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The Best Car Buying Service Near Me: Is a Car Buying Service Worth it?

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If you're looking for the best called buying service near me, you have a lot of options, including AAA, AARP, all states, American Express, Consumer Reports, Costco, credit union, GEICO, Sam's Club, car bargains, authority auto, Carvana, and CarMax. 

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Thanks to the online platform that helps customers get connected with potential buyers in no time. If we would like to buy a new car and this is your first time, it might be worth investigating. Is a car buying service worth it?

Car buying services are companies that specialize in helping interested customers in buying their cars of dreams. These cars might be brand new or previously used cars. A question always remains which car buying service is the best and is it even worth it for you.

This article will provide you with an overview of all existing car buying services near you, including those with free memberships and others that are not. We recommend that you go through the lists in detail and familiarize yourself with each one's main pros and cons before making your final decision. 

What is a car buying service?

If you are an inexperienced car buyer, it might be worth investigating these car buying services.

Car buying services are specific companies specialized in connecting you with dealerships and taking care of all the hassle in the negotiation and shopping for a new car.

These companies have qualified representatives who can't shop for a car on behalf of you. They will connect with you and understand all your goals and potential budget before shopping for the vehicle. Once they land on a good deal, they will connect you with a certain dealership while finding the best and lowest MSRP. 

According to Clark Howard, a money expert, “for at least 90% of people buying a new car, car buying services are the way to go because they take all of the drama out of it.” 

Automotive experts suggest these car buying services for people who don't like to deal with all the hassle in the car selling process or are worried about dealing with getting ripped off by dealership salesman. 

Car buying services are divided into three main categories: car buying services with free membership, car concierges, etc.

Car buying service near me: Free with membership

If you already have an existing membership with a club or a bank that offers a car buying service, this might be a great start for you. 

According to Clark, “the one from Costco is one of the most powerful of all of them. It's really and clean. I also really like credit unions for car buying services. You are going to get a good price on the car, and they are going to finance it for you.” 

  • AAA


AAA provides a great car buying service. They allow you to buy a used or brand-new vehicle online or in person.

They encourage you to look at all available vehicles and decide on one of your choices. Once you decide, they will connect you with the dealership and help you get a competitive price.

The great thing about AAA is that you can complete the entire binding process online and have the vehicle delivered to your house. They also provide auto loan discounts anytime you use their car buying service. 

  • AARP


AARP is also partnered with TrueCar. They allow you to visit their Association website and select a vehicle of your choice.

Once you land on your favorite vehicle, they will connect you with the dealership to drive a test drive. You can also complete the entire process online if the vehicle has a badged labeled with buy from home.

AARP's great thing is that once you let them know that you bought the vehicle through their website, they provide you with a free online driving course and up to $2000 of after-sale benefits. 

  • Allstate


Allstate provides a similar service to the previously mentioned till car buying services. They have an online platform that allows you to search for your favorite vehicle.

According to all states, most customers could get up to $3208.00 discount when buying new vehicles through their website.

Once you enter the Allstate website, you can search for your favorite vehicle and complete the purchase online or visit the dealership for a test drive.

All states are connected with about 16,000 certified dealerships, increasing your chances of finding your favorite vehicle online. 

  • American Express


American Express is a great website that helps you buy cars through their website. They are also powered with TrueCar, and according to their statistics, most customers were able to get a discount of $3272 below the MSRP value.

You can visit their website, select a vehicle of your choice, and then connect with the dealership for a test drive. If you would like to continue the process completely online, you can buy a vehicle labeled with buy from the home badge. Like the previously mentioned company, this car buying service also provides you with after sale benefits of $2000. 

  • Consumer Reports


Consumer Reports is one of the biggest names for the used car market, and you probably came across it at some point to look for car's problems.

This company provides existing members with car buying services that TrueCar and cars.com power.

Once you select your car of choice, get a discount, and get the best price, you might need to accept some terms and conditions connected with the dealership. 

  • Costco


Who doesn't know Costco? This company also provides a car buying service that allows you to search for your vehicle of interest and connect with certain dealerships.

Costco's great thing is that it's not supported and powered by TrueCar and all their dealerships network are hand-selected. 

  • Credit Union


Credit union is another amazing car buying service that provides some support to all existing members.

You can search through their inventory and find your vehicles of choice.

They will connect you with a dealership and have you perform a test drive to finalize the deal.

According to Clark, “If you go to a car-buying service at a credit union, you're going to get better financing as well,”



GEICO provides carbine service for over just in numbers for free. Get connected with the dealership.

The great thing about GEICO is that it provides you with a price protection certification that you can take with you to the dealership to make sure that you're getting the same price they negotiated for you at the beginning. 

  • Sam's Club


When using Sam's Club retailers auto buying program, you can get a discount of up to $3445.00 off the MSRP, according to Sam's Club statistics.

The process is very straightforward, and all it takes is confirming your Sam's Club account and searching for your favorite vehicle, whether it's a used or a brand new one. Once you finish the search, you can connect with the dealership and see actual and real prices on used and brand-new vehicles. 

Car buying service near me: Car Buying Concierges

If you're looking to buy a brand-new vehicle, a car concierge might be a great option for you. Unlike car brokers, who usually are connected to dealerships and get paid by the dealership itself, the car concierge is motivated by helping you and getting you the top offer. 

  • CarBargains

According to carBargain's statistics, they can save up to $1572 from many vehicles. However, the only drawback about carBargain is that it might cost you about $250 to provide you with a clear and detailed report about your vehicle's history.

If you would like to use the car begins service, you need to input information about the vehicle's make, model, and sometimes style.

Once you input this information, carBargain will connect you with a representative who will provide you with offers from at least five dealerships around you to get to the best competitive price.

Once you are happy with the price, you can decide whether you would like to move with the final purchase or not. 

  • Authority Auto


Authority auto is a great option for a company that helps negotiate the price for any used or new vehicle on your behalf.

Their price varies depending on your goals and ease. In general, you might need to be about $200 initially to get their full service.

The great thing about authority orders is that they negotiate the price at multiple dealerships to get you the best offer for the vehicle you're looking for. They will not finalize the deal until you decide or don't think that the price is reasonable. 

Other car buying service near me

If you don't like to deal with any of the mentioned car buying services, you can also reach out to some of the biggest online retailers who buy and sell vehicles completely online, like Carvana and CarMax. 

Before making a final decision about selecting Carvana versus CarMax, it might be worth investigating the main pros and cons of each one of them that we've talked about in a previous article

  • Carvana

Carvana is one of the top-rated online car retailers that provide you with a hassle-free car selling service. You can select from their large inventory vehicle of your choice.

While Carvana is a great option for people who don't like to deal with negotiations, their prices are fixed and might not be the best for you. Also, several customers reported that Carvana does not provide the best customer service. Thus, there might be a lot of things you need to figure out on your own or research for before finalizing a deal through Carvana. 

  • CarMax

CarMax is a great company that connects you with a long chain of an available dealerships. You can find a lot of CarMax dealerships around you.

CarMax is known for its great customer service as they walk you step by step in their process to help you get the best vehicle of your choice.

It has been known that CarMax is not the best option for people to sell their cars because they take into consideration some overhead prices that have to do with their physical lots. When it comes to buying a car through CarMax, the same principle might apply, and you might have to pay over the current market value. 

The best car buying service Reddit

If this is your first time looking for a car buying service near me, it's recommended that you take a look at other customers to experience through larger forums like Reddit.

Most customers will post some questions or issues they faced as they bought vehicles through these car-selling websites. Look at what they recommend to you and see what they think about certain vehicles you might be looking for. 

Car buying service near me: The bottom line

If you're looking to buy a brand new or used vehicle and don't have any previous experience, it might be worth investigating the best car buying service near you.

These car buying services are associated with larger companies, and their main job is to help customers get the best deal for their future vehicles.

Some of these companies might provide free car buying service through their membership, while others require an upfront payment.

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