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Problems with the 2010 Ford F-150 And 5.4L Engine – Failures Of The Coil Boot Are Just The Beginning! 

2010 Ford F-150 And 5.4L Engine

The Ford F-150 is a staple for many drivers. In fact, it’s one of the most famous vehicles on the market. Despite is popularity, it has become plagued with a host of problems, including the 5.4 engine that it has. Let’s examine some of the persistent as well as common issues with this well-known pickup truck, over the years. Here are some common problems with the 2010 Ford F-150 and 5.4L engine.

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Some of the Most Common 2010 Ford F-150 Problems- What Are They? 

Check out some of the most common issues with the 2010 Ford F-150, which include the check engine light coming on and other 5.4 problems. 

Lack of Heat in the Interior 

Lots of Ford-150 owners complained about lack of heat in the cabin. One owner turned on the heater and received cold air. The owner then set the temperature to 90 and the temp gauge only allowed for a small amount of heat. The owner of the Ford-150 also began to have those windows fog. So, the owner then turned on the air conditioning to get rid of the fog. Another complained of minimal heat, even though the antifreeze reservoir was filled to capacity. The owner further stated that the thermostat was working fine and holding pressure. But the owner experienced hoses that were hot as well as a gauge that only moved to the center. 


Engine Running Rough and Idling 

The owner of a 2010 Ford F-150 begin experiencing issues with the truck that was equipped with a 5.4 engine. The owner stated that the truck would run rough at a low idle. The owner also stated that it felt as if the engine was going to “blow” and “shake the truck apart.” 


Engine Light Coming On 

One owner of a 2010 Ford F-150 experienced an issue in which the engine light came on at about 

4500km or 2796.17 miles. The owner took the truck to the dealer and the dealership took the time to replace the O2 sensor. After the owner drove away after the repair, the owner then noticed that the fuel gage stopped working. In fact, it had a reading of empty, when there was ¼ of a tank left. So, the owner called the ford dealer, and the Ford company stated that once the battery was unhooked for service of the O2 rings, the gauge was reset. So, the owner took the truck to the gas station for a fill up. The owner then stated that the gauge began working. But after driving a few more miles, the engine began experiencing some more failure. The owner stated that the truck rolls to a complete stop, right in the middle of a bridge. The owner then had the F-150 towed to a dealership after some frustration, and once again, the O2 sensor was replaced.  


Common Ford 5.4L Triton Engine Problems – 2010 Ford F-150 And 5.4L Engine

One of the most common failures of the 5.4 engine, is failure of the coil boot. This car component that covers the spring that travels from the spark plug to the coil output prong. These coil boots are known to deteriorate with age. Additionally, weak spots that are located in the rubber can cause the spark to jump into the plug as opposed to the spark plug.  The wells also have a tendency to fill up with coolant and oil – which can affect the performance of the coil. Oftentimes, the ignition coil can experience an internal failure. With the most common symptom being cylinder misfires, the F-150 driver may experience light shaking or jerking. The driver may even experience some bucking too. Thankfully, the coil boots are easy to replace. Typically, a Ford dealership will take the time to diagnose the cylinders that are misfiring. The dealership will then replace the coil as well as the plug for those particular cylinders.


Watch The Misfiring! 

Given the 5.4 problems, you want to be careful driving your F-150 with this engine should you experience any misfiring of any kind. Many F-150 drivers tend to ignore the misfiring and think that there is an issue with the transmission issue.  Ford dealerships typically see the F-150 trucks go a considerable amount of time with a misfire condition.  Eventually, the F-150 will begin to backfire fail to accelerate to over 30mph, and even backfire. Should this happen, you may have a damaged catalytic converter caused by all of the misfires.  With this 5.4 engine and its problems, you want to continue to be on the lookout should you have a converter failure. Issues with your engine’s drivability can indeed kill catalytic converters. 


5.4 Problems with the Timing Chain and More! 

Perhaps one of the most frightening parts of owning an F-150 with 5.4L Triton engine problems, are issues with the timing chain. There have also been issues reported with the variable valve timing a well. Typically, once you hear a three-valve 5.4L Triton running, you can hear the sound of the engine, and detected issues. Even with light acceleration, a F-150 driver will notice issues. Many of these problems can be traced to low oil pressure, caused by pump failure. There may also be a lack of the systematic following of service intervals. Tensioners and phasers can also fail due to their age. With this sort of issue getting progressively worse over time, that hot running engine may lose its ability to maintain systematic engine timing- thus resulting in rough running and “rattle-like” sounds and feels. You may experience the rattling one minute, then it goes away. But the crux of the issue lies in low oil pressure once hot. 

“So, I need to Stay Away from the 2010 Ford F-150?” – 2010 Ford F-150 And 5.4L Engine

Check out some of the most common issues reported with the 2010 Ford F-150: 

  1. There are several reports of the automatic transmission downshifting into second gear. 
  2. Additional data suggest that 2010 F-150 trucks have problems with the spark plugs causing ignition coil failure. This leads to misfiring a well as an inability to start. We mentioned above. 
  3. The 2010 F-150 is also known for its rough idle, thanks to exhaust gas recirculation sensors sticking from carbon buildup
  4. Reports of the engine oil pan gasket leaking is an issue with the 2010 Ford F-150. 
  5. Data suggest that the passenger-side head gasket leaks. 
  6. Information suggests that the My Ford Touchscreen fails to work and even fails to recognize mobile devices. 

Which Ford F-150 Model Year Is Best Ever?

While all vehicles-including the F-150– have their share of issues, there is one some F-150 model years that is quite good to purchase. Let’s examine it, a well as other good F-150 model years. 

With 13 generations of the F-150, the Ford’s F-series plenty of choices for those who want a used pickup truck. So, what is the best year ever for the for F-150? The model year 2015.  In fact, the second year of the 13th as well as other generations, the 2015 Ford F-150 has a great combination of technology and durability. The 2015 F-150 was even named “Best Overall Truck Brand” and even earned the “Best Buy Award” from the iconic car website Kelley Blue Book. The 2015 also took the title of “Motor Trend’s 2015 Truck of the Year.” 


“What Should I Look For When Buying A Used F-150?” 

Check out some great Ford F-150 buying tips. 

Understand What Kind of Used Ford F150 You Are Looking For – 2010 Ford F-150 And 5.4L Engine

The F-series trucks are an iconic Ford vehicle- over 12 generations! Of all of these trucks, you want to take the time to figure out what you need in a truck. Are you a technology “junkie” and need that? Or are you in need of great torque and you need to have great towing power?  Even though the F150 didn’t arrive on the market till 1975, Ford has been manufacturing the F-series trucks since the 1950s. Right after the debut of the capable and powerful F150 back in the 1970s, it became America’s favorite truck fast. So, are you looking for a classic F-150? Or are you looking for a more modernized F150? Know what you want and make sure all is incorporated in your pre-owned F-150. 


Think About the Mileage 

Just as you want to think about mileage of any used vehicle you purchase, your used F150 will be no exception. Keep in mind that the higher the mileage, the more likely you may experience issues. So, before that F-150 purchase, have a certified and experienced mechanic give your desired F150 a “once over”.  Will your budget allow you to get a great used truck that has low miles? Consider that as you go F-150 shopping. There are plenty of newer F150 vehicles that have less than 60,000 miles. Sure, all vehicles require maintenance and many vehicles will need major repairs before an owner decides to retire it. But you want to keep your major repairs and maintenance to a minimum with your used F150 truck purchase. 


Be Weary of Modified Trucks – 2010 Ford F-150 And 5.4L Engine

Since the F-150 trucks are very commonplace and durable, lots of F-150 owners have taken to modifying just about any as well as everything. From the suspension, to the engine, F150 truck owners put their “own touch” on these iconic trucks. As a used F150 truck shopper, you want to however stay away from those trucks that are modified. Sure, a modified F150 truck is awesome- if those modifications were done correctly and properly. But how will you truly know how the truck was modified?  The F-150 trucks were designed to work with specific and certain parts they came manufactured with.  So, as you do your used F150 shopping, pay attention to the modifications and ask what has been done. Were there modifications completed to the truck’s body and frame? Then, it’s time to look at another F-150. 


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