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BMW X5 Won’t Start All Possible Causes & Solutions! 

BMW X5 Won’t Start All Possible Causes & Solutions! 

Your BMW X5 won't start because of a problem with the battery, the starter motor, the alternator. If your BMW X5 cranks but won't start, inspect the battery first thing. Then, use jumper cables to get the vehicle started. If your peers didn't start after the jumpstart, you need to tell your vehicle to the nearest repair shop and pinpoint the problem. 

Since introduced in the 1990s, the BMW X5 attracted tons of customers over the years. Many loyal BMW customers continuously buy this vehicle despite dealing with any mechanical problems during this vehicle's lifetime.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Like any other automobile, the BMW X5 will experience some starting problems. There is no specific or definite time when you will deal with BMW X5 won't start. It might be during that cold morning when you're trying to get the kids to school or right before your important doctor appointment.

As a driver of a BMW X5, you need to be aware of all possible reasons that could cause your BMW X5 not to start. Since the sorting process involves many potential components, it can be challenging to determine where exactly the problem is coming from.

This article provides you with all possible reasons and causes for your BMW X5 won’t start problem. It will also highlight temporary and permanent solutions that can resolve the problem along with expected repair costs. 

BMW X5 starting process 

Before we move into the different scenarios when you're a BMW X5 won’t stars, we must be all on the same page regarding how the BMW X5 vehicle starts. 

Whether it's the BMW X5 or not, the starting process involves a good number of internal components in any vehicle.

The process begins with the battery that generates the initial current and sends it to the starter motor through the different wires and connections. There is a very common misconception that the battery supports the electrical system throughout the driving chip. However, the battery is only responsible for sending that initial current to get the vehicle going. Then, its alternators shop to continue to provide the electrical current to the entire electrical system as you're driving the vehicle.


Once the electrical current is sent from the battery, it's the starter Motors job to enlarge the electrical current and make it big enough to start the engine. 

Also, even if the fuel system is not part of the starting process, it is necessary to get the vehicle going. Imagine if your BMW X5 does not have any fuel, it won't start, Right? 

So, some components within the fuel system might also disturb the BMW X5 starting process. For instance, if the fuel tank does not happen, if you all, or when the ignition switch has a problem, your BMW X5 won't start.

When your engine feels complete, your BMW X5 won’t start as well. However, failed engine symptoms can be very clear before you get to the point where you can't start your BMW X5. 

BMW X5 won't start: What are the main causes and possible solutions?  

Your BMW X5 has thousands of interacting components that get the vehicle started and moving every day. When your BMW X5 doesn't start, any of the internal components might be faulty, making it a little challenging to keep up with these components and determine the culprit.

Luckily, automotive experts came up with a list of potential scenarios and other symptoms you might notice when your BMW X5 won't start. By determining these symptoms, you can shorten the list of possible reasons preventing your BMW X5 from starting.

According to automotive experts, “The most common causes that hinders normal starting operation of your BMW X5 are dead key fob battery, dead 12v battery, corrosion on battery terminals, bad alternator, clogged fuel filter, broken starter, blown fuse, empty gas tank, immobilizer error or any fault in the electrical system.”

Let's take a closer look below at some of the top reported scenarios when your BMW X5 won't start:

  • BMW X5 won't start 

When your BMW X5 won't start, he didn't notice any other symptoms associated with the problem; you need to go back to the electrical source and transporting wires.

Therefore, the first thing you need to check is your BMW X5 battery and battery terminals.

When the battery fails or does not hold the charge over time of use, you want to start the vehicle, or the starting process might be intermittent. 

What are the symptoms of a bad BMW X5 battery? 

Luckily, when your BMW X5 battery begins to fail, your vehicle will tell you before it even completely fails. There are very common symptoms of a bad BMW X5 battery, including: 

  • You might notice a check engine light on the dashboard 
  • Your BMW X5 engine might turn over slowly 
  • The ignition switch might make some clicking noises 
  • The lights will be dimmer
  • You will notice general electrical problems 

Simple workout

When your BMW X5 battery goes bad, you can jumpstart the vehicle to get it going and bring it to the nearest repair shop.

Automotive experts never recommend jumpstarting the vehicle as a permanent solution, and at one point, you must install a new battery to get the problem resolved completely. 

How much does it cost to replace the BMW X5 battery? 

BMW X5 battery replacement cost ranges from $494.00 inches from $91.00 to $115.00, and the parts themselves cost about $402. 

What are the symptoms of bad BMW X5 battery terminals? 

If your BMW X5 battery is in good condition, the next step is to check the battery terminals and connections.

When the connections are not transferring the electrical current, your BMW X5 won't start.

There are also some common symptoms of bad battery terminals, including

  • The engine will crank slowly 
  • They check engine light might eliminate 
  • You might see signs of corrosion on the battery terminals 
  • Give BMW X5 might lose electrical power 

Simple workaround

If the BMW X5 battery terminals are not completely damaged, you can tighten them or clean them from any corrosion science.

Remember that you can perform any clean-up to the battery terminals unless the battery is completely detached to prevent dealing with electrical current shocks' hazards.

This works only if the battery cables are in good condition; however, you might need to replace the entire cable or terminal if you see any cracks. 

How much does it cost to replace BMW X5 battery terminals? 

Luckily, replacing the battery terminals is not as expensive as replacing the entire BMW X5 battery. According to most automotive experts, it should cost you between $26 and $33 to replace, and he battled her labs, including the BMW X5 ones. 

  • BMW X5 won't start no power 

One common situation when your BMW X5 won't start is that the vehicle will not have any power. You will simply not notice any response from the car. It's like you're not doing anything.

Thus, after confirming that the battery and the battery terminals are in good condition, your next step is to consider checking the fuse box. A fuse box might have a loose or burnt fuse that needs to be replaced. 

What are the symptoms of a bad BMW X5 fuse box? 

When any fuse goes bad in your fuse box, you will notice the following symptoms:

  • There will be a sign of burns on one or more fuses
  • You will notice that the fuse blows frequently and more than before
  • Some of the fuses might be loose 
  • You might notice some burning smell around the fuse box 

Simple workaround 

Fuses are one of those components that you can't have any workaround to get them to work. You'll simply need to bring the vehicle to the nearest repair shop and get the burnt fuse replaced or tighten any loose fuses. 

How much does it cost to replace a BMW X5 fuse? 

BMW X5 fuse replacement cost is about $91 on average. Remember, this price is the first significantly depending on which model year you're trying to repair. Also, labor costs can be a major contributor to the total fuse replacement costs in your BMW X5. 

  • BMW X5 won't start, and lights flash 

Another common situation that has to do with your BMW X5 won't start is when you see the lights or important like could be your headlights or even the dashboard lights.

If that's the case, it indicates that there is a problem with the drained battery. The battery might have a small amount of charge to get any of these electrical components started, but it can't provide the huge electrical charge to start the vehicle.

If you confirm that the battery is in good condition, you might need to check the alternator. If the alternator goes bad, it will continuously drain the battery and prevent it from starting your BMW X5 next time. 

What are the symptoms of a bad BMW X5 alternator?

When the alternator goes bad, you will notice some of the following symptoms

  • In some model years, your dashboard might raise an error indicating that the alternator is going bad
  • The headlights will flicker, and the dashboard lights might also flicker
  • You might hear some weird noises coming from the vehicle
  • The engine might stall and have difficulty starting
  • The battery might die 

Simple workaround 

About alternator does not have any workaround; unfortunately, when it goes bad, you need to take the vehicle to the nearest repair shop and get the alternator replaced immediately. Otherwise, your BMW X5 won't start at all. 

How much does it cost to replace a BMW X5 alternator? 

When average, BMW X5 alternator replacement cost ranges from $1019 to $1392. The part itself costs between $707 and $999. On the other hand, labor costs range from $311 and $393.

  • BMW X5 won't start and clicks

When your BMW X5 would start in is still hear some clicking noises, the problem is the most likely starter motor

The starter is not expected to go bad quickly, and it lasts beyond 100,000 miles in any vehicle, even those with the BMW X5.

However, there will be a point of time where you need to replace the starter motor. 

What are the common symptoms of a bad BMW X5 starter motor?

Some common symptoms are indicating that the starter motor is going bad, including:

  • Your BMW X5 won’t start and clicks
  • Your vehicle will get lights but not move 
  • The starter motor might be soaked with oil
  • You might notice some smoke coming from your vehicle 

Simple workaround 

Unfortunately, when a certain motor goes bad, it is the same situation as the windy alternator goes bad. You don't have any option except to bring your vehicle to the nearest repair shop and get it replaced. 

How much does it cost to replace a BMW X5 starter motor? 

BMW X5 starter motor replacement cost ranges from $680 and $897. The part itself requires about $436 to $585. On the other hand, labor costs require between $244 and $308. 

  • BMW X5 won't start in cold weather 

Cold weather affects your BMW X5 in many ways. It usually prevents any fluid from moving and flowing properly, which affects the overall vehicle's performance.

In most scenarios, the BMW X5 battery will not work with its full capacity during cold conditions. Therefore, you don't want to cause additional stress on the battery by turning on any necessary electrical items like the radio or probably the heated seats immediately after you start in the car.

There is no clear workaround or fix to BMW X5 won’t start in cold weather because it depends heavily on the type of the problem.

What you can do is you can simply jumpstart the vehicle and see if the problem is resolved. If that's the case, the problem might be related to a bad or drain the battery. On the other hand, if the jumpstart did not help, then the problem might be related to any other component within the sorting process. 

BMW X5 won't start: the bottom line 

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