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Your Car Engine Is Giving a Bad Smell? Here’s What You Can Do.

Your Car Engine Is Giving a Bad Smell? Here’s What You Can Do.

Your car is a trusted friend and if kept maintained can serve you faithfully for many years to come. However, there are certain problems that cannot be avoided or solved with regularly scheduled service checks. These problems are generally deep rooted and the only way you can know there is something wrong with your vehicle is if you pay keen attention to the signs.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Generally, car owners look out for unnatural sounds and noises coming from their cars. However, bad smell for no obvious reason can also be an indicator that all is not well with your trusted chariot. Smells, like hot oil and burnt rubber is not a good sign in an automobile. If it’s not gym socks or a half-eaten sandwich, you need to put on your detective cap and begin searching for the root cause.

These are few of the more common car odors which can be detected easily by the average person. All you need to do is get a good whiff inside the car and you will know what is wrong with your vehicle with some help from this guide. 

1. Gasoline

Gasoline odor can be an indicator of a major leak in one or more pipes. This is a serious indicator and you should have your car checked out immediately. If you are smelling gasoline when the car is running, it probably means the fuel tank or fuel injector has developed a leak. 

The only time constant fuel odor inside the vehicle is normal is if you have a car from the 1970s or earlier. This is usually right after turning the engine off. However, if you drive anything else, don’t waste even a day in having your car checked out. Schedule an appointment immediately to have the car seen by an auto repair center. 

2. Burning Carpet

Burning carpet smell is a sign that there is something wrong with your brake pads. It could also be something to do with the rotors. Maybe they are overheating and causing the odor. Brakes are a vital component of your vehicle. 

You need to correct any issue with them quickly if you want to avert a potential hazard. Generally, brake pads wear out when you drive incessantly in stop-and-go traffic. You should have those pads inspected as soon as possible. 

This is especially true if you own an old vehicle. Sometimes, it is easier to sell old and used cars than hold on to them. There are many places that buy used cars and you are sure to get a good value for your vehicle without much hassle.

3. Rotten Eggs

Something smelling like rotten eggs or sulfur has long been associated with demonic activity if Hollywood is to be believed. However, there is a probably an easier explanation than your car being possessed. You may smell rotten eggs because the catalytic converter requires replacing. 

Catalytic converter is the device that converts harmful gases from the engine into its less toxic form, so that it can be released into the environment through your car exhaust. Sulfur odor indicates the part is not working as well as it should. 

Sometimes, the problem can be with the engine as well. Maybe the engine is putting too much stress on the catalytic converter causing it to work harder. It is important to get this checked out to avoid the risk of damage to your engine. At the very least, if the problem is with the catalytic converter, you should have it replaced so as to make sure you don’t add to greenhouse gases.

4. Syrup

Sugary sweet or syrupy smell is because there is something wrong with your engine coolant. In most cases, it is from an engine coolant leak. Note that coolant is necessary to keep the engine cool. If there is a leak, that means there is not enough liquid in the enclosed system to keep your engine cool.

This can lead to an overheating engine. Make sure you don’t open the radiator on your own, especially if you have just turned the engine off. You need to allow the car to cool down before you open the radiator or you risk having it blow up in your face. Hot coolant travels through the system at tremendous pressure.

Leaking coolant can cause major damage in various parts of the engine. Also, you may need to pay to have the coolant topped off. It is recommended you get your car to a mechanic as soon as possible. They will fix the leak and replace any missing coolant in the vehicle. 

5. Hot Oil

When you drive your car, motor oil among others heat up with the constant friction between different parts. These oils work within an enclosed system separately or together. However, under no regular circumstance should you get the smell of hot oil. 

The smell could indicate a massive leak in some part of the enclosed engine system. This means that there is not enough oil in circulation which can cause parts to rub against each other and cause wear. The oil could also be dropping on some hot part of your car, like the exhaust system. This would give off a particularly strong smell.

You should schedule an appointment or take it to a reputed mechanic for inspection without delay. You could be looking at significant repair bills if you leave the condition untreated. It could also cause engine damage. 

6. Burnt Rubber

Smell of burnt rubber, unlike other things in this list, means just what it is. A rubber component has come in contact with something hot and is burning now. Generally, burnt rubber smell emanates from car tires when you are driving really fast or have accelerated quickly. 

However, tires are not the only rubber components in your vehicle. There are several other parts that contain rubber. For instance, a moving metal part could be in contact with a rubber belt. This could be because the belt is slipping. It could also be because of a loose hose in the power steering system or cooling system.

Tired of Bad Smells? Sell Your Car

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