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Car Won’t Start But Battery is Good – Here’s What You Need To Know

Car Won’t Start But Battery is Good

Car Battery Role & Function

When it comes to the high-level functioning and running of your car, the car battery is by far one of the most important components. The last thing any car owner wants to experience is being left stranded on the road’s side with a dead battery. The battery is the power of your vehicle – without it, you wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere. So what happens if your car won’t start, but the battery is good?

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The car battery provides electricity to power the accessories and components within your vehicle. Without the battery power from the car’s internal battery, no electrical component will work, causing your vehicle to run without the lights, the radio, and the power windows.


The battery must transfer the chemical energy into electrical energy to deliver voltage to the starter. In addition, the battery stabilizes the voltage to keep your engine running consistently and constantly. Without the battery, the car would not have the energy required to start and maintain the power to run your vehicle. If the car does not have the proper energy source, you might have a “car won’t start, but battery is good” situation on your hands. 


When looking at why “car won’t start, but battery is good,” there are certain conditions to look out for as to why your vehicle is not turning over. 

Car Won’t Start Symptoms


  • Car won’t start in certain weather conditions


If the problem of “car won’t start, but battery is good” only occurs in certain conditions, this could be due to excess dampness inside of the vehicle. Bring your car to a local auto body shop and ask the mechanic to check the distributor cap inside for any wetness or dampness. The mechanic needs to see if the moisture has harmed the internal components. 


If this is the case, try to get rid of the dampness by evaporating it inside the cap using an aerosol can of a solvent. Using the aerosol can remove the moisture and prevent the “car won't start but battery is good” situation from happening again in the future. 


  • Car won’t start on cold mornings


Similar to the “rainy days car won’t start” issues, the car also might not start on very cold mornings due to the choke in the carburetor or a more serious issue directly related to the fuel injection system. If this is the case, you need to bring your car to a mechanic to determine why you have a “car won’t start but battery is good” condition. 


  • Engine misses while idling


Check the spark plugs to see if they are firing at the correct times and providing the necessary spark to power the engine. You should also check the fuel system, like the fuel pump, fuel filter, and carburetor, to see what parts are not working correctly and how to troubleshoot these problems to prevent you from having a new battery but car won’t start without a jump. 


When figuring out why you have a “car won't start but battery is good” condition with your vehicle, there are some main causes as to this issue appearing in your vehicle. One of the main reasons your car may not start without a jump is the alternator – if this part becomes damaged, a new battery will not help at all, and you will have to determine how to fix the alternator’s problems that are harming your vehicle. 


  • The car cranks, but won’t start


If you hear noises, but your car still won’t start, you need to check the fuel supply to your engine by analyzing the fuel filter, the fuel lines, and the fuel injector to ensure they are all working properly and do not have any holes, leaks, damage, or cracks. 


If all fuel and fuel system components are in good condition, check the spark plugs and see if they are sending the necessary electrical sparks and timing to your ignition to spur the internal combustion. If the spark plugs are not working correctly, you might feel your car cranking but cannot turn over the engine or start the vehicle.


If you hear cranking, but your car won’t start, you might be experiencing a “ car won't start but battery is good” condition. 


  • The engine starts but dies very quickly.


If you use a car that has a carburetor, then check the choke to see if it is closing and opening at the right intervals. If you have fuel injection, you can’t make this diagnosis on your own and will have to bring your car to a mechanic to see why you are having trouble starting your vehicle. If you realize that your engine starts but dies much sooner than it should and does not provide any performance benefits, you might be having a “ car won't start but battery is good” scenario. 


  • The car is silent when you turn the key


If you put your key in the ignition and turn the key to hear the audible clicking sound and hear the engine turn over and it doesn’t happen, this can make you immediately concerned. If this is the case, check the new battery terminal cable connections to see if there are any loose wiring connections or damage. If it starts when you turn on the engine, you might need to check the new battery cables. 


Although you are trying to figure out why you are experiencing “ car won't but battery is good” and determine the battery is not the issue, the alternator could be the culprit. 


  • Car makes a clicking noise but won’t start


If you realize that you have a “ car won't start but battery is good“ condition, this could be due to an improper battery installation in your car from the last person to work on your vehicle – your mechanic. In rare circumstances, mechanics may install a dead battery in your car during a replacement and cause your car to make a clicking noise and not be able to start.

Problems with Your Car Not Starting


  • Pre-Startup Concerns


Some pre-startup issues you need to keep an eye out for in your dying car are as follows. If you notice that there are no dashboard lights, no headlights, brake lights, turn signals, or electrical parts when you turn the key in any direction, this is a sign your car is completely dead, but the battery is good.


Another pre-start issue is that your battery needs to be jumped very frequently, either every 3-5 days or more frequently, if you have let the problem go on for too long. If your car consistently must be jumped, this is a sign that you have a “car won’t start, but battery is good” condition.


  • During Startup Concerns


Some cars are completely dead, but the battery is good during startup because you have to turn your engine over more than three times while you are starting the vehicle. In addition, if your lights or accessories are more dimly lit than usual, this could be a sign that you need to start and rev your car more often than usual. If you constantly need to rev your car, you have a “car won’t start, but battery is good” condition. 


Furthermore, suppose you are experiencing a tough time starting your vehicle after sitting for a long period of time, like overnight in colder climates. In that case, this could lead to your car being completely dead, but the battery is good. Lastly, your vehicle’s final startup issue is that the accessories squeal and make noise during use. If you hear loud noises while starting your car, this can lead to a “car won’t start, but battery is good” condition. 


  • While Driving Concerns 


When figuring out why your car is completely dead, but the battery is good, you need to recognize the common issues and symptoms of a dying car while you're driving. The main symptoms include a rough engine idle, radio accessories shutting off during use, accessories squealing and belts making noise, and the lights blinking when you press on the gas pedal. If you have performance issues while operating your car, this can lead to a “car won’t start, but battery is good ” situation.


Now that you know the signs of a dying car, a car battery’s function, and the signs your car has officially died, you can prevent these issues from getting worse over time and from harming your car in the long run. By preventing your car from dying, you can keep your engine working at a high-performing level for longer and keep your passengers safe.  


Knowing the reasons behind the “car won’t start, but battery is good ” condition can help you prevent these issues from getting worse over time and hurting your car’s performance. 

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