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Subaru WRX Reliability – Is Subaru WRX A Reliable Car?

Subaru WRX Reliability

Like most other sedans, Subaru WRX is one of the very affordable vehicles that are a perfect choice for new drivers. Subaru WRX is even more exciting for drivers who prefer sports-like handling. On the other hand, this sporty design style resulted in a very low Subaru WRX reliability score of two out of five, according to J.D. Power Dependability Study. 

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In this article, we will walk you through an overview of the Subaru WRX vehicle characteristics. Then, we will present to you the different reliability scoring that this vehicle received from the JD power dependable study, in addition to the RepairPal reliability scoring study. Finally, we will highlight the main strengths of the Subaru WRX vehicle along with the main reasons why this vehicle received a very low-reliability score.  

Subaru WRX overview 


One of the main features of the Subaru WRX is its engine. The vehicle comes with a very powerful Turbocharger 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that is associated with a six-speed manual transmission. This engine provides up to two 268 horsepower, and the base model comes with a standard all-wheel drive. 

The Subaru WRX is featured for the great handling and the relatively roomy cabin. This vehicle received very high safety scores. This vehicle provides from 17 to 21 miles per gallon on city roads and 22 to 27 miles per gallon on the highways.

Some of the new features for the 2019 model is that the auto an Apple CarPlay comes with the standard model, the STI models have five horsepower higher, and the vehicle comes with a very large infotainment system.  The infotainment system is very user friendly where the passengers can enjoy the HD or the satellite radio, the Bluetooth, and the backup camera.

Subaru WRX Reliability 


According to cars.usnews.com, the Subaru WRX has a low-reliability score of two out of five. This scoring is based on the JD Power and Associates vehicle dependability study. Despite this low-reliability score, the WRX received the highest safety scores from the IHS and an NHTSA rating of five stars. 

The JD Power dependability study looks into four main variables when evaluating their liability for any vehicle. These variables are quality and reliable, driving experience, resale, and dealership experience. 

Quality and reliability reflect the owner's experience about the vehicle components starting from the engine to the infotainment system. The driving experience is direct owner valuation to vehicle performance in terms of comfort, safety functionality, and technology. Resale is its production from the JD power about any reduction in value for any vehicle. Lastly, dealership experience represents how satisfied were the customers when they visit the dealership in terms of service process dealership facilities and the quality of work. 

According to the JD power dependable to study, the Subaru WRX received an overall scoring of 82. When looking at each category separately, the Subaru WRX received is 77 out of 100 and the quality and reliability, 88 in the driving experience, 85 in the resale, and 82 in the dealership experience. 

On the other hand, when looking at the RepairPal reliability scoring, we found that the Subaru WRX received a rating of 3.5 out of five, which makes it the 32nd out of 36 compact cars. Although the score might look like above average, the vehicle still did not score well in many of the subcategories in this scoring criteria. 

Repair pal looks into reliable scoring through three main variables cost frequency and severity. Cost represents the average annual cost for unexpected repairs. Frequency represents the number of times a vehicle was brought to a repair shop for unexpected repairs across the year hear it. Finally, severity represents how severe the damaged or there appear when the vehicle was brought to their repair shop spirit 

according to PayPal results, Subaru WRX is expected to cost about $682 on average fare year for unexpected repairs, which is higher than all compact cars that cost about $526 on average per year. 

Like all other compact cars, Subaru WRX is expected to be brought to the repair shop for unexpected repairs about 0.3 times a year.

When it comes to severity, the RepairPal reliability scoring showed that About 14% of their peers performed on the Subaru WRX we're related to major issues. This percent is much higher than all compact cars, 11%. 

Therefore, even though they overall scoring for the Subaru WRX was 3.5 out of five, when comparing this vehicle to the other competitors of compact vehicles, the reliability score drops drastically. 

Why did Subaru WRX receive a lower level of the score?


The lower level the score for the Subaru WRX reflects long lists of cons that this vehicle received. Although this vehicle has one of the best performance force values, it is not perfect.  Thus, here are the reasons why you might need to stay away from the Subaru WRX:


  •  Might have a stiff right experience  



Since the vehicle is more like a sporty style, you might experience some stiff writing. Therefore, if you prefer a plush like right, the Subaru WRX might not be the best choice for you as you will feel every bumpy road and will leave you disappointed if you are looking for a comfortable ride. 


  • They hard to use the clutch   



Since the Subaru WRX is equipped with a manual transmission, it might be a little hard for some people to use the clutch. Also, if you don't press the throttle smoothly, you might start feeling transmission jerk. 


  • Looks like an ordinary economy car    



The design of the WRX is focused on providing a sporty right and more excitement. That's why I don't expect to find a high interior, luxurious style. If you are sitting in the WRX, you will not feel the difference between this car and any ordinary economy car. 


  • Fuel efficiency might be a problem in some models     



As we mentioned before, the Subaru WRX is equipped with a manual transmission, and If you decided to switch to an automatic transmission, expect a significant decrease in fuel economy. You will notice this difference, especially when you're driving on heavy traffic. That's why all drivers are recommended to use premium unleaded fuel to improve this vehicle's fuel efficiency. 


  • The lowest reliability between all competitors      



Like most sporty design vehicles, Subaru WRX received a very low-reliability score when compared to all competitors. Especially if you are driving an STI model expect to pay much more on maintenance. Furthermore, the vehicle powertrain warranty expires after 60,000 miles, which also causes a decrease in the reliability score for this vehicle. 

Is Subaru WRX a bad vehicle?


Despite the low-reliability rating for the WRX, this vehicle comes in a design that makes a great driving experience and taking it to the next level. Furthermore, the WRX is one of the roomiest vehicles from this class, especially the 2nd row. In the list below, you will find the best features that make several WX one of the best vehicles despite the low-reliability rating:


  • The very powerful base engine 



As we mentioned earlier, this Subaru WRX comes with a super powerful engine that pushes its horsepower to the maximum limit. 


  • Super powerful STI model 



Although the base model comes with a very powerful engine, they seem I model pushes the horsepower till 310 and the torque to 290 pounds-feet.


  • Sporty -like handling 



This sedan Subaru WRX provides drivers with great fun and sporty handling, especially at very high speeds. If you are interested in aggressive suspension, we recommend that you buy the STI model, which is equipped with extra upgrades that allow for sporty fan riding. 


  • A vehicle that works in all weather! 



The Subaru WRX comes with the AWD system that allows you to drive your vehicle during any other time. Thus, you will not miss the fun in wintertime or when it snows like when driving any other compact sports sedan car. 


  • Very cool sporty design  



If you are one of those people who like to have an I catchy vehicle that looks like hey cool sporty car, then this vehicle it's just for you. All the vehicle features from the hood to the rear and the exhaust provide and highlight the nice sporty design. 


  • A long list of dealers installed features 



While the vehicle comes with a lot of cool features that make it like an exciting, sporty vehicle, many owners prefer to add more fun features. For example, you can add a cool sporty sound if you install the performance exhaust. Furthermore, you can also install a short-throw shifter to help make very cool laps around the track. 


  • Big enough to suit all family members 



Although the Subaru WRX is a compact vehicle, it has a lot of space that allows you to have your entire family, especially in the back seats. The vehicle has heated front seats, which keeps you warm during cold days. The vehicle comes with 12 cubic feet in the trunk space, which makes it handy for grocery trips. 


  • The advanced, user-friendly infotainment system 



Super worked very hard to improve the infotainment system in the most recent model years. The newest model year comes with a large high-resolution touchscreen associated with an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Although the infotainment system has the highest technology, it is a very user friendly, and anyone can use it easily. 


  • Long lists of safety features  



The vehicle comes with a long list of safety features that provide extra security. For example, the vehicle comes with an eyesight safety package that helps drivers keep safe when driving, especially at high speeds. The vehicle also comes with emergency brake Lane departure warning and others. 

Subaru WRX recalls


Since recalls are very related to their liability in this section, a new paragraph, we will provide you with the most recent recalls about this vehicle. 

Two men recall this vehicle, one related to the electrical and light system, and the other one is related to the engine. 

Subaru recalled several vehicles from the 2015 model year due to issues with the subwoofer wiring that could lead to fire hazards. The dealerships were asked to replace the damaged subwoofer and install a wire retainer clip without charging any of the customers.

Subaru also recalled several vehicles from the 2015 and 2016 model years due to issues with the air intake in the turbocharger. This issue could cause the engine to stall and might result in a complete engine failure. The dealerships were asked to inspect the air intake in the turbocharger and replace it if needed without charging any of the customers. 



A Subaru WRX would be one of the greatest vehicles if you were interested in sports. You like excitement ride. On the other hand, this specific design causes a significant reduction in the Subaru WRX reliability score, making it one of the lowest in worst models between competitors when it comes to reliability. 

According to the JD Power dependability study for the year 2020, Super WRX received an overall scoring of 82 out of 100, which makes it one of the great vehicles. On the other hand, and looking at the repair pal reliable scoring, the vehicle received a 3.5 out of five when compared to all vehicles. However, when comparing the Subaru WRX tool all other compact cars, it is not that great in terms of reliability. 

This does not, however, mean that the Subaru WRX is a bad vehicle; the car has a long list of great teachers that's still Attracts many owners or more into sporty rides.

The bottom line, if you are a driver were more interested in two sporty handlings and excitement while driving, this lower level is poor might not be very significant to you. However, if you are more like the type of person who prefers wash right, you will not only be disappointed with the stiff riding you will also be surprised by the high repair costs.

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