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Synthetic Blend Oil Change: All You Need To Know

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Understanding all the basics about synthetic blend oil change helps you save a ton of money and maintain your vehicle without any issues. Typically, a synthetic blend oil change should happen once every 7,500 miles.

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Motor oil is one of the most critical fluids in any vehicle. This oil is a must to prevent engine overheating due to internal friction. Failing to maintain oil and change it frequently results in engine overheating and leads to catastrophic outcomes that you never want to deal with.

There are plenty of available motor oils in the market, and one of the common ones is synthetic blend oil. Many people prefer it somewhere between the highest quality and lowest quality motor oil because it's not very expensive and still doesn't require a lot of change frequencies.

This article provides all you need to know about synthetic blend oil change, so you enjoy the excellent characteristics without risking your engine.

What is synthetic blend oil?

Before we get into the details about synthetic blend oil change, we must understand what synthetic blend oil is and what are the common categories of oils that we might encounter in the older motive market pure

Typically, engine oil is divided into four common categories that provide certain characteristics pure. Let's take a little look below:

1.     Conventional oil

Conventional oil is the Standard Oil that you see in most vehicles and the cheapest one, which means that most drivers should afford it but, it is the one that will require the most frequent times change.

Conventional oil is manufactured from certain material that breaks down quickly, and that's why you'll have to change it frequently. Otherwise, your engine will deal with sudden breakdowns that will cost you any money. Therefore, even if you can and should be OK with using conventional oil, you must maintain the oil change intervals to avoid dealing

2.     Full synthetic oil

Think about full synthetic oil as the highest quality type of engine oil that you will see in the automotive market. It's designed from certain material that allows it to last for a very long time without breaking down. Therefore, if you go with full synthetic oil, you don't have to worry about oil changes, but you should consider that the price will be much higher than conventional oil.

Most automotive experts indicate that even the initial cost is much higher for the full synthetic oil cover. However, if you think about the overall costs, you'll see that fully synthetic oil is much more convenient and time along with money-saving.

3.     Synthetic blend oil

Since conventional oil is the cheapest, but it requires frequent changes and full synthetic oil is very expensive, automotive experts decided to generate and design a specific type of oil between the lowest quality conventional oil and the highest quality synthetic oil.

This is referred to as the synthetic blend oil, a combination of both full synthetic and conventional oil. If you're a complex synthetic blend, oil is not as expensive as full synthetic oil, but also it provides you with great characteristics that are close enough to the full synthetic oil. However, synthetic blend oil is still more expensive than conventional oil, which is not surprising.

4.     High mileage oil

Finally, there is a specific type of engine oil designed for vehicles with a lot of mileage. This oil helps seal internal cracks inside the engine that are minor and extends the engine's lifetime.

Synthetic blend oil change: how often?

Although synthetic blend oil is a great option between the highest and lowest quality and motor oil, it still requires frequent changes. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with how often you should change this synthetic blend oil to prevent dealing with major complications that might cost you the entire engine.

If you think about conventional oil, that is the type of oil requiring change between 3000 and 5000 miles, and also considering that full synthetic oil requires change once every 10,000 miles, synthetic blend oil is the one that requires change about once every 7500 miles. So, therefore, the change frequency is also between conventional and full synthetic oil.

Note that even if it's OK to wait on your synthetic blend oil up to 7500 miles, you still must watch for any symptoms indicating that your vehicle's oil requires change. For example, sometimes, for any reason, your engine might be consuming more oil than it should or whatever other issue that leads your oil to fail prematurely. You must change the oil when this happens even though you didn't hit the 7500 miles.


There are some other instances where you have to replace the engine oil before then. For example, if your winter season is about to hit and you're about 500 miles away from the threshold to change the synthetic blend oil, you might want to consider changing it even though it's early. This way, you prevent critical damages to your engine during some of the harsh seasons, which is the winter where driving is a big deal, and it's by itself is a headache.

What is better synthetic oil or blend?

As we highlighted earlier, full synthetic oil is the top quality in any engine oil. In addition, when switching to full synthetic oil, you achieve better characteristics than the synthetic blend oil.

Full synthetic oil comes with specific compounds that prevent your engine from carbon buildup corrosion, and in some instances, it has certain additives that improve the engine's overall performance. As a result, it is always known that fully synthetic oil is much better for your vehicle than any oil considering synthetic blend oil.

However, despite the main characteristics of full synthetic oil, sometimes it might not be compatible with their vehicle. Synthetic oils are very strong, and if you're driving a very old car, your vehicle may not be ready for using this oil. Instead of helping your engine perform better, you might lead to significant damages that could cost you much money.

Most full synthetic oils are designed to clean any gunk or sludge building inside your vehicle. Unfortunately, with this strength, they can also damage the weak components in the engine, and it might lead to severe cracks that could cost you the entire engine.

Therefore, even if you feel excited about switching to full synthetic oil, you must review your vehicle's owner’s manual and check with your mechanic before making a final decision that could cost you The engine.

Can I use synthetic blend oil instead of full synthetic oil?

You should be able to switch between different types of oil safely without any problem. However, it all goes back to what's specified in your vehicle owner’s manual before you make your decision.

In other words, if your manuals specify that your vehicle must front on full synthetic oil, you cannot switch to a lower quality oil because this could lead to some problems in your engine. However, if your engine requires conventional oil and you decide to go with full synthetic oil or synthetic blend oil, you should be fine, and there shouldn't be any problem unless it's related to your vehicle's age, which impacts the compatibility.

What is the importance of motor oil?

If you don't know already, it might be worth familiarizing yourself with the importance of motor oil in your car. As we have added before, motor oil is one of the most critical fluids you have to maintain to avoid major complications.

In any vehicle equipped with a combustion system, some internal moving components interact with each other continuously. These components generate some friction, which leads to increasing the interested temperature that you never want to deal with.

The engine requires a specific range of temperatures to operate within. An increase in this range leads to major complications that could cost you a lot of money. So that's why your vehicle relies on the cooling system, which helps cool down the engine but also it still needs the motor oil to prevent frictions consequences that are very severe.

Therefore, aside from maintaining the optimum move to oil level, you'll need to understand how often you should change it because, at some point in time, the motor oil loses some of the main characteristics that allow it to cool down the engine. When this happens, your vehicle will act like there's no motor oil and that we're most of the problems happen.

Signs you need an oil change

After reading through this article, you should have a good idea about the importance of motor oil. Therefore, you will need to follow the mentioned recommendations in your vehicle's owner’s manual about when to change it. However and as we highlighted before, the motor oil might break down prematurely, and that's where you have to keep an eye for it. Some of the common science you need an oil change like the ones listed below:

1.     Too much smoke out of the exhaust

When your vehicle is due for an oil change, you notice that the engine is burning too much, and you'll see a lot of smoke coming out of the tailpipe. Typically, the smoke is not visible, although you might notice some when you start the car. If you realize that it's an ongoing issue, it could indicate that your vehicles are due for an oil change.

2.     Drop in the oil level

When oil breaks down, you'll notice that the engine oil level is dropping at some point in time. So take a quick look and use the dipstick to check the oil level. If you confirm that the oil level is dropping, you'll need to either top it off or change it depending on your situation.

3.     Loud engine noises

When the engine does not receive its right level of lubrication, it will start making weird rattling noises when the internal components are heading against each other. If this happens, you must consult your mechanic and change the oil immediately.

4.     Reduction in fuel economy

When the engine doesn't receive the proper level of lubrication, it will be stressed out all the time. As this happens, it will consume more fuel than it should, and that's where you will notice, especially if you visit the gas station more frequently than before.

5.     Weird ticking noise

If you've ever tried to start your vehicle and noticed a weird ticking noise, the problem could be related to an issue with the starting system. However, it can also be linked to a low oil level. To confirm, check the oil level, and if the issue is an ongoing problem, it indicates that your vehicles are due for an oil change.


Synthetic blend oil is a very good option for those who don't want to pay a ton on motor oil for purchasing full synthetic oil, but also it doesn't require frequent changes like conventional oil. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with synthetic blend oil change is critical to avoid major complications that could affect your engine.

Typically, a synthetic blend oil change should happen every 7500 miles, which is an internal between conventional oil and thetic oil requirements.

Note that if your engine has major complications, it might consume more oil than it should. When this happens, you should step back and evaluate how much it will cost you to fix the vehicle for it sometimes repair costs can pile up quickly and approach the value of your car if you when this happens, it is critical that you never spend the penny in this car and consider selling it to buy a better vehicle that does not cost you this amount of money.

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