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Selling Wrecked Cars – Who Buys Wrecked Cars Near Me?

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Selling wrecked cars doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Once you have a game plan, you can sell your wrecked car for quick cash.

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Whether you’re looking for a quick sale, service near you, free towing or something else, you deserve it! You can definitely sell that wrecked car with ease!

So, check out our tips and learn how you can get the cash you need, want and deserve quickly!

Sell My Wrecked Car Near Me

OK, so the first thing you think about when wanting to sell a wrecked car is “What business is close by?”

Selling your wrecked car to a business near you has lots of obvious advantages, but there are a tad more that you may not have thought of:

  • You keep money in your own community.
  • The help you give a local business allows that business to thrive
  • Once you sell that wrecked car, agents will then take it to a recycling center. Those parts will be recycled into tools that help you and others, locally.

In our industrial age, you have the world at your fingertips. With the few clicks of a mouse, you can get a sizable list of local businesses that will buy your wrecked car. So:

  • Have at least 7-8 businesses that you find on the Internet.
  • Call each one and find out their policies about buying wrecked cars. Do they offer free towing? Can you get cash on the spot?
  • Begin to eliminate those businesses that are not friendly, do not have the services you need, or are just not reputable.
  • You may even want to share your list with a friend or family member who is mechanic. Auto workers in your area are very familiar with the local businesses in your area.

Selling Wrecked Cars

Selling Wrecked Cars – Cash For Cars in Difficult Times

When times become tough, one of the first things folks turn to in an effort to make some quick cash, is the sale of an old, scrap, junk and wrecked car.

So, should you sell a car in difficult times?

Well, this depends. In the midst of a difficult time, each of us is in a different predicament than the other. Many of us have children and need money fast. While some of us have to pay for medications.

So, if you find yourself with a wrecked car to sell in hard times, the best thing to do, is to ask around who may need that wrecked car. Secondly, you certainly want to contact those businesses that are near you, to see if you can get the cash you need for that wrecked car.

Remember… tough times don't last, but you certainly will.

So, remain patient and calm and try to find a business nearby that will buy your car. Additional steps you can take:

  • Try to find a mechanic that can look at your car and examine it. Find out what you can sell and what you can't.
  • Take a few focused and sharp pics. Then, post them to your Facebook, Instagram or Craigslist account. Each of these online marketplaces, reach folks in your community. You may see $100-$300 for a few car parts.
  • Call local junkyards and scrap yards in your area and find out if they are accepting cars during a time of hardship. If they are, ask about their policies and let them know you are looking for a cash payout for your wrecked car.
  • Make sure that you answer all questions any perspective buyers ask you via email or text message. Try not to sound irritated or angry. You are in a desperate time, and you made it through before. You'll make it through again.

Sell My Damaged Car Near Me – Selling Online

As time goes by, you can see that online selling and buying is here to stay. It also continues to grow. One of the best things to sell online, is a car. Even if you have a damaged car, you can still make a pretty penny with it, thanks to online marketplaces. So, let's take a look at a few of them and go over the processes of each.


Before selling your damaged car on Craigslist, be prepare to pay a $5.00 fee. If you are OK with that, then you are good to go! The second aspect of Craigslist car ads are the pictures. Craigslist allows you to upload up to ten and you want to make sure that you have ten pics of your damaged car. Selling wrecked cars in Craigslist is a service lots of people utilize. So, your car needs to stand out, among the crowd. Those pics we talked about tell the story of your damaged car. People can see what they may possibly buy.

Make sure that you get the front, back and sides of your car too. Next, get that ad together. Folks want to know about your car. So, tell them! Let them know as much as you can, to avoid answering lots of questions though email and text messages. Don't forget to add specs such as the car's mileage, parts and other items that will entice wrecked car buyers.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is a great way to sell a wrecked car. Similar to Craigslist, you can take a plethora of pics and post them to your ad. You can also post the mileage of the car and other specs. The Facebook Marketplace allows you to reach folks that live right in your zip code as well as nearby. So, you can target people that you may even know!

eBay Motors

After you sign in and choose “eBay Motors” as your selection, you can begin selling. You can even choose between a local listing which has no fees and is visible to folks who are about 200 miles of your location.  Or, you can even choose for a national listing that ranges in cost from $60 – $125. You also have your choice between an auction or fixed price format. Don't forget that you have to make   arrangements with the buyer regarding shipping and such.


Instagram is a great tool to sell cash. You can use photos to sell your car as well as what's called “hastags”. A hashtag is a word that is placed before the “#” sign. Hashtags are used as magnets to help bring people to a particular post. For example, if you are selling a car in Cleveland, then you can use the hashtag “#CarForSaleInCleveland”. With hashtag words and phrases, people are able to click on the hashtag and read the post that follows. So, if someone is looking for a car to buy in Cleveland, that person will more than likely see your hashtag and click on it.

These marketplaces are great for selling a wrecked car and offer great exposure for your car. Most of the time, you can make a quick sale. Just remember to be honest with each perspective buyer and if you want to negotiate, be sure to do so!

Sell Wrecked Car Near Me

How Do I get the Most Money Out of My Wrecked Car?

Now that have that wrecked car, but great parts, which parts sell and sell fast?

Radiator – A car radiator is a part that sells and sells fast! They can usually last up to 75,000 miles. They usually cost between $200 and $500. This includes parts and labor. Most mechanics take about three hours to install one in a car. With a quick view of a few online marketplaces, we found good used radiators costing between $400 and $500.

Shock Absorber / Strut Assembly – This car ensemble is a great part that will sell with no problem. They usually last up to 50,000 miles. The average MSRP is about $100. With our search of them online, we found them for under $70.00.

Catalytic Converter – If you have a Catalytic Converter in great working condition, you can get about $200 for that part. They usually last up to 70,000 to 80,000 miles. During our online search for them, we found great ones with prices. For example, we caught a Nissan Altima Exhaust Manifold Catalytic Converter 2002-2006 with a price tag of under $80.00.

We also found another one. A GMC ACADIA 3.6L V6 2009-2017 ALL 3 Left Right Rear has a price tag of under $210.00.

Brake Pad Set – These are always in demand. They last up to 50,000 miles. If you are looking to sell yours, you can expect to see about $130, to $150 for the set.

Fuel Pump – These are an essential for a car. Looking to sell yours? You can make between $20-$40, depending on what kind you have.

If your wrecked car has several working parts, then you are looking at some cool cash! Be sure that you know what kind of parts you have, as well as the condition they are in. Be sure to price your car parts competitively.

Selling Wrecked Cars

Can I Sell a Crashed Car?

Ready to sell your car to a salvage yard? Has the time come to unload that crashed car? Great! But, first, let's outline what a salvage title is. A salvage title is a vehicle that is branded as having endured some tremendous damage. Vehicles with a salvage title are generally very inexpensive to purchase. Ready to sell yours to a salvage yard? Check out some helpful tips below!

  • Make sure you have the title. If you have a salvage car, you need a salvage title. Your local DMV or office that handles car titles can assist. Lots of places will not buy your wrecked car without a title. So have that ready to go. If you come across a place that will buy your car without a title, ask what forms of identification they need to see. Generally, most places will ask that you have your car registration and driver's license. These items help to prove ownership of the car.
  • Don't take the first offer given to you. Even though you have a wrecked car, you want to shop around. So, call a few places. But never be in a desperate situation. Jot down offers made from a plethora of businesses. Then of course, go with the one offering you the most.
  • Deal with companies who are reputable. If you have your eye on a company, look them up online. Are the accredited by the Better Business Bureau? Do they have good reviews? Be sure that you are dealing with a company who operates on the “up and up”.

Places that buy salvage vehicles

Junk yards and salvage yards – Of course these two kinds of businesses will buy your salvage car. Be careful that you are not a victim of a “bait and switch”. This means getting one offer on the phone and getting a smaller offer in person.

Dealerships – As long as you have the salvage title, you can sell your salvage car to a dealership. Lots of dealerships buy salvage cars for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they will send the cars to auction. Other times, they will re-sell the vehicles.

Private Sale – Don't forget that you can sell your car privately! Just post pics of the car onto Craigslist or Facebook, then get that sale!

Selling Wrecked Cars

Where Can I Sell My Wrecked Car?

Cash Cars Buyer offers quick cash for a wrecked car!

  • We offer FREE wrecked car removal!
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  • There are no hidden fees when selling to us!
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  • Get an offer on your car 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
  • Our experience in buying wrecked cars, spans over a decade!
  • You never have to pay us anything to buy your car. Our services are completely free!
  • You can get an instant offer on your car, after inputting some details about your car!
  • Our service is local. We come to you, instead of you coming to us! All transactions are private, safe and secure too!

So, for a quick and convenient alternative to selling online or privately, consider selling your wrecked car to Cash Cars Buyer today! 844-663-7286!




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