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Will Donating My Car Lower My Taxes? 2021 Car Donation Tax Deduction

Does Donating A Car Help With Taxes

If you're asking yourself, “will donating my car lower my taxes?” The short answer is yes. However, the car tax deduction amount depends significantly depends on your vehicle's value.

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Are you planning to donate your car to a charity? That's very generous of you! Donating your car helps people in need, and when you give it away to a charity, the donation supports the goals you are interested in that hopefully help the elderly, kids, pets, and others.

While it will make you feel very good about donating your vehicle to people in need, you don't know that your donated car can lower your taxes! Yes! This article helps you understand all you need to know about car donation tax deductions in 2021-2022.

Understanding the car donation tax deduction is extremely helpful with the tax season coming soon. It will save you a ton of time collecting information and dealing with some overwhelming details that might be new to you.

This article will provide you with simple information that gets you a general overview of the full car donation process, and it will help you answer the question, “will donating my car lower my taxes?”

What is the car donation tax deduction?

To help you better answer the question, “will donating my car lower my taxes” let's step back and get an idea about car donation tax deduction history.

Before January 2005, people could donate certain vehicles to specific programs and get a tax deduction. However, this tax deduction was not based on how much the vehicle was sold and understanding the exact amount of tax deduction was overwhelming and time-consuming.

Therefore, the IRS decided to pass a new law that details how much deductions you can get when donating your vehicle.

For example, if you donated a vehicle worth less than $500, you could claim a specific amount that depends on the vehicle side but is close to the $500. On the other hand, if you decide to donate a vehicle worth way more than $500, you can claim a certain amount representing the exact vehicle's value.

As a result, donating your vehicle lowers your taxes, and the amount that your taxes will be lowered depends heavily on your vehicle's sold price.

How to donate my car in 2021?

Before the year ends, you still have time to donate your vehicle and enjoy the tax deductions associated with it. However, while plenty of available charities will accept your vehicle, you must understand that many charities take advantage of people and never use the raised money to the advertised goals.

Therefore, donating your car is no longer as simple as it used to be in the past. That's why we decided to compile a list of steps that you need to follow if you're planning to donate your car in 2021:

1.    Understand what counts as a donation

Before you move forward and look for how to donate my car in 2021, you must understand what vehicles are counted as donations.

Many people think that if they give away their vehicles to a family member or friend, it counts as a donation. However, that's not the case because the IRS does not count this giveaway as a donation.

The easiest and most accurate source to get an idea about what counts as a donation is to find what organization is considered A501(C )3 certified. The IRS should have detailed information about those organizations, and you can also check with the organization itself and confirm that they are certified by the IRS.

If you go to the IRS website, you'll also find a list of certified charities that you can reach out to. However, sometimes relying on information from the charity itself or the organization itself might be misleading and not get you a tax deduction.

2.    Familiarize yourself with what can be donated

When we say that you can donate your car and get a tax deduction for us, it doesn't necessarily mean that you must give the actual physical vehicle to the charity. Instead, you can silver vehicle and use the process money to fund the charity while still considering it a car donation. That's why itself is a very smart idea because it gives you the flexibility to select your vehicle and get the most value out of it so you can get the maximum tax deductions.

For example, if you have time and before the year ends, you can post your vehicle on websites like Craigslist or eBay motor to get the maximum profit out of it. The higher the price you list, the more tax deductions you'll get. Keep in mind that if your price is not reasonable, it will take much more time to find the potential buyer, and you might run out of time before the 2021-year ends.

3.    Understand your vehicle's value

Did you know that the car donation process is like the car selling process? Yes! It starts by understanding your vehicle's value, which is critical because it goes directly towards the amount of car tax deductions you'll get.

Therefore, you can start with online tools like Kelley Blue Book that provide you an idea about how much your vehicle can sell for. Keep in mind that the KBB value does not cover repair costs, and if your vehicle has major mechanical problems, you'll need to subtract the expected repair costs from the KBB value.

You can also use other tools like cash cars buyer online tool that provides you with an accurate estimate of your vehicle's value considering any problems. If you're happy with the offer that the tool provides you, you can even move forward with selling your vehicle to cash cars buyer instead.

4.    Research, Research, Research

One of the most critical steps in donating your car is performing detailed research. Unfortunately, as we indicated before, some charities take advantage of people, and donating your car to them does not get you anything.

Therefore, you must understand the available charities around your area and confirm that they are certified by the IRS.

You must understand what goes into the donations process. For example, some charities will use part of the donated amount as administrative costs. Therefore, you'll need to ask them about the exact percentage of your deleted numbers to administrative costs. Ultimate experts recommend that you select a charity that does not use more than 15% of the donated money as administrative costs to confirm that the 85% goes to the causes you are interested in.

5.    Decide to donate the vehicle or the money

You need to decide whether you're planning to donate the physical car or the money after selling the vehicle. As we indicated earlier, if you decide to sell your own car, there's a very high chance that you'll get a higher tax deduction. But, on the other hand, selling your car for the desired price might take you some time, and if you are in a situation where you're close to the end of the year, that might not help you.

Instead, you might want to donate the actual physical vehicle and sacrifice a little bit from the price if you can get rid of it before the tax season hits.

6.    Collect all documentation

After you decide on the charity and understand your vehicle's value, the next step is to donate the vehicle, and once you're done with this, you want to make sure that you get the right documentation.

Typically, the charity will give you a document confirming your donation, and that document should have information about the charity's name and your tax ID number. If you don't bring this document with you, you might lose the chance of getting the tax deductions that you must file once the tax season comes.

Keep in mind that you might want to wait until the vehicle sells in some instances. This is because that's when the charity is going to sell it. However, when that happens, you'll also need to collect additional documentation that you will need to use in your tax filing.

7.    File the required forms

Whether you decide to donate the actual car or the process money, you still need to file specific documentation. Typically, in your form 1040, there will be a section labeled with “charity gifts,” and in this section, you can itemize your donated car.

Remember that your deleted car should not exceed more than 50% of your actual income. It's important to familiarize yourself with the number of tax deductions you'll get when filing your taxes. Let's take a closer look below:

If you sold your car

If you decide to sell the car yourself, you'll need some documentation to confirm the market value and use it as evidence to claim the tax deductions.

If the charity sold your car

If the charities hold your car, you can claim the exact amount of money you got for the vehicle even if that money is not close to the market value. Keep in mind that if your vehicle was sold for less than $500, you still could claim the $500.

If you sold your car as junk

Finally, if you decide to junk your car instead of donating it, you'll need to file it slightly differently, and that's something your accountant should be able to help you with.

8.    Understand when donating your car doesn't impact your taxes

Did you know that in some instances, and if you're making multiple donations in the same year, donating your car might not benefit you? Yes! As we indicated earlier, your donations should not exceed 50% of your income, and if you decided to donate a very expensive car that got close to that threshold, it might not benefit you.

That does not necessarily mean that you cannot, or you should not, donate your vehicle because if you're satisfied with it, that's what matters, and as long as you support her desired causes, that is what's more important.

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Will donating my car lower my taxes? Final thoughts

Donating your car is an amazing idea! It does not only help you achieve joy by supporting your causes of interest; it also helps you lower your taxes. Therefore, if you're asking yourself, “will donating my car lower my taxes?” The short answer is yes! However, by reading through the article, you'll get an idea about how much exactly the car tax deductions areas of 2021-2022.

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