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Is The 2010 Ford F-150 A Money Pit? Check Out Transmission Problems and More! 

2010 ford f150 transmission problems

While every vehicle ever made has its share of pros and cons, the 2010 Ford F-150 is perhaps quite one of the worst vehicles ever made. Sure, each owner of a vehicle may differ with the popular opinions, but the 2010 Ford F-150 seems to get some low marks, thanks to transmission problems, electrical issues and more. Let’s take a look at why many say that the 2010 Ford F-150 is one of the worst vehicles to buy.  Also find out if the 2010 Ford F – 150 is a money pit

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“2010 Ford F-150- One of The Worst Used Trucks to Buy” – Is The 2010 Ford F-150 A Money Pit

In a recent poll from My Value Car, the F-150 2010 Ford truck holds the rank as one of the worst pickup trucks to purchase.  In addition to engine problems, the 2010 Ford F150 is seen as “money pit”, full of issues for truck owners. In fact, the 2010 Ford F-150 does not get the rave reviews that Ford was perhaps hoping for. Some of the most common issues with the vehicle include: engine clattering, loss of power while driving and the window failing to roll up. The 2010 F150 has plethora of engine issues, transmission problems and more. 


The 2010 F-150 Has Many Struggles with the Transmission 

One of the biggest issues with the 2010 Ford F-150 include issues with the truck’s transmission. In fact, on just one site alone, are about 70 complaints lodged about the truck’s transmission. While some F-150 owners were experiencing issues with shifting- such as hard shifting- other owners documented problems with their F150 lurching forward at lower speeds. Although many F-150 truck owners took their cars to be serviced, technicians were not able to find the 2010 ford f150 transmission problems that the owners spoke of. Remedies such as flushing of the transmission didn’t help a large number of 2010 Ford F150 owners. 


2010 F-150 Owner Number One with Transmission Problems: “Transmission Shifts Hard” 

The first 2010 Ford F150 owner cited that the Ford150 purchased has a transmission that shifts hard once accelerating. The owner stated that the truck was taken to a dealership for a re-flashing of the transmission. The owner was later told by Ford, that the truck had to get used to the owner’s driving habits. Although that remedy helped the owner, the hard shifting returned. 


2010 F-150 Owner Number Two with Transmission Problems: “I Thought It Was the Rear Brakes” 

Another owner of the 2010 Ford F-150 cited similar issues with hard shifting. The owner stated that the original thought was the rear brakes were to blame. But after some time, the owner know it was a transmission problem. So, the truck owner took the truck to a dealership and the mechanics at Ford were able to re-flash the transmission. The owner noted a bit of an improvement. 


The 2010 F-150 And the Electrical Problems – Is the Ford F – 150 A Money Pit

Not only does the 2010 ford F150 have transmission problems, but electrical problems plague this model of truck as well. According to one truck owner- that once the truck approached the 130,000-mile mark, the driver experienced the dash lights and the taillights going out.  Another F150 truck owner bought a used 2010 F1-50 and was told not to expect any sounds coming from the radio- due to electrical issues. The owner also noticed that in addition to the radio issues, the airbag structure wasn’t showing that it is was operable. Even metal chunks fell from the bottom of door, every time the owner closed it. Other electrical issues with the 2010 F-150 included, the fuel pump fuse melting, the defroster breaking the windshield glass and stalling after hitting a pothole or other kind of bump while driving. 


2010 F-150 Windshield Problems – Is The 2010 Ford F – 150 A Money Pit

Perhaps the biggest issue with the 2010 Ford F-150, is the windshield. Yes, the 2010 Ford F-150 is plagued with electrical and transmission problems, but also problems with the windshield. In fact, on just once site, over 100 complaints were lodged about windshield debacles. From rear view windows shattering without notice, to loud popping noises before windows broke- the windshield glass of the 2010 Ford F150 seems to be a true safety hazard. Some 2010 Ford F-150 truck owners noticed that their rear windows were broken after using the rear defroster. Other 2010 Ford F-150 owners stood baffled as to why their front and back windows were braking without any previous issues. 


2010 F-150 Owner Number One with Windshield Problems: “Rear window had spontaneously shattered above my 13-month-old daughter!” 

This particular 2010 Ford F-150 owner cited that a shattered window could have potentially harmed his/her infant daughter. After driving the 2010 Ford F-150 down a highway family, there was a suddenly a loud popping noise that the family and driver heard. The owner stated that the rear window had just suddenly shattered. And to make matters worse, the window popped right about a 13-month-old female toddler. The owner called the Corporate Office of Ford in Dearborn, Michigan and discussed the situation. According to the owners, the supervisor stated that there was nothing that Ford could do, as the 2010 Ford F-150 was no longer covered under a warranty. 


2010 F-150 Owner Number Two with Windshield Problems: “…the passenger rear window was shattered!” 

The 2010 Ford F-150 owner was simply driving to work, when all of a sudden, the owner hears quite a loud bang. The owner describes the bang as one that sounded like another object crashed into the vehicle. After driving just 20 MPH though the neighborhood, where the 2010 Ford F-150 owner lives, the truck owner then pulls over- only to find that the passenger rear window on the 2010 Ford F-150 truck was shattered. With the weather only being about 35 the owner then drove to a safe space and did some research on the Internet about the 2010 Ford F-150 and any issues with shattering glass. The owner was able to see that shattering glass among hundreds of F-150 owners was a real issue. The owner further declared being “…done with Ford!” 


2010 F-150 Owner Number Two with Windshield Problems: “…my rear window blew out for now the second time!” 

This particular Ford F-150 truck owner cited the rear window blowing out for the second time within 47,000 miles. The owner noted that the first time the window shattered, it took place after the truck reached after 17,000 miles. 


What Is The Best Year Ford F150 To Buy? – Is The 2010 Ford F – 150 A Money Pit

In a word, yes. The 2015 Ford F150 truck seems to be the best year for the Ford F150. In fact, the Ford F150 truck, 2015 was named “Best Overall Truck Brand” by Kelley Blue Book.  

Tips On Buying A Used Ford F150 – Is The 2010 Ford F-150 A Money Pit

Check out some great tips on purchasing your Ford F150: 

Know What You Want  

When you make a decision to buy your 2010 Ford F-150, you want to ensure that you know what you want. Are you interested in a 2010 Ford F-150 truck that has a specific feature? Whether you buy a 2010 Ford F-150 truck or another year, know what you want. 

Have a Second Set of Eyes Look at Your Truck 

Whether you purchase a 2010 Ford F-150 or another year, you want a second set of eyes to look at your truck. So, have your trusted mechanic give that desired 2010 Ford F-150 truck a once over. Your mechanic will take a look at the mileage of the truck, the engine, transmission and other components of the truck. From there, he or she will alert you to any potential issues that you may have. 

Steer Clear of Modified F150 Trucks 

Whether you have your eye on a 2010 Ford F-150 or another year, you want to steer clear of the modified Ford F-150 trucks. Even the smallest modification can cause issues later down the line. So, keep away of the modified trucks. 

No Test Drive? No Sale 

If you’re not given a chance to test-drive your desired 2010 Ford F-150, then pass the deal. You want to get a feel for how the truck drives. Always test-drive your truck so that you understand handling. You also want to see and take note of anything that may seem a bit off to you. 

Buy Your F-150 From a Trusted Seller – Is The 2010 Ford F-150 A Money Pit

Whether you purchase your F-150 truck from a dealership or a private party or a dealership, you want to ensure that you are buying your truck from a trusted person.  While it may be reasonable to buy from a previous F150 owner, you may be at a higher risk of being deceived or misled. Look at the body language of the seller. Is he or she a comfortable person? Look at the documents you are provided for your potential F150 truck. Are you being presented with a clear and free title? Did you get a vehicle history report on the truck? The paperwork that you receive for your potential sale, tells a lot about the seller. So, look for the important documents that will make your sale smooth. Are you buying your F150 truck from a certified pre-owned Ford dealership? Then, your pre-owned F-150 truck will certainly have the warranties, and guarantees that you need, should you have an issue.  




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