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10 Tips for Selling a Car in The Summer: All You Need to Know

How To Sell A Car During The Summer

Planning to sell your car in the summer? Check out these 10 tips for selling a car in the summer:

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  1. Leave dealerships till the end
  2. Prepare your car
  3. Consider repairs
  4. Prepare maintenance reports
  5. Understand the price comparison
  6. Choose the perfect timing
  7. Select the right price
  8. Take high-quality photos
  9. Prepare a compelling ad
  10. Promote your ad

Do you have an old car? Are you looking to sell this car this summer? Are you aware of all that's going on in the auto market and the different challenges people face?

Selling a car is not a simple job, especially if this is your first time. However, it is also not a complicated job once you have the right steps and follow automotive experts' recommendations.

This article walks you through 10 important tips to follow to help you sell your car this summer and get the most money out of it!

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Is summer a good time for selling a car?

Before we dive into the details about the 10 tips for selling a car in the summer, we must confirm whether summer is a good time for selling your car or not.

Typically, the best months for selling your car or May, June, July, August, and March. From that, you can immediately notice that there's a high chance that you'll get a good number of profits from your used car by selling it during the summer.

The summer season is perfect for selling your car because, typically, most buyers are willing to go and meet with you and try your car. However, imagine when you are trying to

But the other thing to consider is that the amount of competition during the summer can be much higher. Therefore, you still want to follow the right recommendations for selling your car during the summer to get the most profit and get rid of your car fast.

10 tips for selling a car in the summer?

The good thing is that automotive experts understand what you need to follow to sell your car in the summer season to get the most profit and sell it fast.

Let's say a closer look at the 10 tips for selling a car in the summer:

1.    Leave dealerships till the end

If you're planning to sell your vehicle, the last thing you want to do is reach out to dealerships first. Most experts recommend avoiding dealerships because it does not bring you any money. However, some customers end up paying more money to get rid of their cars, especially those dealing with some loans and liens on the vehicles.

That's why you must understand all potential options to sell your vehicle. Dealerships must pay any fees, including the physical lot rents, the employees, the bills, etc. Therefore, it's not surprising that dealerships are not willing to pay as well as other people looking for your vehicle through classified websites.

It's also important that you be very careful about the approach you are selecting. For example, if you decide to go with classified websites, finding a potential buyer within weeks of posting your car can be challenging and almost impossible. However, some people might reduce their ask price significantly to find the right buyer.

What options do you have?

You should remember that you can consider many potential options, like donating your car, selling your car as junk, or reaching out to cash-for-car companies. For example, Cash Cars Buyer is one of the top-rated companies that help you get out of your car for the most money and fans without any hassle!

2.    Prepare your car

Once you decide on your selling option comma the next step is to get your vehicle ready. Getting the vehicle ready involves cleaning the car and removing any trash or food leftovers.

Imagine if someone came to check on your car and noticed that your vehicle had a lot of trash. What would this tell them?

The first impression is extremely important when selling your vehicle because when your vehicle is not clean, it means that what's under the hood is also not clean, which means the car is not trusted.

Spend some time cleaning the vehicle and if you have the money and think it's worth it, give your vehicle a quick detailed car wash or even a wax if needed.


3.    Consider repairs

There are some instances where you might even want to take it to the next level and do some quick repairs. For example, if you have a broken mirror or the lights are not working properly, it is worth the investment because it tells that your vehicle is in good shape.

However, you got to be very careful, and you have to have a balance between how much is OK to invest versus how much is too much purer; for instance, if you have significant problems in the engine and your mechanic recommends changing the engine, it's not worth installing a new engine because no matter how good you're at sales, you will get the same amount of money you're hoping for and in some instances, you might be losing money.

4.    Prepare maintenance reports

When you sell your vehicle, you will not convince the buyer that you've taken good care of your car. That's why if you have any potential paperwork that could support your argument and help you ask for your desired price, you must put them together.

Go back to your vehicle's paperwork and try pulling out maintenance reports showing that you've done whatever is needed to keep your car healthy.

For example, if you have some receipts or documentation about oil changes and other regular maintenance, that could help you greatly.

Talk to your mechanic and see if you can review the system and provide you with some other details that you don't have to help you improve your chances of receiving the top dollars for your vehicle once you sell it.

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5.    Understand the price comparison

When you post your vehicle, you must understand how much your vehicle is worth. You don't want to go crazy and ask for a very high offer where you overestimate your vehicle, but at the same time, you don't want to underestimate the car by asking for a very low offer.

You want to find the balance and the best way to do so is by looking into some of the common tools on the Internet. For example, there is a tool called the Kelley Blue Book where you can evaluate your vehicle's worth. This tool helps you determine how much to ask for your vehicle depending on where you're selling it.

By having a numbered on the back of your head, you can use this number to argue and ask for your desired price. Keep in mind that these common tools do not consider any problems in your car. You must subtract any potential repair costs from the proposed KBB value.

6.    Choose the perfect timing

As we mentioned earlier, not every month is perfect for selling your vehicle. You need to avoid the winter seasons, where people are hesitant to go outside and deal with the harsh winter, especially if you're living in an area where snow is a challenge.

Typically, automotive experts recommend focusing on the summer season unless you're busy on a vacation or something else. After that, you might want to select the springs or potentially the fall seasons, where there is still a chance for people to go outside and check out your vehicle.

You also want to select the timing that works best for you regarding deals puritan. For example, suppose you know that dealerships are not providing significant discounts. In that case, you don't want to compete with those dealerships and pick a time when there is a lot of demand and very limited supply.

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7.    Select the right price

Once you understand the time off selling your vehicle and what KBB value looks like, the next step is to determine how much you should ask for your car.

Typically, you want to make sure you're making money and don't want to understate the vehicle.

Therefore, a good way to start is by looking at the existing competitors and seeing what they're asking for. Sometimes if you can drop the price a little while maintaining your profits, you can increase your chances of finding the best buyer in no time.

8.    Take high-quality photos

If you plan to sell your vehicle in the summer online, you need to understand that the photos are the first thing your potential buyers will see. In other words, the only way to communicate with them is by providing them with high-quality photos.

Automotive experts weigh photos very high because if you don't have top-quality photos, people don't get the right perspective about your car. As a result, you might think the vehicle is not worth it and walk away.

However, you also want to consider taking photos of everything pure; if there is a problem in your car, you don't want to hide it because then the buyer will come and see it the day. So all that's going to happen is just a waste of time for you and the buyer.

Select the good photos in the beginning and add some supporting photos to show any issues you would like to highlight to respect your time and the buyer's time.

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9.    Prepare a compelling ad

Once your photos are ready, the next step is to put together a compelling ad. If this is your first time putting an ad together, a good trick would be to go to other people's ads and try getting the template. Don't copy the exact ad, but you should find valuable information that helps you identify what to include in the ad printer paragraph. Keep in mind that people do not like reading long texts and do not like looking at huge paragraphs of text that they will never read.

Therefore, be brief and to the point immediately. Highlight the main goods and highlight the issues about the vehicle, so the potential buyer understands what he's going to be dealing with.

You want to be upfront with the buyer and highlight everything you think is suitable. In other words, if there is a significant problem in the engine, you should mention that; however, you shouldn't start with it to discourage the buyer.

10.  Promote your ad

Finally, once your ad is ready, the next step is to post this ad on one of the common classified websites. For example, you can go with Craigslist and consider locations like eBay motors and other common car selling platforms.

Every platform has its own policies; some are paid while others are not. So read carefully and understand all the policies so you don't get your account closed or you don't deal with unnecessary fees that you don't need.

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Final thoughts

Selling a car in the summer can bring you a lot of profits considering that buyers are willing to come and meet with you to test your vehicle. However, with big competition, finding the right buyer and seller vehicle can be challenging fast and for the most money.

This article walked you through the 10 tips for selling a car in the summer. It highlighted all you need to consider to get the most out of your car without dealing with any hassle

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