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How Long Should Headlights Last? All You Need To Know

How Long Should Headlights Last? All You Need To Know

If you're wondering, “how long should headlights last” They typically last between 500 to 1000 hours, depending on their type and quality. However, some efficient headlights might last up to 30,000 hours.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Although your headlights are minor components in your vehicle, there are extremely critical, and they have to do with your safety, especially if you drive at night. The headlights are not designed to last forever, and you might get to a point where you have to replace them. Failing to replace the headlights does not only get you involved in major accidents but also might get you fined as well.

This article provided all you need to know about how long headlights should last. Also have to light some of the common symptoms that indicate your headlights are due for replacement. Finally, it gives you a rough estimate of how much it will cost you to replace your headlights.

Why is it important to maintain the headlights?

Before we dive into the details about “how long should headlights last,” it is useful to familiarize ourselves with the different reasons we should maintain the headlights because sometimes it might not be obvious to inexperienced drivers.

1.     Better visibility

Did you know that most fatal car accidents happen at night even though there is 60% list traffic on the road at night? Unfortunately, most of these car accidents are related to visibility issues that have to do with faulty headlights. So with that, you can't imagine how critical it is to maintain your headlights, especially if you're driving continuously at night or during times where visibility is limited.

Therefore, automotive experts always recommend that you follow their recommendations on your vehicle's owner’s manual about checking the headlights and what type of bulbs you need to upgrade to provide yourself with better visibility and clearer lights.

2.     Brighter

Some headlight types are not very bright, and if you invest in upgrading your headlights, you achieve better visibility by improving the brightness of the headlights. Therefore, having a perfectly working headlight allows you to enjoy brighter headlights that enhance how you drive your vehicle and control the road.

3.     Enhance the aesthetics

Investing in a better headlight allows you to see better on the road and improves how your vehicle looks. When the headlights are of higher quality, they will stand out in the road, and you'll see that your vehicle looks much better.

How long should headlights last?

Once you have a good idea about the importance of headlights in your vehicle, it is also important that you familiarize yourself with how long the headlights should last. This way, you be prepared for when it's the right time to replace the headlights before dealing with situations that could lead to major car accidents.

The typical standard headlight should last between 500 hours and 1000 hours, depending on the headlight type. However, some very efficient headlights might last up to 30,000 hours.

Let's take a closer look below at some of the common headlights types that you might encounter in the automotive market along with their expected lifetime:

1.     Halogen

The first and most common type of headlights that you'll see in the automotive market is those made of halogen bulbs. Typically, these bulbs last between 500 hours and 1000 hours.

2.     HID

If you decided to upgrade your headlights, you might choose the H ID pure those less than 2000 hours, which is pretty much double the standard halogen bulb lifespan.

3.     Xenon

If you decided to go with Xenon headlights, those are pretty good ones, and they came less up to 10,000 hours, if not more.

4.     LED

Finally, the LED headlights are considered the most efficient and expected to last up to 30,000 hours, if not more. So that's why if you care a lot about your headlights, you might want to invest in those because if you did the math correctly, it shouldn't cost you much overall. After all, they last for a very long time, even if the initial costs are a little bit higher than the regular standard halogen bulbs.

When is it time to replace my headlights? Signs of bad headlights

While the mentioned lifespans are very common in these headlights, they might not be accurate in certain vehicles. For example, if there is a certain factory malfunction, don't be surprised that your headlights might burn out quicker than the regular headlights because of that malfunction. Therefore, the best thing to keep in mind is learning about the common symptoms indicating that your headlights are about to fail or are failing.’

There are very common signs that you can keep an eye for indicating that your headlights are about to fail, including:

1.     Dimmer headlights

One of the most common and obvious symptoms indicating that your headlights need replacement is when you notice that they're not as shiny as before. Keep in mind that this symptom can be related to various other problems in your vehicle, like a bad battery or alternator. Therefore, your mechanic would be the best person to confirm whether you're having an issue with the headlights or not.

2.     Flickering headlights

If the headlights are not completely failing, you might deal with flickering headlights in some instances. The headlights will work at some point, and they might not continue working because there using whatever is left in their lifespan.


3.     Dim pink glow

Another common symptom indicating that it's the time to blister headlights is when you notice that one of them is giving a weird dim pink glow. But, of course, like any bold in your house, you'll notice that the headlight cannot generate the required lightning, and it will only be able to create that small pink glow.

4.     Blown fuses

The headlights are connected to certain fuses in your vehicle, and if you notice that the fuses are continuously failing, it could be that the headlights are causing vision. Confirm with your mechanic and replace the headlights if needed.

5.     Malfunctioning low beam

Once the headlights are in bad condition, you won't be able to turn on the low beam, and that could be an initial indication that you should replace the headlights. However, you should still turn on the high beams but not the low beams.

6.     Signs of burn

If you look closer at your headlights and perform a quick visual inspection, you'll notice that they are burned out and see signs of burn around the headlights. If that's the case, you'll need to replace them immediately.

7.     Burned out headlights

Finally, if the headlights are completely failing, you won't be able to turn them off. You'll see that no matter what you do, there is no light coming out of the headlights. Hopefully, you detect the issue before you get to this point once you monitor the previously mentioned symptoms. Otherwise, it can be a very critical situation that could put you in trouble and might get you found in some instances.

How much does it cost to replace the headlights?

Once you confirm that your headlights are due for replacement, the next step is to understand how much it costs to replace the headlights.

Headlights replacement costs differ significantly depending on the type of headlights you're looking for. For example, if you're looking for a standard halogen bulb, it shouldn't cost you more than $20. However, if you're looking for a higher-quality headlight that lasts longer, you might be looking for up to $700 in some instances.

While it might be crazy to invest $700 in some headlights but it's worth it especially considering that you won't be thinking about the headlights for a very long time. Therefore, you might want to evaluate the situation and check your vehicle's value to compare it to the expected repair costs and then decide.

What to look for when shopping for new headlights?

If you don't want to continue with your current headlights, plenty of newer and higher-quality headlights are out there in the market. However, every headlight has its characteristics and provides you with certain benefits. Therefore, you must understand what factors look for when shopping for your new hood lights, so you don't waste your money on something that will not serve your needs.

1.     Waterproof

Although your vehicle is protecting the bulbs with a cover from the outside, there is a very high chance that water can get inside the bulbs and damage them. Therefore, you might want to consider investing in a waterproof bulb, and there are plenty of available examples in the market.

2.     The way it lights

Bulbs the first significantly depending on the way they perform. In other words, bulbs have a specific lightning mechanism that allows them to last longer and provide you with different lighting capabilities. For instance, if you purchase halogen lights, they should be working using heated gas. On the other hand, going with Xenon bulbs, you'll notice that they're working with electrodes and gases, which is a completely different mechanism.

3.     Installation

Finally, even if you get excited about purchasing a specific headlight because it will provide you with all the characteristics you're looking for, sometimes they will come with a very complicated process that you'll need to learn so you can install them. Therefore, consider checking how you should install each Bulb before making a final decision.

Best headlight bulbs: 2021-2022 review

If you're planning to replace your headlights, you might want to consider looking at the available headlights in the market. For example, if you search on Google for the best headlights in the market as of 2021-2022, you'll find an overwhelming list of examples. While this is a great thing because it allows you to pick and choose whatever works for you, it can be a little bit overwhelming to many inexperienced drivers.

Therefore, our team investigated some of the commonly published reviews this year to give you an idea about what to consider when it comes to replacing your headlights. Let's take a closer look below at what thedrive.com posted on a website about the best headlights:

  • Philips D4R Xenon HID Headlight Bulb
  • Philips X-tremevision Upgrade Headlight Bulb
  • Lasfit 9005 HB3 LED Headlight Bulbs High Beam
  • Lasfit 9005 HB3 LED Headlight Bulbs High Beam
  • SEALIGHT Scoparc S1 H11/H8/H9 LED Headlight Bulbs
  • Sylvania H11 xtravision Halogen Headlight Bulb
  • SYLVANIA H7 silverstar Ultra Halogen Headlight Bulb
  • BEAMTECH H13 LED Headlight Bulb


Your headlights are one of the most critical components in your car that affects your safety. Driving without a working headlight leads to car accidents and gets you fined. Understanding “how long should headlights last” helps you determine and be prepared about any problems that could happen to your headlights so you can be proactive and replace them before they even go bad.

This article provided you with all you need to know about how long headlights should last, and it also listed some of the common symptoms indicating that your vehicle is due for headlights replacement. Finally, it gave you a rough estimate about how much to expect when it comes to replacing the headlights clear

Note that even if the headlights are minor components, if your vehicle has other major problems, it might not be worth your time and effort replacing the headlights, and you should focus on what's more important. For instance, little motive experts recommend that you evaluate the situation and sell your vehicle if it's in a terrible condition. Finding a private buyer to pick up this car might not be an easy job, and that's why we recommend that you get in touch with cash cars buyer!

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