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Car Door Hinge Repair Cost – Expect To Pay Around $500! 

Car Door Hinge Repair Cost - Expect To Pay Around $500! 

If you find that your car doors are no longer working correctly and they don’t shut all the way when you slam the door, chances are your door hinges are worn out. As soon as you notice a malfunctioning door, you need to obtain a quote for the car door hinge repair cost. On average, the price of this procedure is between $400 and $500! 

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What is a car door hinge?

The car door hinge is the mechanism in every vehicle that secures the door to the structural body of the car. Using screws, bolts, or a central hinge pin, the car door hinge connects the door with the car’s body to ensure the door and door panel does not come off while driving. 


By keeping your car door hinge in good condition, you can ensure that opening and closing the door is smooth, helping increase the efficiency and safety of your vehicle. 

Car Door Hinge Replacement Steps

As soon as you find out the total car door hinge repair cost, you can save some money on the procedure by purchasing a door hinge kit.

Step 1 – Remove the Old Pin

After you have the door hinge repair kit purchased, get yourself a jack to support the door for a few minutes to begin the work. Once you support the door, remove the old pin from the door hinge. To remove the pin, you can use a cutoff wheel, grinder, or hardened pin to remove the old part. 

Step 2 – Tap Out The Pin

The next step of removing the old pin is to tap out the pin to make space for a new car door hinge.

Step 3 – Unbolt the Hinge

Once the pin is loose and can be easily removed, you need to unbolt the inner hinge from the A-pillar in the car and remove it. 

Step 4 – Remove the Bushings

If your car door hinge is faulty, you will also find the bushings have been worn-down and broken over time. The next step in replacing the car door hinge is to remove the damaged bushings from the hinge half. Since they are constantly prone to metal-on-metal contact and excess friction, damaged bushings can increase the car door hinge repair cost. 

Step 5 – Replace the Bushings

The replacement bushings should outlast the originals, reducing any car door hinge repair cost in the future. The service life of door bushings is typically around 145,000 miles, helping you operate your car safely and at a high level for consistent driving in traffic and involving multiple door opening and closing per day. 

Step 6- Reinstall the Hinge

The next step is to install the hinge and attach it to the A-pillar, ensuring the bolts are tight and secure. Line up the holes and tap the new pin into place.


By doing this replacement yourself, you can keep the car door hinge repair cost as low as possible. 

Car Door Function

The car door is a type of door, typically one that uses car hinges that are attached to other mechanisms in the vehicle. The vehicle door can be opened to provide easy access to the car. These car doors can be opened manually or powered electronically in high-end and luxurious cars. 


The parts of the car door that are imperative to the functioning of the vehicle and the ease-of-use are the door card, door handle, door switch, glass window, pillar, power door locks, and door hinges. All of these parts need to work properly to keep your car safe and reduce the overall car door hinge repair cost. 

  • Door Card – The door card, also known as the door panel, is the insert on your vehicle’s door that covers the internal components to protect them from external elements or trauma
  • Door Handle – The door handle is the handle used to open or close the car door to let you get in and out of the vehicle with ease. Door handles typically protrude from the exterior’s surface to make it easy to grab.
  • Door Switch – The door switch is an electrical component that helps electronically-powered doors open when the user presses a button.
  • Glass Window – The glass windows on the doors of your car can be raised or lowered by pressing a button, switch, or using a crank handle in older cars. If this part is not working correctly, it can damage your car’s interior and cause a higher car door hinge repair cost. 
  • Pillar –  The pillars are the vertical supports used in the car’s window area or greenhouse, comprising the windshield, side mirrors, and rear mirrors. 
  • Power Door Locks – The power door locks are used by the passengers and drivers to quickly and easily unlock and lock the doors of your car for added safety while driving or when parked.
  • Car Door Hinge – The car door hinges need to function correctly so drivers and car occupants can safely open the door without worrying about sagging hinges or reduced laxity. If the car door is not secured to the structural body of the car, it can lead to a higher car door hinge repair cost. 

Car Door Repair Cost 

Along with replacing and repairing the car door hinge, you may need to also replace the car door due to the extent of the damage. The cost of the door repair depends on the extent of the job being completed, and the location of getting the work done. Adding in the total car door repair cost can give you an accurate estimate of the car door hinge repair cost at your local mechanic or dealership. 


  • Something as simple as just a small dent or scratch on the exterior of the door might only cost around $150 at your local mechanic or auto body shop. 
  • However, if the damage is more severe and widespread across the entire door, replacing the door structure can cost over $1,000. If this is the case, it will add to the total car door hinge repair cost.


If you have scratches on the car door, this can increase the car door repair cost. Scratches on the door depending on the size and depth of the scratch, along with how many there are on the door. Most scratches can be painted door between $150 and $500, while a deep scratch could cost over $1,000.

Door Handle

The car door handle repair averages between $40 and $100 for an OEM handle and between $50 and $95 for the professional labor, bringing the total price between $90 and $195 on average. 

Car Door Lock

The car door lock repair typically costs between $50 and $250, including fixing a broken rod, a malfunctioning switch, or a faulty actuator. 

Rust Damage

Lastly, another common car door repair cost is associated with rust damage. Rust damage is typically found under car doors and can reach between $400 and $850 per door. If this is the case, it can come to a total of around $3200 per car! 

Car Door Hinge Replacement Parts

To understand the overall car door hinge repair cost, you need to know the price of some replacement car parts. 

  • Dorman Door Hinge Parts 703-273

One of the options for replacing door hinges for your car door is the Dorman door hinge set. This door hinge pin and bushing kit help return a sagging door to the right alignment and security. In addition, doing this on your own can help save you time, labor, and money on the overall car door hinge repair cost. 


This kit includes all necessary hardware for the repair, uses durable construction and materials for long-lasting use, only requires replacing the damaged pin and bushing instead of the entire hinge, and is easy to do for beginner car owners. 

  • Dorman Door Hinge Parts 38401 

The Doorman door hinge pins are sold separately to help save money on the overall hinge and bushing kit price. By only selling the door hinge pins, you only have to pay $10 for the minimal car door hinge repair cost. In addition, the door hinge parts have durable brass bushings, hardened steel construction, and trouble-free installation for new car owners. 

  • Dorman Door Hinge Parts 38474

By purchasing the Dorman door hinge parts, you can easily and conveniently restore the proper function of your vehicle door by using this door hinge pin and bushing kit. The door hinge parts help to fix a sagging or lax door to the correct alignment while still saving money on the car door hinge repair cost.  

The Bottom Line

As a car owner, you need to calculate the total car door hinge repair cost by taking into account the function of the car door hinge, the components of the car door, the cost of hte replacement parts, and the components that can affect the car door hinge replacement price. 

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