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Why Is Gas So Expensive? The Real Reason for High Gas Prices!!

Why Is Gas So Expensive

If you've been to the gas station and realize that the gas prices are so high, you've asked yourself, “why is gas so expensive?” The real reason for these high gas prices around the US and worldwide started back in 2020 when the pandemic hit. With the reduction of oil consumption, companies dropped their production and caused gas prices to go very high. Other political reasons like the stressful situation in Europe also impact gas prices.

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With the skyrocketing increase in gas prices, many customers wonder why gas is so expensive? There are plenty of reasons that played a role in getting this oil.

The Internet is filled with many articles and topics discussing this skyrocketing increase in gas prices, and customers are now unclear about the real reasons. Understanding the real reasons helps reduce the burden and gives us some sense of how long this will take and whether gas prices will go down anytime soon.

This article provides you with the real reasons for the increased car prices nationwide. It will also highlight when gas prices will go down, and it will also clarify that these guest prices will continue elevating. Finally, it provides you with a list of recommendations on saving on gas during This stressful time.

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Why is gas so expensive?

Understanding why it's got so expensive helps you plan ahead and not be surprised about what to face when you get to the gas station. There are plenty of reasons that work together to get us to this point. Unfortunately, it all started in 2020 when the pandemic hit, but several other factors have contributed to the current high gas prices.

If you want to summarize the top and most important reasons for the increased gas prices, we can't put it under three main categories:

1.    Pandemic related reasons

The biggest challenge in gas production happened when the pandemic hit the United States back in March 2020. As a result, people cut their driving, and therefore their gas consumption by more than they have in the majority of the United States areas.

A huge, massive decline was noticed in demand for gas which impacted the prices of each gasoline gallon to reach as low as $1.94 per gallon in April immediately after the pandemic hit.

However, as people started to get vaccinated, they gradually started going back to work, and therefore the consumption of oil started to climb as well. Thus, in March 2021, gas price per gallon jumped up to $2.82, which is about a 45% increase from the original gasoline price decline.

2.    Oil production-related reasons

Unsurprisingly, when the pandemic hit and people's demand to use gasoline dropped, the oil production garden packed. Global companies stopped producing millions of barrels of gasoline because of the reduced demand.

Unfortunately, even after people started going back to work and started using their vehicles, oil production remained slow, which caused an effect on the gasoline prices considering the increased demand and the low production.

Companies worldwide, especially in the United States, focus on boosting the production of gasoline to take care of all this demand, but definitely, this takes time. Until these companies produce enough gasoline, customers struggle, and that's why you see very high gasoline prices.

3.    Political related reasons

Aside from the pandemic impact on gasoline prices, there are some other political reasons, including the stressful political environment in Europe, where experts confirm that the war resulted in a 20% increase in gas prices in the US and Europe markets. Prices increased from $3.31 to $109.33 per barrel of crude oil. This is a significant increase, and it is not very promising that the increased gas prices will come down anytime soon.

The Europe war did not only impact the gasoline prices in Europe only because there is about 10% of the US gasoline imported every year from Europe. So with all that's going on in Europe, the gas prices in the US also got impacted significantly.

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Will gas prices go higher?

Unfortunately, some automotive experts are analyzing the situation closely, confirming that gasoline prices might also keep going up. Some erosions might expect about $5 per gallon, significantly high. Remember that customers in regions like California are already paying about $5.72 for a gallon of gasoline!

Therefore, considering the uncertainty in the different factors impacting the gas prices worldwide, it is hard to tell whether gas prices will go down at all. However, there is some potential that these prices will go up, so customers need to plan accordingly and be prepared for all scenarios.

How do high gas prices impact household budgets?

The biggest challenge about the increases in gas prices is focusing on the global scale and the family scale. According to experts, families are now experiencing about $2000 a year extra on gas only!

With the increases in gas prices, recent studies showed that the current gas price is about $4.33 as of March 2022. Gas prices are increasing weekly, and families have a massive burden. Many people are now facing challenges to get their work, considering the increase in gas prices.

“We're not close to that,” de Haan said. Instead, “$5 [per gallon] is the old $4, and somewhere north of $5 could be a tipping point” that causes drivers to scale back.

When will gas prices go down?

I don't know if experts are now performing more analysis to determine when the gas prices are expected to go down. According to their findings, gas prices will continue to climb and elevate, and they might reach a peak between March and April of 2022. However, there is an expectation that gas prices will decrease as of September 2022. However, this remains unconfirmed until watching the political situation closely.

Many experts think that inflation could start easing later in the year but is likely to remain high. The chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics expects that “the headline rate will dip to 5.5% by September, nearly three times the Federal Reserve's 2% target.”

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How to save on gas during the increased gas prices times?

Despite the causes for this increase in gas prices, the biggest and most important information to customers is understanding how they can save on gas prices. The price will remain high, but there are still some tips and tricks that you can implement to help you save as much as you can and maintain your budget as much as possible.

Let's take a closer look at this list from automotive experts’ recommendations on how to save on gas prices:

1.    Do your research

The first and most important tip in saving on gas is to do some research. Many gas stations provide some discounts on certain days or during certain seasons. Try keeping track of these locations and manage your day to get there, and only buy gas when it's at the lowest price possible.

2.    Consider memberships

There are some locations where you can get certain discounts on gasoline if you are a premium member. Therefore, check around your neighborhood and see whether the gas stations or probably Costco or other locations might have certain discounts that only target premium members.

If you think about it long-term, while the membership might cost you some money initially, down the road, you should save a lot of money considering the increase in gas prices nowadays.

3.    Plan your trips

Even if you were successfully able to locate areas where gas is cheaper than others, it is still expensive pure in other words, no matter how much you'll save by monitoring these gas stations and looking for discounts, gas will be a big deal in your budget. Therefore, another important tip to consider is to plan your trips. For example, if you know that you're heading to a certain location and you would like to get some errands done, consider combining your trips and avoiding shorter trips as much as possible because it is expected to consume more gas than longer trips.

4.    Drive one vehicle at a time

If you have multiple cards in your house and you or your partner have different vehicles, combining your trips by driving one vehicle at a time saves you a lot of guests. For example, you don't necessarily have to drive two cars if you're heading in the same direction, and you can manage to pick up your partner on your way.

5.    Consider public transportation and walking

If you have a chance to take the bus or take the train, do so. This saves you a ton by eliminating the use of fuel at all. For example, whatever the ticket will cost, you should not be as expensive as what you're dealing with the current increase in gas prices.

Consider walking in your neighborhood. For example, living in a downtown area where you can walk for 10 minutes or a little more to work saves you a lot of money, saves the environment, and maintains your health.

6.    Maintain your car

Sometimes certain car problems might lead to consuming more oil and fuel than before. For example, if your engine is continuously working Under pressure, it can easily suck more fuel than it should. Therefore, you must pay close attention to your vehicle situation and monitor what needs to be fixed. Sometimes investing a little more in fixing certain problems saves you a lot of money long-term.

Keep in mind that some of the mechanical problems your vehicle might face could be very expensive to repair. Therefore, instead of wasting your time and effort trying to get it to work, you might even want to think about selling it and buying a better car that doesn't have any issues, so you don't have to worry about gas prices.

7.    Re-evaluate your vehicle choice

It is never too late to evaluate your car, and if you feel that your vehicle is consuming too much gas than others, it might be good timing now to sell it and buy a better car that is gasoline saving. There are plenty of electric or hybrid vehicles that do not want a lot of gas, which can be ideal during these situations.

Note that not all-electric or hybrid cars are the same. Some of them might involve a lot of other expenses that you're not ready for. Therefore, if you haven't driven any hybrid or electric car before, you must familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of driving such vehicles and never make a purchase decision unless you're 100% clear.

Gas Saving Tips

Final thoughts

Since gas is an essential element in any US household family budget, you must understand why gas is so expensive nowadays.

This article highlighted the real reasons for the increased gas prices and provided you with an expectation about whether this gas will continue going up and whether it will go down anytime soon or not.

We also highlighted some recommendations on how to save on gas prices as much as possible to maintain your budget and achieve your goals without any stress.

Note that some vehicles consume more fuel than others. So if you feel that you're driving the wrong car nowadays and would like to get rid of it to buy a more gas-saving vehicle, we can always help you purchase your vehicle and pay the top dollars no matter your vehicle type or condition.

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