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We Buy Your Car – Five Bad Reasons to Keep Your Clunker

We Buy Your Car

What’s that noise? It’s the sound of your car breaking down yet again. Constantly having to get your vehicle repaired can be frustrating especially when your bank account is in the negative. For many car owners, the idea of selling their “old and faithful” is a scary thought. Don’t let your love for your car hold you back from seeing its depreciating value. We buy ur car and set you free from the hassle of keeping it on the road. 

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We buy ur car only if you are willing to let go of it. Are you bent on keeping your clunker and literally riding it until the wheels fall off? No matter how many problems your vehicle has given you, you probably feel as if you have a good reason for hanging onto it. Here at Cash Car Buyers, over the years we have encountered people who have hung onto old cars that provided no value for decades before they finally decide to get rid of them. 


Here are the top five reasons people why people hold on to valueless vehicles:


  1. Can’t afford a car note

       For most people, a new car means a new bill to pay every month. If your old car is already paid off you might be hesitant to get a new car note. However, upgrading from your clunker doesn’t mean that you have to go into debt. Nowadays, there are so many affordable financing options available to low-income drivers. Apps like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash make it easier than ever to earn a little extra money to pay your car note. 


Also, if taking out another car loan isn’t ideal for your situation you can always save up your money and purchase a quality used vehicle. When we buy ur car we offer our customers cash on the spot which can be used towards your new car budget. 


  1. High Car Insurance

It’s no secret that it typically costs more to insure a newer model car. Let’s be real, a lot of drivers are paying high auto insurance fees on old junky vehicles. Did you know that every insurance company offers special ways that people can reduce their insurance premiums? 


For instance, All-State provides a 5% discount for individuals who enroll use their autopay feature and a 35% good student discount to college students. Drivers who don’t have a history of excessive tickets, driving violations and accidents can score affordable insurance premiums.


  1. Wasted Parts

           Hate the thought of your car being sold and crushed into a piece of metal? Did you know that when we buy ur car the vehicle then goes through an auto recycling process? All of the valuable parts that are still in condition can be sold off to consumers who need these parts. Reintroducing automotive components to the marketplace decreases manufacturers' need to continually use scarce renewable materials to make new parts.


  1. Spending more money on gas

If you’re hesitant to purchase a new vehicle out of fear that you’ll be spending more money on gas, put your mind at ease. The great thing about modern vehicles is that they are more fuel-efficient than ever. These days the average vehicle can run approximately 20-30 miles per gallon.


  1. Sentimental value

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why people hang on to their old vehicle is because of sentimental reasons. If you’ve owned your car for several years it becomes a part of your family. After all, you have relied on the vehicle to transport you and the kids everywhere. 


Breaking that emotional bond you have with your car can be difficult but it’s so worth it. When we buy ur car it gives you the opportunity to open up and receive all of the great things that are bound to come your way.


We Buy Ur Car – 10 Reasons Why You Should Let It Go

          Should you sell your car? Let’s be honest, the vehicle-owner relationship isn’t meant to last forever. Fortunately, we buy ur car in any condition. Here are some blatant warning indications that it’s time to let your “old and faithful” car.


  1. The Check Engine Light Stays On

   Have you been driving with the check engine light on for the past few years? From switching the gas cap, checking the oil pressure if your mechanic has done everything possible to repair your car and the light stays on this is a major red flag. Your car will never be able to pass inspection with the check engine light on and if you drive around with a bad inspection sticker you can expect a huge ticket. 


  1. It’s making strange noises


When your car starts talking to you, it’s in your best interest to listen closely. A major telltale sign that trouble is on the horizon is when your car starts to make strange noises. Squeaking under the car indicates that it’s time to replace your brake pads and rotors. However, the noise coming from under the hood can signal an even bigger problem. Here at Cash Car Buyers, we buy ur car even if it’s in need of major repairs.


  1. There are 200,000 miles on the car

Are you close to the 200,000-mile mark or well over it? Years ago, hitting that 100,000-mile mark on the odometer was a noteworthy milestone. Nowadays the resale value considerably drops. We buy ur car with a fair cash offer even if it has high miles. However, your resale options will be limited if you planned on trading it at a dealership or selling it privately. 


The life expectancy of a vehicle is often analyzed by the mileage especially if it’s an older vehicle. Most people aren’t willing to invest their money in an older vehicle with over a hundred thousand miles. Here at Cash Car Buyers, we buy ur car despite the number on the odometer. 


  1. Expensive Maintenance Costs

Are you paying several hundred dollars a month in maintenance and repair fees just to keep your car on the road? If your car is starting to drain your bank account it’s time to free yourself from the financial stress and let it go. Just think. All the money you're using to constantly repair your vehicle could be allocated to other important bills. You can also invest a fraction of that money into a new car.  


When you start putting more money into the car you are doing yourself a disservice. When we buy ur car from you we can relieve some of that financial pressure.


  1. Family has outgrown the car

Need a bigger car to accommodate your family? If you have been driving the same car since before you had children, it’s probably time for an upgrade especially if you plan on further expanding your family. Some vehicles are suited for a single person. Now that you’re older and you have more responsibilities it’s time to trade that hatchback in for an SUV. We buy ur car so you don’t have to worry about the long process of selling your vehicle.


  1. It’s unsafe

While you may not think your car is a piece of junk, if it’s hanging on for dear life it’s probably unsafe to drive. Are there warning lights that you’ve gotten used to ignoring? Or perhaps you’ve gotten used to the grinding sounds of your rotors and the squealing of the brake pads. Some additional signs that your vehicle has become hazardous:


Smell fumes – If you can smell fumes while you’re driving on sitting on the passenger signs you should stop driving and seek help from a professional. Exhaust fumes can be harmful to your health and it can indicate that your car has a major mechanical issue.


Poor acceleration – If you’re putting your foot on the gas and your car is coasting along this can be dangerous especially if you do a lot of highway driving. Sluggish acceleration can be an indication of an engine problem or an issue with the fuel lines. 

Smoke From the Exhaust – Is there a lot of smoke spiraling out of the exhaust pipe? You shouldn’t ignore it. Billows of smoke coming from the exhaust pipe can point to a problem within the engine such as a bad head gasket which causes the car to overheat. An overheated engine can end up catching on fire. 


It can be nearly impossible to sell a vehicle that is unsafe to drive. We buy ur car even if there’s are a host of mechanical issues that compromise its safety.


  1. Lousy Safety Rating 


The roads can be a dangerous place. What if you’re vehicle simply has a poor safety rating? The National Highway Traffic Safety performs comprehensive crash tests on all new vehicles before they hit the market. They analyze how well every aspect of the vehicle responds in an accident and gives it a comprehensive safety rating.


Or maybe the safety features on your vehicle are outdated. Depending on how long you’ve had your car it might not be equipped with important safety features such as; a backup camera, automatic emergency braking, and blindspot detection. If you bought your car a couple of decades ago, chances are the vehicle isn’t equipped with these must-have safety features. In this case, it’s best to upgrade so that you are as safe as possible while on the road.


 If you’ve just discovered that your car has a poor safety rating or you are driving an outdated vehicle you may want to consider getting rid of it especially if you depend on the vehicle to transport your family. We buy ur car even with a low safety rating and offer cash on the spot to put towards securing a safer vehicle for your family.


8. Starting Issues

There’s no worse feeling than being unsure if your car will start in the morning when you go out to go to work. Between the starter and the alternator if your vehicle’s electrical system has become so fickle you have a big problem on your hand. 


When you have starting issues it’s possible for your vehicle to become unresponsive anywhere. The chances of you getting stranded increase. When we buy ur car you can alleviate the stress of having a car with starting issues and invest in a new reliable vehicle.


  1. You Use Hacks To Get Your Car to Start

Do you find yourself shifting the car battery to get it to start or tapping the dashboard to get the air conditioning to come on? If you're using weird hacks to get the basic things in your car to work you definitely have a piece of junk on your hands. Ritualistic tugging, tapping, or banging just to get your car to work as should just isn't ideal. When we buy ur car we take that clunker off your hands so that you can invest in a vehicle that works properly.


We Buy Ur Car – Easy and Simple Process

So, let’s ask that question again. Should you sell your car? If the car you’re driving fits the description above, then you’re doing yourself a disservice by investing your hard-earned dollars into a car that doesn’t have much life left in it. We buy ur car and make it easier than ever to get rid of. 


Selling a car is a long and stressful process especially if you are doing it alone. It can be difficult to find serious buyers who are willing to take the vehicle off your hands. Depending on the age of your vehicle and the condition of it, trading it in through an auto dealer may not be an option. What should you do? When we buy ur car, our agents will come to your location and tow it away. We will properly dispose of the vehicle so you don’t have to. The great thing about the entire process is that you get to walk away with cash that you can use to pay bills or invest in a new car. 


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