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Cash for Junk Cars Anaheim

Are you not really finding the results you want with your “Cash for Junk Cars Anaheim” search? Tired of hearing what companies CAN’T do, instead of what they CAN do?

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️

It’s time to sell your junk car to Cash Cars Buyer, then!  We buy all makes and models, running or not!

We also offer the best service to Anaheim residents too!

Treating customers with the utmost respect and buying junk cars quickly go hand in hand for us!

We know you need money and your time is precious. That's why we offer a very streamlined service for selling your junk car.

So, you can put an end to your Google search for “Cash for Junk Cars Anaheim”, because we're here and ready to buy your junk vehicle!

Cash for Junk Cars AnaheimCash for Junk Cars Anaheim – What are the documents needed if I sell my car?

California law requires that car sellers fill out specific paperwork and the DMV is the central area for assistance.

For the basics, car sellers must have the following to sell a car:

  • Release of your ownership of the vehicle.
  • A current as well as valid smog certificate, if this applies to your sale.
  • The odometer statement.

Click here to read additional requirements for car sellers in the state.

Sell Your Junk Car And Get The Money You Need Now!

Cash Cars Buyer makes selling your junk car easy. You can get an instant offer without leaving the comfort of your home or Anaheim location! So, instead of guessing what your car is worth, you can spend the day outside enjoying the sights and sounds at Eucalyptus Park! Or grab some delicious pizza at California Pizza Place on S Harbor Blvd!

And with that instant offer, you will know what your car is worth in a matter of seconds!

Once you have your instant offer, you can call us at 844-663-7286 and allow one of our friendly and experienced junk car selling agents to ask you a few questions about your car. When done, you will have a guaranteed offer on your car!

The Instant Offer is The Best!

With that instant offer, you have many benefits! Some include:

  • Privacy to obtain it in your own home or location. No one has to know what your junk car is worth
  • The ability to choose to move forward with selling your junk car or not
  • The information you need to make an informed junk car selling decision
  • Opportunity to add as many details about your junk car as you can. The more we know about your car, the better your offer!

And after you accept your guaranteed offer, we will go to work to buy your car. In many cases, we can come to you within 24 hours or less! This means you can also see money fast too!

Cash Cars Buyer pays cash dollars for junk cars which could range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

We buy junk cars each day and yours could be next! We’re glad you landed on this page and we hope to buy your car soon!

Do I need to fix my junk car up before selling it?

No! Why do that?

Regardless of the condition of your junk car, we will buy it! From non running cars, to cars that are missing the keys as well as title, we will buy them!

All cars are worth something, because all cars are comprised of metal. Metal has a price. And on any given day, it may be a high price, or a low price. You should stay abreast of the current price of scrap metal, so that you remain an informed junk car seller.

And forget spending money on your junk car, so someone will buy it! Sell your car as is, to us and obtain that instant offer fast!

Cash for Junk Cars AnaheimSell Non Running Car Without Title? It Can Be Done!

Life can happen to the best of us. Sometimes things go according to our plan and many times they don’t. So, if you cannot find the title to your junk car, we still may be able to buy it. All hope is not gone.

You want to:

  • Gather both your car registration as well as picture ID.
  • Obtain that instant offer on your vehicle here.
  • And while submitting your information and details about your car, be sure to indicate that you don’t have the title for your car.
  • Then, look at your instant offer and choose to proceed with selling us your car. Once you do, call us at 844-663-7286 and we will ask you some additional questions about you junk vehicle.
  • And while talking to us, be sure to tell us that you don’t have the title.
  • With the information we have, we will make you a guaranteed cash offer on your car, you are not obligated to accept.

No title? That’s not really a problem. In many cases, not having the title is not a problem. The bottom line is we need to prove you are the owner. So, gather your picture ID as well as your car registration. Call us if you need additional guidance or assistance. 844-663-7286.

Cash for Junk Cars Anaheim – “I want to scrap my car fast!”

Cash Cars Buyer is in the junk car buying business, not in the “waste our customers time” business. So, we invite you to sell your car in three easy steps!

Enter the details of your car

Get an instant offer on your car fast and once you do, you can decide if you want to move forward with selling your junk car to us! And always remember: the more details you offer about your car, the more precise your offer will be!

Accept your offer

Now that you’ve gotten your instant offer, you can proceed with calling us to get that guaranteed cash offer! It’s only a phone call away! 844-663-7286! We will greet you, thank you for taking an interest in our business, and ask you some additional questions about your junk car. Accept a brief hold and we will come back with that guaranteed cash offer. Like what you hear? Awesome! We’ll set up a date to come to your Anaheim home and appraise your car!

It’s time to collect the cash!

A Cash Cars Buyer agent will come to your home and perform an on-site appraisal. When all is on the “up and up”, we will go over anything you need us to go over with and then hand you the cash for your junk car!

You see how easy it is to sell your car to us?

Cash for Junk Cars AnaheimCash for Junk Cars Anaheim CA -Frequently Asked Questions

How can I junk my car near me?

This is a question that’s common, even to Anaheim, CA residents. And the one solid answer is to call Cash Cars Buyer. We have agents that work in Anaheim as well as all over the country. So, once you accept our offer, right after getting that instant quote, we can come to your Anaheim location with ease. From Convention Center, to Downtown Anaheim and even Hermosa Village, we’ll be there!

We provide the best private and local service! So, if you live in zip code 92899, 92809, 92807 or surrounding areas, we can get to you fast! Sometimes the same day you call us!

And you'll buy my car without the title?

We sure will! Once you obtain your instant quote, indicate that you don't have the title. And when you call to follow up with us, let us know you are selling a car without a title. We will factor that in to your guaranteed cash offer!

Do you offer 500 dollars for junk cars?

The amount you get for your junk car will depend on the: year, make, model, condition, location and a few more factors. But that instant offer is one you can obtain 24/7! You can always input your car’s information and see what you’re working with! Lots of folks sell a junk car and get more than that “magical $500” they wanted. But you will never know what you'll receive, until you get that instant quote!

What’s the best place to sell my car online?

From Craigslist, to eBay Motors and even Autotrader, you definitely have choices. But with those places, you also have fees you have to pay. So, when it comes to the best place to sell your car online, we’re it! Our website is easy to navigate! You can also get the latest information from our blogs and get an instant offer, all from your home office!

What are some good reasons to sell my car to Cash Cars Buyer?

  • We pay in cash on the spot! Bank draft? Check? Not on our watch! We pay cash for junk cars!
  • We buy junk cars with no title! Lots of times it’s not a problem if your title is destroyed or lost. Just make sure you have your ID and registration. Then call us for additional details.
  • Even if your car has engine trouble, flood damage, frame damage or isn’t running, we’ll buy it!
  • We offer FREE junk car hauling! You don’t pay for that; it’s included in your services!
  • We are local to Anaheim! So, we can get to you fast, sometimes the same day you introduce you and your car to us!
  • We are a licensed bonded and insured company. So, we offer trust, honesty and straightforwardness. No games, schemes or scams!
  • We’ve been in the junk car buying business for over a decade. Ask us if we love what we do, and we’ll tell you “YES!”

Cash for Junk Cars Anaheim


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