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Trunk Lock Cylinder Replacement Cost – This Low-Priced Fix Is Quick and Easy! 

Trunk Lock Cylinder Replacement Cost

The average price for the trunk lock cylinder replacement cost is between $158 and $169 for most makes, models, and years of cars on the road today. The total price of the parts comes in at $116, making up much of the total price of the procedure. The labor is between $42 and $53, with the billed hours of this fix usually taking less than 60 minutes.

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Let’s see the function of your car trunk, importance of your trunk lock cylinder, the replacement steps for this simple mechanism, signs of a faulty trunk lock cylinder, and overall trunk lock cylinder replacement cost! 

What is the car’s trunk?

The purpose of your car’s trunk is for the extra storage area, helping you transport bigger items that would not be able to fit in the backseat of your vehicle. Typically, the car trunk is the primary storage area for all things, so passengers can sit in the front and second row of your car without having too many items at their feet.


The car trunk is usually located in the rear of most vehicles on the road today. In older vehicles, the trunk was located at the front, but this design is much less common in modern cars produced and manufactured in recent years. 

Open or Closed Load Space

Technically, the load space in your vehicle can either be classified as a ‘closed’ or ‘open’ load space. The open space is found in most SUVs, station wagons, and minivans, with this the main cargo area in trucks that use the open-bed style. ‘Closed’ load space is what most drivers find in vehicles that contain a deck lid, with the cargo space separated from the seating area.


The total price of the trunk lock cylinder replacement cost can depend on whether you have an open or closed cargo area, the specific kind of your vehicle, and any other damage to nearby parts that can increase the total price of hte procedure. 

What is the trunk lock cylinder?

The trunk lock cylinder is the mechanism that ensures the trunk lid remains closed during use, whether driving your vehicle or in the park position. Vehicles with a remote or keyless entry will have a manual lock on the trunk, allowing access to the cargo space, regardless of whether or not the interior has release functions. 


For this mechanism to keep your gear and valuables secure in the rear cargo space of your car, a unique lock cylinder is installed on the trunk lid that only works with your specific key fob or manual key. The key to your specific vehicle is the only apparatus that can turn the lock. If you find the key no longer works to open your trunk, you may have an increased trunk lock cylinder replacement cost.


Many modern cars that are produced nowadays also have an anti-theft sensor connected to the trunk lock cylinder, allowing the vehicle to ensure the key is the correct fit for your specific vehicle. 


When analyzing your trunk lock cylinder, if you find the specific key given to you by the mechanic, car seller, or dealership does not work to operate the trunk, there might be internal issues that can lead to a higher trunk lock cylinder replacement cost.

How does the trunk lock cylinder function?

  • When the key is placed into the trunk lock, it changes the location of the internal pins inside the lock. 
    • These pins are located in a specific space called the ‘tumbler,’ which works to open the lock’s mechanism. When you use the correct key for the trunk lock, it will seamlessly move the internal pins, allowing the trunk lock cylinder to pop open quickly.
  • If the trunk has an additional sensor to read the key for extra safety measures that protect against theft, the alarm will be disarmed, allowing the trunk to open without sounding the safety alarm for the driver. 
  • When the key is released, the latch can once again close, ensuring the trunk securely shuts when you press down on the trunk lid. 

If the trunk lid has trouble shutting and securing after being pressed down manually, you need to find what internal structure has problems, causing a higher trunk lock cylinder replacement cost.

Symptoms of a faulty trunk lock cylinder

  • Can’t Return to Resting – One of the main symptoms of a faulty lock cylinder is the inability of the lock cylinder to return to the resting position. If this occurs, the lock cylinder has most likely failed, requiring you to ask your mechanic for a quote on the trunk lock cylinder replacement cost.
  • Sensor Malfunction – Next, if the sensor that reads the keys to ensure maximum safety and theft protection fail, this could cause the alarm to constantly sound every time you insert the key when the vehicle is locked. 
  • Key Inability to Turn – Lastly, if the key cannot be inserted into the trunk lock or remains stuck in the lock while you try to turn the key manually, this is a sign of something wrong with the trunk lock cylinder. 

If you notice any of these conditions, you will have to ask the mechanic for a quote on the trunk lock cylinder replacement cost for your specific vehicle. 

Can you drive with a malfunctioning trunk lock cylinder?

Although the trunk lock cylinder malfunctioning will not render your vehicle unable to drive, it can certainly make it more difficult to operate your vehicle safely and seamlessly. If the trunk lock cylinder is not working properly, you may not be able to access your cargo area, limiting the amount of extra space you have in your vehicle to store larger items. 


In addition, if you already have essential items stored in the rear of your vehicle, the inability to open your trunk without having the alarm sound can result in you needing to get the larger gear out of the second-row passenger area in your vehicle. Although this is not the end of the world, it can make it much harder to get items in and out of your car quickly and efficiently. 


Furthermore, if the anti-theft module does not recognize the key, the alarm will constantly sound every time you open the trunk. This can be irritating, annoying, and concerning to other car owners who think you may be trying to break into your vehicle. If this is the case, you should look into the trunk lock cylinder replacement cost for your car before the problems worsen. 

How often should I replace the trunk lock cylinder?

Unfortunately for car owners, the trunk lock cylinders fail quite commonly. If you have a higher-mileage or very-used vehicle that has been put through the wringer in the past few years, you may experience a higher likelihood and frequency of lock cylinder failure. 


Lock cylinders wear out in every apparatus they are used in, whether it is cars, doors, houses, or padlocks. There are numerous parts in the lock mechanism, like the pins, tumblers, and other moving parts that can all succumb to wear and tear during constant use. If only one of these parts begins to fail or act erratically, it may mean you need to research the trunk lock cylinder replacement cost for your car. 


Some vehicles are known for lock cylinder issues, increasing the frequency of repairs, the need for quick replacements, and the trunk lock cylinder replacement cost. Although most cars will never need the trunk lock cylinder replaced during the vehicle’s lifespan, you may find that your car usage, driving conditions, weather climate, and mileage on the vehicle can influence the trunk lock cylinder replacement cost.

How do you diagnose trunk lock cylinder issues?

Lock cylinder diagnosis should be performed by a mechanic or knowledgeable car owner when they check your car for any electrical concerns or key fob issues. If they find that when they press a button, the keyless entry or try to use your specific key to open the trunk that it does not work, this can help quickly diagnose the trunk lock cylinder problems.


The function can be turning the key, removing the key, installing the key, or keeping the key in the trunk lock. If any of these functions cannot be performed properly or requires jostling or bending the key, you need to look into the trunk lock cylinder replacement cost for your vehicle. 

How do you replace the trunk lock cylinder?

Now that you know the symptoms of a faulty trunk lock cylinder and the diagnosis process, you need to know the replacement steps of the trunk lock. Depending on the location of the trunk lock, replacing the trunk lock cylinder can either be quite easy or more labor-intensive. 


  • The first step is determining and making sure the trunk lock cylinder is the part at fault for the inability to open the trunk mechanism.
  • In some cases, the trunk liner needs to be removed where it covers and impedes access to the trunk lock. 
  • Next, mechanics may have to disconnect the linkage from the lock and the latch. 
  • The lock cylinder retaining clip is then removed.
  • Then, you will have to remove the faulty lock cylinder. 
  • Install the new trunk lock cylinder into the trunk hole and secure the new mechanism in place with the clip. 
  • The latch is then reinstalled and secured to keep the trunk lock cylinder in place. 
  • Finally, the trunk lid is opened and closed to ensure the problem is fixed and the lock cylinder is working properly.  

Recommendations for Trunk Lock Cylinder Issues 

To prevent a higher trunk lock cylinder replacement cost and the need for additional keys for your vehicle, a locksmith should rekey the trunk lock cylinder to match your existing key – or the replacement key for your replacement trunk lock cylinder. By getting the correct key paired with the trunk lock, you can prevent any safety issues from occurring in the future. 

Trunk Lock Cylinder Parts

If you find that you can do the repair process on your own, or you know a mechanic to do this procedure for you, sometimes buying parts ahead of time can save a few dozen dollars on the trunk lock cylinder replacement cost.

  • Standard Motor Products TL103 Trunk Lock Cylinder

One reliable and low-priced option for a trunk lock cylinder is the Standard Motor Products option. When looking at this product online, you can input the year, make, and model of your car to ensure it fits your vehicle. Costing just $20, this is a low-priced choice that can reduce the overall trunk lock cylinder replacement cost at your local mechanic’s shop.

  • Standard Motor Products SMPTL106 Trunk Lock Cylinder

This next product is made from the same company, weighs 3.2 ounces, contains the dimensions of 3 x 2 x 5 inches, and features an easy installation process that makes this a good choice for DIY car owners. 

  • Locksmart Trunk Lock Kit

If you need multiple parts to fix the trunk lock mechanism on your car, purchasing a trunk lock kit could be the best choice. The LockSmart kit is an aftermarket lock brand that contains a door, trunk, and ignition lock cylinder for your vehicle. With an OE certified fit and functional construction that works for both new and old car models, this versatile kit works well for various car types. 


Manufactured using high-quality materials, this kit is long-lasting and durable for multi-year use without worrying about reliability and deterioration. Costing just $14, this budget choice could help save you dozens on the trunk lock cylinder replacement cost. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, paying a little over $150 for the trunk lock cylinder replacement cost is usually well worth the peace of mind, anti-theft protection, user-friendliness, safety, and efficiency benefits. Although you don’t need to pay for his fix to operate your car safely on the road, it helps prevent any annoyances and unwanted car alarm sounds when you try to open your vehicle. 


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