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What Happens If You Add Too Much Transmission Fluid?

How To Know If Your Transmission Fluid Is Burned

It is important to keep track of your car's transmission fluid so you can change it at the appropriate time and avoid any problems. You should always be listening for any screeching noises coming from your car. Any type of noise like that could point to transmission problems. If you don’t have enough transmission fluid in your car, it will start to make noises. It is important to know how much fluid to put in so that you don’t overfill it. 

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How Does A Transmission Work?


There are many different opinions on when you should change your transmission fluid. Different manufacturers will give out different schedules. This is dependent on the type of car you drive. The recommended distance for most cars is around 100,000 miles. You should always check with your manufacturer because this could be too long. Some suggest you change it every 50,000 for the best maintenance. 


This is a pretty simple task to do on your own but you should be careful not to overfill the fluid. If you overfill it, this could lead to some gear shift issues. A manual transmission is similar to an automatic one but the main difference is it is operated with a stick. This stick is used to shift gears. There are many different gears and they all are different sizes. They need the proper lubrication to keep them running smoothly. This also helps them not overheat.


You might be wondering how do these gears stay lubricated? Oil is used to ensure these gears stay lubricated. It is a little different than engine oil but they do very similar things. 


Now talking about automatic transmissions, we have a few different components involved. Automatic transmissions have gears within it but they also have a torque converter. This uses the transmission fluid. 


An automatic transmission relies on fluid to operate. You need to understand that without the fluid, the transmission would not function at all. This means the car would not work. Additionally, it is critical to note that the fluid is different for manual transmissions and automatic ones. If you use too much transmission fluid, there will be side effects.  


What Are The Signs That I Overfilled My Transmission?


If you think you have overfilled your transmission, there are a few signs you can look for. One of the things you need to check is the dipstick. You want to make sure you do this correctly to get the best reading. The transmission fluid will thin out while you are driving your vehicle. It will then thicken as it rests for a few hours. Make sure you check the dipstick after you have been running so you can get the more accurate read on the levels. 


Have you noticed a delay in your shifting? If so, this could be a sign that you overfilled your transmission with fluid. It does not matter if you have an automatic car or a manual one, you will still experience the same signs. This occurs because the gears won’t be as lubricated as they need to be. They will start sticking which will cause a delay in the gear shifting. You will be able to notice this because your car will drastically push forward once the gears engage. This can cause excessive wear on the. 


You should never continue to drive your car once you determine you have put too much transmission fluid in. If you continue to drive your car, you will hear grinding noises as the gears change. If you drive too much like this, you will wear your gears out very quickly and damage them. You should get your transmission looked at the moment you notice these noises. You don’t want your car to break down because of the worn-down gears.


If you know your car has too much transmission fluid, take care of the problem as soon as possible. It is very dangerous to continue to drive your car like this. This issue will not fix itself. You will only further damage your car and you could potentially damage the entire transmission system past the point of repair. Can you imagine how expensive this would be if you had to replace a transmission? Once your transmission system is completely damaged, your car will break down. You will face difficult decisions whether you want to replace the entire system or just purchase a whole new car. Either way, these are expensive options. Make sure you get your car checked out the moment you notice an issue. 


If I Overfilled My Transmission, Will It Get Damaged?


So you overfilled your transmission with fluid, now what? Transmissions are very similar to engines in that they generate a lot of heat. Transmission fluid is used to cool down the transmission in automatic cars. 


This fluid is essential for the car to run smoothly, but too much of it could ruin the transmission. Too much of this fluid will submerge the gears with fluid and that will make it foam up. This will ultimately overheat the entire transmission because air will not be able to get through to cool it down. This is a very dangerous thing. You need to take action immediately if you have accidentally overfilled your transmission with fluid. 


Slightly Overfilling Your Transmission


Are you worried because you think you overfilled your transmission with fluid? The good news is if you didn’t put too much in, you should be okay. Overfilling it by like .04 quarts won’t damage your transmission. You don’t need to stress over small amounts like that. Now, if you overfilled your transmission with a liter or more, you could greatly damage your transmission. You want to try and hit the line when refilling your fluid. 


The transmission fluid is used for lubrication for the other parts in the system. This fluid also makes sure your gaskets are in good shape, protects the metal parts, controls the overall transmission temperature, and ensures that friction does not occur between the metal parts. 


If you overfill the transmission, the operation of your car will be affected. You will be able to notice your car not working like it normally does. This extra fluid could sit directly underneath your transmission causing bad problems. 


You will notice that it is difficult to shift gears while you are driving. This could cause your car to shake because the gears are sticking together and not shifting smoothly. Now if you don’t correct this problem, bad things will happen such as the seal could be damaged. This means that the fluid will leak into the entire system and submerge the gears. If the fluid sits in the system for too long, your car could stop functioning altogether. 


The Consequences Of Adding Too Much Transmission Fluid


Big problems could occur if you overfill your transmission with fluid. You could be faced with some serious consequences that cost a lot of money. Listed below are some of the most common consequences:


Transmission Fluid Leakage: Adding too much fluid will cause high pressure inside of your transmission. This is very bad and could cause your transmission to start leaking fluid everywhere. This would damage other parts of the system. 


Overheated Transmission: If there is too much fluid in your transmission, there is a good chance it will overheat. Air won’t be able to enter to cool the system down. 


Foamed Fluid: Foam could start to form from too much fluid in the transmission. This will also cause the system to overheat and potentially damage the entire system beyond repair. 


Erratic Shifting: When you overfill your transmission with fluid, the gears become submerged in transmission fluid. These gears will have a difficult time-shifting making it more difficult to drive. 


Reduced Fluid Lubrication: Since the system will foam up, this will affect the ability to lubricate the transmission parts. This can cause wear and tear on your transmission and damage the system in the long run. 


Oil Starvation: Again because the foam will occur, this will cause the gears to start sticking. They won’t work properly because they won’t have the proper amount of lubrication. This could cause your transmission to seize.


Automatic transmissions rely on fluid to function. If you put too much in your transmission you will experience erratic gear shifting. Are you wondering what that means? You could experience early or delayed shifts with jerking while driving. This is not good for your car. Can you imagine driving on the road and your car starts erratically jerking you around? This is why it’s important to not overfill your transmission with fluid. 


Another bad side effect is that it could take away the necessary oil from the system. It will also create a lot of pressure inside the transmission itself. Too much pressure within this system could lead to the entire system blowing up and not working. If this happens, you would not have a car and you would have a very expensive repair bill. 


How Much Fluid Do I Add?


Now you might be wondering how much fluid should you actually add? You know it is very bad to overfill it but what is the correct amount? To determine what your current fluid level is, you want to make sure your car has been turned off and the engine is cold. This will give you the most accurate results. 


To check your fluid, you want to first make sure your car is on a flat surface. Once you have done this, pull out the dipstick and check the cold mark for the fluid level. There will be a specific level to help aid you on how much fluid you need to add. 


Typically transmission fluid does not need to be changed very often. You know your fluid is still good if it is a red or pink color and it does not smell burnt. Check the color and smell are simple ways to ensure your fluid is still good and that it does not need to be changed. 


How Do I Know When To Change My Transmission Fluid?


You now understand what a crucial role transmission fluid plays within the entire system. You might be wondering when is the appropriate time to change your transmission fluid. This fluid will wear out over time. The majority of times this will happen when the car has been used for long drives and a lot of miles. 


Do you haul trailers or heavy loads on a daily basis? This will force you to change your fluid more frequently as well. The heavy loads put more strain on the entire system. If you notice your fluid is darker or smells burnt, you will need to change it as soon as possible. Those are signs that you need to change your transmission fluid. 


Another sign is if you are experiencing slower gear shifts. If this happens, your transmission fluid might have deteriorated. It is crucial that you change the fluid when this happens because it is used as a cooling agent. If there is not enough fluid, your transmission will overheat. If it overheats, it could break down and greatly impact the function of your car. 




If you add too much transmission fluid into your system, you could severely damage the entire thing. You could completely ruin your transmission and your car will stop working. If this happens, it is a very expensive problem to fix. 


It would be great if car repairs weren’t so expensive, but unfortunately, they can be very costly.  If there is a way to save money on repairing their car, most individuals will do it. 


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