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Should I Buy An Engine From A Junkyard? The Pros And Cons

Should I Buy An Engine From A Junkyard

If you're searching for “Should I buy an engine from a junkyard, the short answer is it depends on the pros and cons. You will get cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and potentially high-quality parts. However, you don't know the engine history, have no warranty, and might deal with compatibility issues.

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When your car's engine fails, you don't have any option other than replacing it. Otherwise, your vehicle won't run at all. That's why you should look for cost-effective options to help you get a replacement immediately.

One of the best ways to get a cost-effective engine is through the available junkyard parts. If you choose the right one, you can pull your engine and have your mechanic install it without any concerns.

However, while it sounds like junk cars are a great option for using engines, things are not very straightforward for those who don't have experience. That's why you need to learn about the pros and cons of purchasing an engine from a junkyard.

This article highlights the pros and cons of buying an engine from a junkyard to help you answer the question, “Should I buy an engine from a junkyard?” This way, you'll have a clear idea of what to consider and anticipate.

Should I buy an engine from a junkyard? The pros and cons

Buying an engine from a junkyard is a great idea that could help you enjoy many benefits. However, it comes with drawbacks that you need to understand before spending any dollar trying to purchase the engine.

The following sections summarize the main pros and cons of purchasing an engine from a junkyard:

1-   The pros of buying an engine from a junkyard

Many automotive experts recommend looking into junk yards for getting used engines. This is because there are tons of benefits that you can enjoy, including the following:

Cost-effective solutions

Effective costs are the best and most important benefit of choosing junk yards versus any other location for purchasing your engine. You don't have to worry about thousands of dollars on a repair that someone might ask you to pay if you plan to purchase the engine from classified websites like Craigslist or eBay Motors.

The good news is that you can search on those junkyards and shop for the ones that provide you with the best options. You'll find many around you, and you'll have the chance to get an idea about which one is the best in terms of costs and how you can save money purchasing a used engine from a junkyard.

Environmental friendly

Another amazing benefit of choosing a junkyard versus any other location for purchasing a used engine is the environmentally friendly options. You save the planet by reducing auto waste when purchasing a used engine.

You're not only reducing auto waste but also supporting the environment by reducing the need for nonrenewable energy to create the engine you're looking for. That's why it's always recommended that you check on those junk yards if you're interested in protecting the environment.

Availability of rare engines

Availability is one of the biggest challenges facing people looking to use engines for rare vehicles. Your mechanic might often not be ready to replace the engine because they need to look for the part and probably import it from a different country.

The nice thing about junkyards is that there's a very high chance that you can find rare engines, which can also be vintage. Therefore, it might be worth your time and effort to look through these junkyards and see if you can find an engine rather than wasting your time trying to wait for the mechanic to purchase the used engine from another location.

Potential high-quality parts

Finally, while it sounds like junk cars don't have quality parts, that's not the case. Many people were able to find high-quality parts by just spending the time looking for the right part and learning about how to take it properly.

That's why we encourage you to look for some YouTube videos and guidance on what to keep in mind and how to pull the parts safely without damaging them. This becomes critical if you plan to pull the part from junk cars like pick-n-pull.

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2-   The cons of buying an engine from a junkyard

While there are tons of benefits from purchasing a used engine from a junkyard, there are a couple of things that you have to keep in mind so you don't deal with any complications that might cost you the entire cost of this engine:

Uncertain engine history

The biggest drawback of purchasing a used engine from a junkyard is that you don't have a clear idea about the engine's history. This junkyard might not provide details about whether this vehicle was taken care of or not and whether the owner did simple repairs as the vehicle owner manual recommended.

That's why if you're planning to purchase a slightly expensive engine, you might want to think twice before you purchase it from the junkyard unless you have a mechanic who can help you inspect the engine before purchasing it, which saves you a ton of money.

Limited warranty

Since the engine is an expensive component, many people are always interested in purchasing an engine that has a warranty. Unfortunately, going with an engine from a junkyard means you will have very limited chances of finding an engine with a warranty.

That being said, if you're planning to bring your mechanic and have him inspect the engine, it might not be a big deal because once the mechanic confirms that the engine is in good shape, you'll be good to go.

Compatibility issues

If you don't have previous experience with what type of engine you're looking for and how to pull the engine from the vehicle, don't be surprised to deal with situations where you purchased the wrong engine! Unfortunately, this happens a lot.

That's why we highly encourage you to work with your mechanic or someone with the right experience to determine whether the engine you're planning to purchase is compatible with your car. Sometimes, the junkyard employees can help you slightly, but that's not guaranteed.

Potential hidden costs

Finally, even if you plan to save on parts costs and decide to go to a junkyard, some people complain that hidden fees could surprise you. For example, the engine causes are not always limited to the part itself because a big component has to do with the labor cost and even your waiting time for replacing the engine.

You must do the right math and calculate everything expected to replace this engine before you invest in it because it's a very expensive repair. Many people decide to give up on their cars if it comes to replacing an engine.

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Factors to consider when buying an engine from a junkyard

If you plan to purchase an engine from a junkyard and you're ready to take the challenge, there are a couple of factors that you should consider as you're shopping:

  • Do the right research and inspect the engine carefully
  • Review the engine and confirm it matches your car and there is no issue with compatibility
  • Understand the warranty and return policy in case you purchased the wrong engine
  • Plan your budget properly and consider all potential costs
  • Be careful about saving on labor costs, especially if your mechanic doesn't have the right experience to replace the engine.
  • It's never too late to sell your car rather than waste your money if repair costs are going to pile up

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.Should I buy an engine from a junkyard? Final Thoughts

If your car's engine is broken, you'll have to replace it. Otherwise, your vehicle is not going to run at all. One of the creative ways of getting a good engine while saving money is through junk yards. However, it comes with its drawbacks.

This article summarized the pros and cons of purchasing a used engine from a junkyard. Highlighted things to watch for and summarized some recommendations about factors to consider when purchasing the engine from the junkyard.

As we mentioned earlier, if you feel that replacing the engine is expensive, we highly encourage you to consider selling this vehicle. If that's the case, Cash Cars Buyer can help you, and all you need to do is call us at 773-791-4363.

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