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Electric and Hybrid Cars Demand Challenge During Increased Gas Prices

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There is an elevated demand for electric and hybrid cars due to the increased gas prices. If you’re planning to switch to an electric or hybrid car, you should be aware that prices and interest rates increase significantly!

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One of the very stressful topics that many US customers are discussing these days is the increased gas prices. There are plenty of reasons that got us to this point where gas prices became a big challenge to our household budget, including the pandemic and some political reasons.

It's been noticed that people are now looking to buy more electric or hybrid cars to get away from the uncertainty and increase gas prices. However, some challenges face these people, including the increased interest rates and others

This article will provide you with all you need to know about the current electric and hybrid cars' demands and some recommendations on how to find an electric car without breaking your budget.

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What are the reasons for increased gas prices worldwide?

Before we dive into the details about the electric and hybrid cars denounced challenges, it is essential to understand the main reasons behind the increased gas prices worldwide.

According to automotive experts, there are three main reasons for this skyrocketing increase in gas prices:

1.    COVID-19 pandemic

The first and most critical reason that God this gas problem to start is with the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, most people stayed home and reduced their driving significantly.

As a result, people stopped demanding more gas, and that's why the gasoline price dropped significantly. But unfortunately, oil production companies start producing the same amount of gasoline considering the demand reduction.

However, when people returned to work and as they started getting vaccinated, they started driving more and demanding more gasoline. However, companies are still behind in covering all this gasoline requested demand. As a result, if you think about it from an economic perspective, there is a massive demand for gasoline, but there is very limited production. Thus, it's unsurprisingly to hear that gas prices are increasing.

2.    Limited gas production

As we mentioned earlier, back in March 2020, as people stopped using the same amount of gasoline, gas production companies started reducing their production, and that's why we got to a point where once people we are ready to go back to drive, companies were not as prepared, and that's why you'll see how this impacted the current gasoline prices not only in the US but also worldwide.

3.    Political problems in Europe

As you already know, there is a very stressful situation going on in Europe, and all this impacted not only the gasoline industry but also all other types of industries. Keep in mind that some of the main involved countries in this conflict are also major gasoline producers. Therefore, it is also not surprising to hear what's going on with the increased gas prices due to the political conflict.

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Electric and hybrid cars demand: why are people switching from SUVs and pickup trucks to hybrid and electric cars?

As we mentioned earlier, the significant increase in gas prices impacted people. However, one of the most important areas that got hit significantly was people’s choice on what to drive.

SUVs and pickup trucks are the favorite vehicles to most US customers and drivers, if you don't already know. According to recent statistics, three were SUVs or pickup trucks within every four vehicles bought last year.

“If you're General Motors, you'd rather make a big SUV,” says Pat Ryan, CEO of the car-buying app copilot. “A big Suburban might make you $10,000. But, unfortunately, there's no way to make $10,000 on a $25,000 car.”

However, considering all that's happening with the increased gas prices, this did not continue. As a result, people are now more mindful about whether they should buy an SUV or a pickup truck versus switching to electric or hybrid cars.

Electric vehicles and hybrid cars are designed purposely to reduce fuel consumption. Therefore, and set of investing in an expensive vehicle like an SUV or a pickup truck that will consume too much fuel, people are now thinking twice.

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Electric and hybrid cars' interest rise!

Dealerships and automakers understand what's going on with the challenge of purchasing gasoline cars. Therefore, many partners and stakeholders are taking advantage of this situation by increasing the interest rates.

You face high-interest rates when shopping for your next electric or hybrid car, and it will be very challenging for you to find one. According to a recent article published by an automotive expert, there is a very high demand for hybrid and motor cars but good luck finding one!

People are switching to buying electric cars like insane nowadays. According to recent statistics, the current car purchases involve about 4% of electric cars in the US market. As a result, automakers are now increasing their prices to account for the high demand and the limited production. If you search for a used Tesla nowadays, you will see that the price increased from as low as $63,000 and jumped by $1700 more in only one week!

“There's a ton of demand in the market, but they just aren't the supply,” says Ryan, the copilot CEO.

How to find an electric or hybrid car during the current rising demand?

If you're still interested in switching to hybrid or electric cars and think that's the best decision for you, it is not the end of the world hearing about the rising demand. We got some tips and tricks to help you find an affordable electric car that fits your budget without any challenges. Let's take a closer look below:

1.    Do your research

The first and most important thing to find a good hybrid or electric car is to do your research. As you might notice from this article, there is a massive demand for these vehicles, and you don't want to be ripped off by dealerships who will take advantage of you and ask you for the highest prices. Therefore, spend some time researching around your area until you find a good deal with a good car price.

2.    Be patient

Considering all that's going on in the gas prices in the increased demand, you got to be very patient. The process doesn't have to be done in a rush, although you have to pay extra on gas, you don't want at the same time to pay what you can't afford, or you don't want to buy a vehicle that is not worth the money. So, therefore, be prepared for some waiting time or sacrifice paying more money if you are in a rush.

3.    Understand the electric vehicles credits

There are many crediting programs and details about what benefits you get from purchasing an electric car. While your main goal is to switch from gasoline cars to anything that will not deal with increased gas prices, you still want to take advantage of the elliptic vehicle’s credits.

Unfortunately, the current information on the Internet might be confusing because these credits differ significantly from one area to another peer. Therefore, we highly encourage you to do your research and understand all it goes into the electric vehicles credits before making your purchase decisions.

4.    Think twice before buying used hybrids or electric cars

Some experts do not recommend buying used electric or hybrid cars because, typically, these used cars will not provide you with the best range. Whatever you're going to save on gas will get you to deal with headaches related to car ranges.

If you don't know already, electric cars have some range they cannot drive after this range which means you'll have to charge the car in between. Therefore, if you're planning to use your electric car for your daily commute or longer trips, you must understand all that goes into the electric car ranges.

It is important to note that all the old electric cars have some range issues, and whatever you're going to save on the brand new versus the used car might cause a lot of headaches when dealing with the car ranges.

Your budget will be a big factor in determining whether you want to buy a used or brand-new electric or hybrid car, but that is something to consider.

5.    Be aware of costs

We understand that you're switching from a gasoline car to an electric vehicle because of gas costs. However, it is critical to note that electric cars are not free, and electricity will still cost you some money.

Therefore, you must do your understanding of the main pros and cons of both gasoline and electric cars. We encourage you to look at things on an annual basis because if you think about it in the short term, you might not get the full picture.

Plan where you will be charging your car and how much you will be costing you. For example, are you planning to charge at your home? How much will this impact your electric bill every month?

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What to do with my old gasoline car?

If you got to a point where you were 100% convinced about switching to electric or hybrid cars, you might be thinking about your old or current vehicle. What are you going to do about it?!

Some people plan to keep their vehicles and use them only when necessary. Still, if you don't have the budget to buy the electric car or have enough money to get a good down payment for the electric vehicle, you might want to consider selling your gasoline car.

Of course, most people are now considering gas as the main factor when buying new cars or used vehicles. Therefore, you'll find it challenging to convince private buyers to buy your gasoline car unless it's not a massive fuel consumer.

The good news is that if you're looking for a fast and easy way to get rid of your gasoline car, cash car buying should be one of your best choices!

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Final thoughts

There's a rising demand for electric and hybrid cars nowadays concerning the increased gas prices. However, many dealerships and other manufacturers are taking advantage of this situation by increasing the hybrid cars prices and interest rates.

This article provides you with all you need to know about the electric and hybrid car's demands during the gas prices increase. In addition, we have also provided you with some recommendations on finding a good hybrid car at a good price without breaking your budget.

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