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Eligibility for Social Security Benefits

Social Security Benefits

Have you recently been thinking about applying for social security? Are you wanting to learn what is required?  Is a disability keeping you from working? Do you need to find out if you are eligible for disability benefits? We have the information you need to move forward! 

What is a SSA Benefit?

Social Security Benefits

Social Security touches just about every family and every person on our United States- at some point in their lives. A social security benefit provides income and financial stability for American workers who retire, become disabled or meet other eligibility. 


Social Security benefits also provide financial stability for families in which a parent or a spouse has died.  According to statistics, as of June of 2019, there were approximately 177 million people who were working and paying taxes on Social Security. Additionally, there were approximately 64 million people who were receiving monthly Social Security benefits at that time. 


Many of the Social Security beneficiaries are retirees. While Social Security does provide some financial assistance, the government never designed it to be the only source of income for individuals who reach retirement age. A Social Security benefit is designed to replace a certain percentage of a worker’s pre-retirement income. That particular percentage is based upon the person’s lifetime earnings. 


The amount of your general wages that your Social Security benefit replaces will vary depending on the amount of money you earned, during your “working years”. The amount you receive also depends on the day and date you decide to receive your benefits. For example, if you choose to receive your Social Security benefits during your complete retirement age, then the percentage can be as much as 75 percent. For some individuals who choose to receive benefits, the percentage can be 40 percent, 20 percent or another percentage. Your Social Security benefit will depend on your work history. Should you choose to wait and receive your Social Security monthly benefit after your complete retirement age, then you will have a higher percentage of a monthly benefit. If you choose not to wait till your complete retirement age and you decide to request Social Security benefits earlier, then your percentage will be considerably lower.  Many finance and retirement planning advisers will recommend that most individuals get about 70 percent of pre-retirement monies, to ensure comfortable living. 


social security benefits


How Does The Social Security System Work? 

Currently the U. S. Social Security system works the following way: 

  1. At every job you have ever had, you had taxes taken out and those taxes were paid into Social Security. 
  2. The Social Security Administration then takes the taxed money you paid, to pay benefits to folks who have:  a) already retired, b) individuals who are disabled, c) people who are survivors of workers who have died or d) people who are dependents of Social Security beneficiaries. 

Once you pay the money by way of taxes, that money is not held for you to later receive when you are ready to draw Social Security benefits. The Social Security Administration uses your monies to pay people who are getting Social Security benefits right now. The unused money then goes to Social Security trust funds. There is no personal account that has our name on it. 


“So, Social Security Is More Than Getting Money After I Retire, Correct?” 

Social Security Benefits

Correct. If you think that Social Security is all about getting money after you choose to retire, then you’re not alone in that thinking. Lots of folks think that, but they as well as you are wrong. 

Sure, most people who are getting Social Security are retired but monthly Social Security benefits are also paid to people who are:

  1. Deemed disabled 
  2. A child or a spouse of someone who is eligible or getting Social Security benefits 
  3. Someone who is a divorced spouse of someone who is eligible or getting Social Security benefits 
  4. Someone who is a child or a spouse of a worker who died
  5. A person who is a dependent parent of a person who worked, who died 
  6. A person who is a divorced spouse of a worker who has since died 

So, you may be eligible for benefits, depending on your particular circumstances. So, the notion that Social Security is just for people who are retired, is an old and outdated one. In fact, did you know that The Social Security Administration pays more benefits to children, than any other government system? 

Where Do My Social Security Tax Dollars Go? 

Let’s say you had a job in 2020. As you worked, 85 cents of each Social Security tax dollar you pay in 2020, will go to a trust fund that will pay the Social Security benefits of people who are currently retired. The remaining 15 cents will go toward a trust fund that will pay Social Security benefits to individuals with disabilities and their family members. 


These trust funds also pay for the management of current and future Social Security programs here in the United States. The Social Security Administration is one of the busiest, effective and efficient entities in our federal government. Out of each dollar you pay into your Social Security taxes, less than a penny of that money goes toward the management of the Social Security program.  The complete amount of Medicare taxes that you pay will go toward a trust fund that that will pay some of the cost of medical, hospital and related care for each Medicare beneficiary. 


How Do I Become Eligible For Social Security? 

When you work various jobs, you have to pay taxes- whether you want to or not. The taxes are removed from your net pay. As you work year after year- and pay your taxes- you earn what is called “Social Security credits”.  As of the year 2020, you will earn just one credit, for each $1,410 you make. You can earn up to a maximum of only four credits per calendar year. The amount of money that’s needed to earn one credit typically goes up just about every year. Many individuals need about ten years of work, or 40 credits to qualify for Social Security benefits. Younger citizens don’t need the full 40 credits to be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. 


Understanding Social Security Disability Benefits 

Under the umbrella of Social Security, is Social Security disability benefits. Sometimes, waiting to retire to receive Social Security is just not possible. So, receiving disability benefits may be something you could qualify for.

What are Social Security Disability Benefits? 

Are injuries keeping you from working full-time? Is a disability keeping you from working as you want to? Do you have a mental condition that keeps you from getting steady employment? If you’re not able to work due to a mental or a physical condition, or challenge, and that challenge is going to be with you long term- at least a year- or till your death- you may qualify to receive a monthly Social Security Disability benefit. 


With the Social Security Administration, they have a different set of disability rules that differ from other government- run systems and agencies. Sure, you may have a legitimate mental of physical disability- but that doesn’t mean that Social Security will just hand you a monthly benefit.  Even if you go to your doctor or health care professional and get a note stating that you have a disability- you will not automatically qualify for a Social Security disability benefit. You can click here and find out if you’re eligible for disability benefits, and see if you qualify! 


Don’t Wait to Get the Benefits You Deserve Today! You Could Earn Disability Benefits! 

A physical or mental Disability may qualify you for Social Security Disability Benefits. The only way to get your benefits is to apply. Social Security recommends that if you become hurt or obtain a mental condition that prevents you from working, you want to ensure that you file for disability benefits ASAP. You want to file as soon as you can, because the process of getting your benefits can take several months. Social Security may process your claim faster if: 

  1. You have medical records and medical treatment dates from your hospital, doctor, therapist, clinic or caseworker. 
  2. You have laboratory tests that prove you are mentally and/or physically disabled. 
  3. There is a list of all of your medications that you are taking for your ailments and disabilities. 
  4. A list of your employers over the past 15 years. 


What Is The Social Security Disability Process? 

When applying for your Social Security Disability benefits, you can follow the general steps below. You can also apply for your disability benefits online, by phone or at your local office. Check out the common steps that need to be followed below: 

Step One 

First, collect all of your information and documents that you need to apply. Social Security recommends that you look at their checklist, so that you will know the documents you need for a successful and streamlined application. Click here to view the Social Security Adult Disability Checklist here!

Step Two 

Be sure that you complete your Social Security Disability application completely and thoroughly. If you don’t the Social Security Administration will reject it- and your application will face delays. 

Step Three

After you submit your application, the Social Security Administration will then review your application, while making sure that you meet some basic requirements. You can click here to see some of those basic requirements. 

Step Four 

After Social Security has your application, they will do a check to see if you have worked enough years to qualify for benefits. Social Security will also look at your current employment situation work. 

Step Five 

Social Security will then process your submitted application and take that application to the department of Disability Determination Services-that is located in your state. After your state’s Disability Determination Services looks at your application, then they will make the determination for Social Security- of whether you get disability benefits or not. 

What If I Don’t Like The Decision Social Security Made About My Disability Application? 

You can appeal it! You are well within your rights to appeal any decision that Social Security makes, regarding your disability benefits. So, if you decide to appeal the decision made by Social Security, then you have to make that appeal in writing, within 60 days of receiving Social Security’s decision. There is a four-level appeal process that includes: 

  1. A reconsideration of your application. 
  2. A hearing that you must have before a Social Security administrative judge. 
  3. A complete and thorough review of your appeal by the Social Security Appeals Council. 
  4. A thorough and detailed review by federal courts. 

What About Hiring A Social Security Disability Attorney? 

Many people face rejection of Social Security disability benefits when the apply for them. So, they go online or call around in search of an attorney who specializes in “getting Social Security benefits.” In fact, on any given day, you can see TV ads for attorneys who will “work hard for you to get you the disability benefits you deserve.” For many, hiring an attorney proves to be a viable option. 

Anyone who has gone through the process of wanting to obtain Social Security Disability Insurance /benefits (SSDI) will tell you that the process is hard, time-consuming and even disorganized. Many attorneys make a living at helping obtaining the benefits they deserve. You can eliminate lots of time, headache and energy by hiring a lawyer. 


Most who apply for Social Security Disability benefits will be denied the first time that they apply. Lot of attorneys know how to get you approved and get you the maximum benefits. So, it may be to your benefit to hire a Social Security disability attorney. 

How Does An SSDI Attorney Get Paid? 

When you first hire a Social Security disability advocate or an you will sign an agreement that allows the Social Security Administration, to pay your attorney should your claim be approved. Social Security will look over your agreement and ensure that it meets all fee agreement guidelines.  Social Security wants to make sure that your SSD lawyer gets only the money he or she is entitled to. 

Don’t Give Up! Get Your Social Security Disability Benefits Today! 

You work hard, and now you face a debilitating circumstance. So, after years of working others, you now need help. Apply for your benefits today! You deserve to get the maximum benefits allowed! Don’t take “no” as the final answer from Social Security! Get a FREE Evaluation and Get the Benefits You Deserve. You can click here to find out NOW!


Do You Have Some Other Helpful Resources For Social Security Disability Benefits? 

We sure do! 


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Is a mental, physical or psychological disability keeping you from working? Stop and make today the day you apply for your benefits and get the monies you need, want and worked for all of those years! You are worthy! Get your disability benefits NOW

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