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Glaring Issues With The Ford F150!  A Rough Running Engine Were Among Ford F150 Engine Problems! 

Ford F150 Engine Problems

For over four decades, the Ford F-150 has been one of America’s most popular trucks. Known for its spacious interior and robust design, the Ford F-150 offers leisure as well as ample transportation. Many F-150 models typically offer owners years of reliability- with regular and proper maintenance. As popular as Ford trucks continue to be, each model has offered its share of issues to owners. Such is true of the Ford F-150. From 2018’s 5.0 engine problems, to issues with the spark plugs, the F-150 has seen its share of discord. Whether the problems are mechanical or aesthetic- it’s vital to understand these issues, ensuring your preparedness. Let’s examine some of the most common issues with the Ford F-150. 

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The Most Common Problems with the Ford F-150 2015-2017 Pickup Trucks 

Let’s examine some of the most common issues with the Ford F-150 between model years 2015 and 2017. 

Transmission And Engine Problems 

Although a sound vehicle and known for its sportiness and durability, the Ford F-150 models manufactured between 2015-2017 do indeed have issues that stem from interior issues, to functional components giving out. The 2015 Ford-150’s problems have largely centered around issues with the transmission- which led owners to have problems shifting their trucks. The Ford F-150 truck saw a huge demand in fixing the engine, as a number of F150 engine problems plagued owners. The transmission issues with the F-150 have been huge with the F-Series trucks. In fact, Ford had so many problems, that in 2017 Ford issued a large recall regarding the corrupt transmission gear indicator. 


Generation 13 “MyFord” Touch Issues and Complaints 

The Ford F-Series had several document issues with the “MyFord Touch” feature. Although its intent is to enhance the technological choices and amenities that are located on the console, the feature was found to be quite a nuisance and very reliable for a number of Ford F-150 owners. As a result, many owners threatened Ford with a class-action lawsuit. Litigants of the lawsuit stated that the “MyFord Touch” feature was glitchy, and the feature would disable many important vehicle commands of the Ford F-150. In one instance, one owner stated that the MyFord Touch” feature failed to enable the rear-view camera as well as the defroster on F-150s. Other problems with the MyFord Touch” feature included failure to control the temperature in the interior, as well as failure to correctly control navigation. 


Frozen Handle Truck And Recall 

One of the biggest issues that plagued the Ford F-150 2015-2017 F-Series, was a frozen door handle and latching problem.  In fact, it was noted that once temperatures hit subzero the latch failed to engage  

latch will often fail to engage with the door striker. As a result, it was very possible for the vehicle’s door to just swing open, while operable. The door was also known to shut and even lock the driver inside of the F-150!  The frozen handle issue was so huge, that it became the basis of a lawsuit. Even though the lawsuit was dismissed in court, it led to Ford recalling over one million F-150 trucks, that were manufactured the handle, back in 2017.  Later, Ford issued a statement stating that they would 

extend the trucks with water shields with the latches, to fix the issue. The trucks which were a part of the recall were manufactured in Ford plants in Kentucky, Michigan and Missouri. 


Gearshift Issues and Recall 

As if the Ford 150 engine problems and frozen door handles were not enough, the 2015-2017 Ford F-150 saw its share of gearshift issues. In fact, a transmission issue with the 2017 Ford F-150 prompted a recall of 15,000 trucks.  Ford addressed the issue, citing that the 10-speed gear located in its 2017 F-150 trucks was intended to keep the truck in the same gear, regardless of any shift-lever position. Despite such, the feature was traced to gearshifts that unfortunately disengaged from the transmission. This resulted in 

The truck developing an inability to shift promptly and correctly. In a worst-case scenario instance, the shift lever could read the truck as one that is parked, while the transmission was still operable and in motion. 


ETB Issues and Malfunctions 

ETB or Electronic Throttle Bodies have bene an on-going problem with many Ford vehicles. With modern Ford F-Series trucks, ETB, which is a data-controlled system, has the task of transmitting sensory information to the truck’s throttle valve- which in turn, controls the quantity of air that travels through the vehicle’s engine.  In various Ford F-150s a “limp mode” which is an error code, sometimes appears. This happens when the ETB ends its readings of the truck and then losses momentum. With a high rate of “limp mode” issues on a number of the 13th-generation F-Series model trucks, replacement components have been in such high-demand, that they are often on back-order. As a result, Ford has instructed customers to wait for various lengths of time. Even though the ETB can resume its functioning, experts warn that driving a car in “limp mode” may not be ideal. Should you encounter a faulty ETB, it needs to be replaced ASAP. Should you have to wait for parts, due to them being back-ordered, drive another vehicle, till the ETB issue is fixed by your Ford dealer. 


Seat Cooling Problems 

Drivers of many recent F-Series Ford F-150 models have complained about the seat cooling system. In some Ford F-150 trucks, the seat will cool for few moments, then the cooling system will fail. Other F-150 users have stated that the function will work on the base of the seat, but not on the back of the seat. Additional reports indicate that the hose that offers airflow to the seat, can come undone a lot. 


The Most Common Problems with the Ford F-150 2009-2014 Pickup Trucks

From digital systems to rough running engine problems, the F-150 manufactured between 2009 and 2014 has seen its share of issues. Let’s examine a few of them. 

Gasket Leak on The Passenger Side 

Lots of driver of the 2009-2014 Ford F-150s have complained that the trucks have sets of ill-manufactured head gaskets. This makes it possible for oil to leak from the passenger side of the truck. 

Auto experts report that due to the leaks, the F-150 could potentially overheat and overfill. This issue could also lead to the crumbling of the truck’s gasket coating. Leaks first become apparent by a burnt oil smell. Additionally, owners of the Ford F-150 have reported these kinds of leaks, after driving their F-150 trucks to the 160,000-mile mark.  With a new head gasket being a costly fix, some owners have remedied the issue with JB Weld Bond to the leaking area. 


An Engine That Runs Rough 

Generation 12 F-150s have well-documented engine problems. In fact, the engine has been known to run very rough, as it idles. Generally, the issue results in the sticking of exhaust gas recirculation sensors. Those sensors will stick, thanks to a huge accumulation of carbon. Experts with Ford, advise that F-150 owners replace the sensors every 100,000 miles. When the F-150 accumulates those 100,000 miles, the sensors will begin to wear and can result in an unbalanced engine. The MAF or the mass airflow sensor will also become clogged, causing a hot wire that is very dirty. One of the most prevalent F150 engine problems is rough running while idling. Should you change your MAF sensor, you want to ensure that you only use a MAF sensor-specific cleaner. 


Transmission Shifting Issues 

Due to transmission shifting issues, Ford issued a recall notice with the automatic transmission in 2009-2012 F150 trucks. Many transmissions of these model years were downshifting into second gear, with no previous warning. Any driver knows that at any speed-especially on the highway-could be very dangerous.  


The Most Common Problems with the Ford F-150 2004-2008 Pickup Trucks

Spark plugs breaking off and aluminum hood corrosion are but some of the issues with the 2004-2008 Ford F-150 Pickup Trucks. Let’s examine them as well as more. 

Weak Spark Plugs That Break Off 

With its share of spark plug issues, the Ford 4.6 spark plug difficulties, between 2004 and 2008 were problematic for many F-150 trucks. In fact, the spark plugs were even troublesome for Ford 5.4 too. One of the most complex Ford truck spark plug issues, has been the problem of the spark plugs coming out while remaining intact. Should you attempt to remove the spark plugs, the tips are likely to break off, while leaving the remainder of the spark plugs lodged in the cylinder.  


Corrosion on the Aluminum Hood 

During the 2000s, Ford saw and read lots of complaints about corrosion taking place in Ford F-150 trucks as well as other Ford models. The issue centered on the hoods of the Ford 2004-2007 F-150 trucks. Corrosion was also documented on some of the fuel straps of some F-150 trucks too. Additionally, the Heritage edition 2004F F-150, corrosion of the fuel-tank straps prompted a recall of that particular mode. The issue was triggering the truck’s tanks to drop off. There were also disconnections between the fuel lien and the tank that were reported too. 



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