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Airbag Replacement Costs: All You Need to Know! 

Airbag Replacement Costs: All You Need to Know! 

Airbags are one of the most important safety compliances in your vehicle. It could be a lifesaver if your vehicle experienced an accident. It's also important to learn the airbag replacement costs.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Most of us never think of airbags if they are working properly until something happens to the airbags.

It's very important to familiarize ourselves with the air bags replacements costs before any issue happens to them. 

We're hoping that you never need this information and your airbags are always in good shape. However, as a driver, you need to understand unexpected or emergency costs like airbag replacement costs. 

When do you need to replace your vehicle's airbags? 


If your vehicle's airbag never deployed due to an accident, you don't want to ask about When to replace them because you don't need to. 

Airbags are very important components in your car. These components could be lifesavers for you and the passenger sitting in the front seat.

According to several studies, a good airbag reduces fatality of a person by 29%. It also reduces the person of fatality of the passenger driver by 32%. 

Ignoring to replace the airbags put your life and the passenger's life in danger. 

Other than the accident situation, you might need to check the airbags if your vehicle doesn't pass the safety inspection. If that's the case, you will not be able to drive your vehicle on any public road until you passed this safety inspection. 

Did you know that you can't sell your car without a working airbag to any other driver? It's important to keep yourself safe, but it's very important to consider other people's lives. 

Thanks for keeping in mind when replacing airbags 


Before we dig into the details about airbag replacement costs, it's very important to know yourself with the process that gets into replacing your vehicle's airbags.

The first thing that needs to happen to replace your airbags is to remove the old ones. While this might sound straightforward, removing the old airbags require a couple of steps that could include removing the seat belts, buckles, and other items, especially to remove the side airbags. 

Even if they are long side airbags are in good shape, it's very important to make sure that they are still working after the car accident.

Another thing that gets into replacing the airbags is the impact sensor. This sensor causes the airbags to deploy whenever there is an accident. Therefore, you need to check if this sensor is still working properly to risk your life in future car issues. 

Internal wiring is another thing that you need to make sure to inspect in cases of car accidents. You want to make sure that the airbags are connected properly, and there are no issues that happened to these internal wiring during the last excellent. 

Lastly, depending on your car type, you might need to replace different airbags from different types.

By now, you can't understand that replacing an airbag is not a straightforward and simple job simple one; it involves a lot of steps and requires some time. 

How much does airbag replacement cost? 


Considering all the steps mentioned in the previous section, replacing an airbag could cost between $2400 and $5000. 

For each airbag, you need to replace the module for about $600. 

It is also important to consider that airbag replacement cost depends on the severity of your vehicle's accident. For example, if the vehicle was involved in a smaller accident, repair costs are lower than full-frontal collision. 

The total replacement cost for airbag replacement could start as small as $1800 and might end up at $20,000 Depending on which parts were damaged during the car accident.

It's very important to keep in mind that these numbers are just rough estimates, and the actual value depends heavily on your car's make, model, year, and severity of the accident.

To get more accurate estimates, it's better to consult a professional mechanic and have him inspect your car to provide you with exact and accurate numbers. 

Is it worth replacing my vehicle's airbags?


Answering this question depends heavily on several factors. 

First, you need to evaluate the situation by comparing the car accident severity that caused your airbags to deploy. For example, if your vehicle was involved in a small accident and requires less repair costs, the situation is different than a significant accident that requires a lot of repair costs.

As all of some, when it comes to car repairs, it's very important to compare the total repair costs to your vehicle's value. Automotive experts suggest that if repair costs are getting close to 70% or more of your vehicle's value, it's not worth spending a penny on this car. 

What are your other options? 

If you decided that it's not worth repairing your vehicle's airbags, a great option for you would be to junk your car.

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