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Can You Buy A Car Without A License? Reasons Why You Would Want To Buy A Car Without A license

Can You Buy A Car Without A License

Although many individuals might not be wondering if you can purchase a car without a license, some individuals want to pre-plan before they get their license. There are many different reasons why someone might want to look into purchasing a car before they get their license. So, you might be wondering if you need a license to purchase a car? While there is no requirement to have a license in order to buy a car, most individuals have one. 

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You will definitely need a license to drive the car so many individuals have a license at the time they buy a car. Keep reading on to learn everything you need to know about buying a car without a driver’s license. You will also learn many different reasons why someone would want to purchase a car before they have their driver’s license.


Why Would Someone Buy A Car Without Their License


It seems a little strange that someone would want to purchase a car without a license. There are many different reasons why someone might want to purchase a car before they get their license. Listed below are some of the most common reasons why someone without a driver’s license would purchase a car.


Let’s say you want to buy a car to gift to another individual. Just because you aren’t old enough to drive doesn’t mean that you can’t gift a car to someone else who can drive. You can buy a car for anyone and you just want to make sure they are legal and have a driver’s license so they can drive it. Another thing you want to make sure you do is put the title in their name. Since they will be the ones driving the car, the title needs to be in their name. If they get pulled over, you don’t want your name attached to it when you didn’t any anything to do with the situation.


Another reason someone might get a car without their license is because they are buying a car for business-related reasons. If you need some vehicles for your employees, you can buy cars without a license. You just want to make sure you have all the proper documentation for this type of situation. 


There are other situations where someone hires a caregiver that does not have a car. You can legally buy a caregiver a car to use while they take care of your loved one. Even if you don’t have your license you can still buy them a car as long as they have their driver’s license to drive the vehicle. 


Lastly, if you have a private driver or a chauffeur you can legally buy them a car even if you don’t have your driver’s license. You are allowed to give them a car as long as they have their driver’s license. If they do, then they can legally drive a car that you buy for them. 


What Are Some Obstacles When Buying A Car


Now, even though you are legally able to buy a car without a license, that doesn’t mean it will be easy to do or come without certain obstacles. It is important to be aware of some of the obstacles you might face. One of the biggest obstacles will be insurance. It can be difficult to obtain insurance without a driver’s license. Additionally, most states will require you to have car insurance before you drive it out on the roadways. Typically insurance companies will make you put your driver’s license number down on the application. 


You might be wondering why does the insurance company needs your driver’s license number? They will run background checks on you and see what your driving history is like. Any ticket or accident that was reported will be attached to your driver’s license number. This is the best way they have to see a full picture of your driving record. 


Now there are some insurance companies out there that are understanding when it comes to insuring a vehicle that you purchased for someone else and can’t legally drive yet. You will need information from the licensed driver that will be driving the car you bought. When you give them their information and driver’s license number, you won’t be the primary driver on the policy. 


The insurance company will use all of their information to determine all of the policy details and costs associated with it. You can still pay the premiums but you won’t be listed as the primary driver because you don’t have a driver’s license. Now, you can be listed on the policy as an excluded driver so you can be included in the process. 


Either way, insurance is a major obstacle that you will want to be aware of before you start this process. Once you do start it, you will want all of the driver’s information so you can give it to your insurance company. This will help create a smooth process for everyone involved. 


How Do I Register The Car?


Registering a car is a very important step in the buying process. All cars must be registered through that particular state’s motor vehicle department. This needs to be done before the car is driven on the roadways. If you are going to keep ownership of the car then the registration needs to be in your name. All of the information needs to match up with your car’s title. 


Typically, this step can cause some problems. You might be wondering what could go wrong here? Well, a valid driver’s license is required to register a vehicle in your name. So, there are no laws against purchasing a car without a license but there are legal requirements on registering a car without a license. You cannot register a car without a driver’s license.


The only way around this problem is to name a licensed driver as the titleholder of your car. You will want to pick a trustworthy individual because you are giving up partial ownership of the car by doing this. Once you do that, you will be co-owing the car with the licensed driver. This is the best option that you have in this type of situation. So, make sure you chose wisely before you sign documents. You don’t want someone to take advantage of you and then you eventually lose ownership of the car. 


Since there are so many rules when it comes to buying and registering a car, it is important to heavily research everything that goes into the process before you spend the money on buying a car without a license. You want to make sure that you don’t lose any money.


How Do I Finance A Car Without Having A Driver’s License?


Many individuals are not about to outright buy a car. They are incredibly expensive and most individuals need to finance their car to make monthly payments. So, you might be wondering do I need a driver’s license to do this. Financing is a very important aspect of the car buying process so you need to be aware of the rules. 


Financing a car can be very difficult without a driver’s license. When you start this process, you will need to provide some form of photo ID so they know you are not trying to take a loan out in someone else’s name. If you are going through a dealership, they will typically make you take out a longer-term loan. They are often hesitant to give out loans to an individual without a driver’s license. They are hesitant because they know that you only have part ownership of the car because of the registration requirements. 


You can always apply for a loan through a third party but they will typically make you have car insurance. As state above, to get car insurance you need to have a driver’s license. Everything is pretty interconnected throughout this process. So, while it is pretty simple to buy a car without a driver’s license, it is a lot more difficult to get insurance, register the car, and finance it. All of those aspects are very important throughout this entire process. 


The Bottom Line


So, to recap you can buy a car without a license even though it is very uncommon. If you are trying to be proactive before you get your license, you can do that as long as you have enough money to buy the car. If you are wondering where you purchase a car you have many different options. Dealerships can be very expensive and other individuals may not be as trustworthy.


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