle centers to help recycle the cars we buy. Check out a partial list of some of the items that are recyclable on a car! 


Did you know that the tires on an old car can be recycled and new tires created? Old tires can also be repurposed into rubberized asphalt for streets and highways! 

Motor oil 

Your motor oil never really wears out – it just gets grimy and dirty. If you decide to improperly dispose of your motor oil, you run the risk of contaminating local water supplies and natural preserves. When you sell your car, your motor oil will be cleaned, and reused on another car. 

Auto Glass

Sure, your auto glass may be broken, but it can have new life as new glass bottles as well as concrete blocks and even fiberglass insulation. 

Ready to sell that car and help save our planet? Get your instant offer on your junk car now and call us so we can come and pick it up! 

I Want to Sell My Car but I Don’t Have the Title – Will You Still Buy It? FAQ 

I lost the title to my car. Will you still buy it?  

We buy cars with no title. For many of our valued customers, not having the title is not a problem. We therefore ask that you have your car registration as well as picture ID for the sale of your vehicle. 

I don’t have the keys to my car- can I still get fair market value for it? 

You sure can! We don’t care about the keys. Feel free to enter your car’s information and get a great offer on that keyless junk car now! 

What fees to you charge to sell my junk car? 

When you sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, you can confidently do so, knowing that you will never have to pay us any fees! There are no fees for your paperwork, processing towing or anything else! 

Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me?

If you’re looking for the best place to junk a car, your search is over. Cash Cars Buyer purchases all makes and models!  Additionally, we are local to your Chattanooga home or location! Forget the stressful and annoying back-and-forth junk car selling process with other companies. We can give you money for your clunker in as little as 24-48 hours


What if I want $500 for my junk car? 

It may be possible. We look at certain factors when formulating the best offer for your junk car. Some of the criteria we look at when getting you a great offer on your vehicle include your car’s: damage, year, make, model, trim, options, weight, car title status and more! Get that instant offer now and tell us all about your car and take the guesswork out of knowing what your car is worth! 


What about junking my car at the local junkyard up the street?
Well, that may be a viable option. Many (not all) junkyards are not really on the “up and up”. You may find that you have to pay lots of fees to get rid of that old car in your driveway. Additionally, you may find that lots of junkyards will tell you one offer over the phone, then lower that cash offer, when they see you in person. The “old bait and switch” is still unfortunately alive and well in many businesses. 


What about towing? Do I have to pay for that? 

No, you don’t! We handle all of the expenses that come with towing that rusted whip off of your property! 


We are Cash Cars Buyer, Chattanooga’s most trusted source for selling a junk car. Come to us, for a fast, easy and efficient sale of your junk car. Tell us about your car today, and get paid cash tomorrow.


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