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What Are the Most Valuable Scrap Car Parts for Money? 

What Are the Most Valuable Scrap Car Parts for Money? 

According to 2021 automotive experts estimates, more than 84 million vehicles will last up to 16 years. While this is a good increase from the last couple of decades, driving an older vehicle might not be very practical, and one should consider getting rid of it and driving a better vehicle. You should also consider what are the most valuable scrap car parts for money to make you some money.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Driving a decade-old car might require many repair costs and will consume more fuel if not breaking down frequently.

If you decided to get rid of your car and sell it as junk, it's very important to keep in mind that you can make extra money by selling valuable car parts separately.

This article highlights the most valuable scrap car parts for money to consider before junking your car. 

The engine – Valuable Scrap Car Parts


The first and most important car parts you should consider selling separately before junking your vehicle is the engine.

You probably know that replacing a car engine is one of the most expensive car repairs. If one could purchase a used car engine, it's a great win for both parties.

Even if your vehicle's engine is not in great condition, it can still get you some cash by selling it separately. The engine has several valuable elements, like aluminum and steel. These elements are considered expensive when it comes to car parts. 

The transmission 


Following the vehicle's engine, the transmission is one of the most expensive car parts, and it also costs you a lot of money if you're trying to replace it in your car.

You can get the advantage of your transmission in two different ways:

You can select the entire system if it's repairable. Many car repair shops will appreciate purchasing a full transmission system if it doesn't require a lot of repair effort.

You can also sell the transmission as just metal parts. If the transmission is not repairable or takes a lot of time or effort to get repaired, you can still get its advantage and sell it as parts. The transmission consists of aluminum, cast iron, steel, and brass. These parts are very valuable and can get you extra cash. 

The catalytic converter – Valuable Scrap Car Parts


The catalytic converter is a small part of your car responsible for converting that car emissions into less harmful gases that could go to the environment.

Without a perfectly running catalytic converter, a vehicle might not be able to pass the smog test.

If your vehicle's catalytic converter is in good condition, many repair shops would love to purchase it and have it as replacement parts for other similar vehicles.

Don't hesitate to contact a small repair shop and let them know about your car's catalytic converter. Even if the catalytic converter was not sold as a whole, you could also take advantage of the different metals making up this part.

The catalytic converter consists of expensive metals like rhodium, palladium, and platinum. 

The GPS 


Most people are now relying on their smartphones as a source for guidance rather than using a GPS. Even though, check with the repair shop and ask them if they are willing to purchase your GPS.

The GPS can get you up to a couple of $100. While this amount is not a lot, it is considered something worth the try. 

The fenders 


Fenders can make great replacement parts for people who are looking to protect the wheels of their vehicles. The fenders work together with the bumpers to protect the vehicle.

Don't hesitate to contact either a private buyer or a repair shop to sell your vehicle's fenders separately before junking your car.

The doors

Who would want to ride a vehicle if it doesn't have doors? Every vehicle requires car doors unless it has a specific design purpose.

Car doors are always great replacements for similar vehicles, and many people would appreciate purchasing cheaper car doors rather than buying brand new ones. 

The bumpers 

Like the car fenders, bumpers could be a great replacement if they are in great condition. Depending on your car's make, model, and year, you can determine whether your vehicle is demanded in the market. Thus, many private buyers or repair shops would appreciate buying I used bumper.

Bumpers are always demanded because they are the 1st and most frequent parts damaged in any car accident. 

The battery 

Selling the battery separately does not make you a lot of money. It usually will get you about $20. However, when recycling your car's battery, you're protecting the environment and putting the harmful chemicals at the right location.

Thus, consider recycling your car's battery not only for the money but to help protect the environment. 

The air conditioning – Valuable Scrap Car Parts


All people agree that driving a vehicle without air conditioning in a hot environment can be very frustrating.

Many repair shops will be looking for air conditioning parts like the condenser or the compressor and are willing to pay you some extra cash beyond the price of scrapping your car. This is another one of the most valuable scrap car parts for money that you should salvage before junking your car.

One thing to keep in mind when selling your air conditioning separately is that they might require a professional mechanic to take them out of your vehicle properly without damaging them. 

The airbags 

If you know that your vehicle's airbags are still in good condition and the car was not involved in an accident, you can make a good amount of cash out of these airbags.

Keep in mind that you don't want to attempt to remove your vehicle's airbags without proper experience. Airbags are placed away, making them explosive and might cause significant injuries if they were not removed properly.

Therefore, if you're interested in selling your vehicle's airbags separately, you might need to consult a professional mechanic to remove them correctly. 

The radiator 

Your vehicle's radiator is responsible for preventing the engine from overheating. If you know that your vehicle's radiator is still functioning, you can make some money out of it by selling it separately.

Keep in mind, if you're trying to sell your radiator separately, you must drain your vehicle's coolant first before removing It's.