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Where Can I Get a Free Car Battery Test in Sacramento, CA? 

Where Can I Get a Free Car Battery Test in Sacramento, CA 

As a vehicle owner, you know the importance of a car battery. Without it, you can’t go anywhere in your vehicle. Since we covered how to sell your car in California, and other great pertinent information you can use, let’s go over a few places you can obtain a free car battery test in Sacramento. After all, anything free is always fantastic! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

What Does a Car Battery Test Involve? 

When you go to get your vehicle battery tested, there are some methods that a mechanic uses, to ensure you have a quality battery in your vehicle. 

Testing the Vehicle Battery Voltage 

The first aspect of testing a car battery, is to test the battery voltage.  Check out these basic steps a mechanic takes to do so! 

  1. First, the mechanic will turn off the ignition the vehicle, as well as any related accessories such as the radio or the lights. 
  2. Secondly, he or she will take the multimeter and check it to see if it is auto ranging. If it isn’t, then the mechanic will set the multimeter to 20V DC.
  3. The mechanic will then place the red lead on the vehicle’s positive battery terminal – which is indicated by a + sign or a red cover. 
  4. The mechanic will then place the black lead on the other terminal, which is black.  
  5. The mechanic will then read the battery’s output or measurement. 
  6. If the reading that the mechanic gets is under 12.4 volts, then a battery charge is in order. 
  7. Your mechanic will share his/her findings with you and recommend the best course of action for you. He or she may recommend a new battery for you, or some other remedy.

A Cranking Test for a Battery 

Another aspect of vehicle battery testing, is performing a cranking test. Checking the vehicle’s battery voltage during cranking can offer greater insight into whether a battery needs a fresh charge, or a full and complete replacement. Let’s examine how a mechanic would perform a cranking test on a vehicle battery. 

  1. First, the mechanic will turn off the vehicle as well as all accessories- the lights and radio- are examples. 
  2. Secondly, the mechanic will then disable the ignition system or the fuel system. Your mechanic will do what is best and whichever is the easiest to disassemble in the vehicle.  This is a vital step, because the cranking test is dependent on the vehicle cranking up- not starting up. 
  3. The third step in the cranking test that the mechanic will perform will be that of placing the positive multimeter lead right on top of the positive battery terminal. He or she will then do the same with the negative lead and the negative terminal of the battery. 
  4. The vehicle’s ignition will be turned on for no longer than 15 seconds. 
  5. The mechanic will then watch the multimeter.  
  6. The mechanic will then see of the vehicle’s battery voltage drops under 9.6 volts. If it does, then this is an indicator of a weak battery.

“OK- Where Can I Go in Sacramento To Get My Car Battery Tested?” 

Check out some great places to get a free car battery test in Sacramento, CA!

Firestone Complete Auto Care 2547 Marconi Ave., Sacramento, CA 95821-4803

Not only can you get a free battery test here at this location, but you can also take advantage of other services for your car. Firestone is a known leader in auto repairs and fixes. And you can get a free battery test there too. You don’t want a dead battery to keep you from enjoying that sensational Sacramento sunshine.  If you’re computer savvy and want to make your appointment online, you can click here and do so! The phone number is: (916) 550-9173. 


North State High-Performance Batteries 3340 Sunrise Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95742

Since North State specializes in auto batteries, it would only make sense that you can get free battery test here, right? You can get a free car battery test in Sacramento at this location as well as check out their electrical vehicle equipment. Even if you need a battery for your marine equipment, North State has you covered! They offer name-brand batteries as well as great service.  Their phone number is: (916) 859-0343. You can click here to visit their website too! 


Les Schwab Tire Center 2625 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA 95821

If you’re ever out shopping and need a battery test in Sacramento, then head on over to the Les Schwab Tire Center on Fulton Ave. You don’t even need an appointment for your free battery test either! Just allow one of their specially-trained staff members to test your battery with the most ground-breaking technology ever. Once your battery test is complete, their staff will discuss the best options and next steps for you! Click here for more information.  Their phone number is: (916) 488-8366. 


Big Hog Battery Services 6653 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95823

Whether you’re in the market for a free battery test or you know it’s time for a new battery, count on the professionals at Big Hog Battery Services. Yes, you can get a free battery test as well as related supplies. Not only do they perform free battery testing, but they specialize in solutions to remedy the challenges you may face with your vehicle. You can click here to get more information. Or you can give them a call at (916) 393-7273. 

Test Your Car Battery Often 

A vehicle’s battery is one of the most overlooked, yet essential items in a car. While there is no specific rule as to how often you should change your battery, you want to ensure it is in good working condition from time to time. So, if that means that you should perform checks on it monthly, then stick to that regimen. With those regular vehicle battery checks, you’ll have peace of mind- knowing that you have a battery in good working order. 




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